10 Cool & Catchy Dating Business Name Ideas

Your dating app, matchmaking business, or speed dating service deserves a name that projects excitement, the prospect of adventure, and an embracing of the unknown. The more fun and daring your dating business name, the better. See our list below for name ideas, or use our dating business name generator. 4 Best Strategies to Generate Leads at Events

Dating Business Name Ideas:

Rank Business Name Description
1. Speed Freaks Dating This name borrows from the car racing arena to make an ideal speed dating service name. “Freaks” is a nod to crazy fun and laughter and tempers clients’ expectations to see the fun and lighter side of dating.
2. Cupid’s Mentor This business name poses the question: if Cupid is so great at making matches, imagine what his mentor is capable of. This is a fun and silly name that provides just enough curiosity for clients to think, “I might just give this a try.”
3. Dating Science This business name conjures images of scientists in white lab coats doing lab research, except mice and guinea pigs are swapped out for men and women. This business name reassures clients that there is a data-driven focus on finding their soulmate based on hard research and user data.
4. Sixty Seconds Sixty seconds is the exact amount of time each participant has per round of speed dating. It is reminiscent of the board game “30 Seconds” and implies that your speed dating service is filled with thrills and new connections.
5. Aphrodite’s Algorithm Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love and beauty, making her the perfect emblem for a dating business name. “Algorithm” hints at a dating app, suggesting that your algorithms can find clients their perfect match. How can I use Indeed to find a job?
6. Dice Love Instead of putting in the hard work of finding the right person for you, “Dice Love” leaves dating to chance by the spin of a dice. Whoever the dice lands on is your next date. This name brings a sense of thrill and adventure to the dating game.
7. Matchbox What does a matchbox contain? Matches, of course! This makes a suitable name for a dating app with a reputation for leading users to a pandora’s box of matches to choose from. It is a clever pun that has a humorous appeal.
8. Heavenly Helpers This business name suggests to clients that the angels themselves are for hire to help you find love. It conjures images of heavenly beings floating above you while on a date, telling you all the right things to say, creating a fun and whimsical concept.
9. Swipe Nite This name has a rhyming effect that is pleasing to the ear and fun to say. It creates positive associations with clients and is suitable for a dating app where users can swipe right or left. This business name might appeal to millennials more than anyone else.
10. My Matchmaker “My” imparts a sense of familiarity to clients. Yours is the dating service they know and trust to offer a worthwhile service. They take an interest in your interests and work to find the right match for you instead of delegating your future to an algorithm. 5 key points to start your business from scratch

What are some good names for a matchmaking business?

  • My Matchmaker.
  • Mr. Matchmaker.
  • Mrs. Matchmaker.
  • Aphrodite’s Algorithm.
  • Heavenly Helpers.

What are some unique dating agency name ideas?

  • Cupid’s Mentor.
  • Dating Science.
  • Heavenly Helpers.
  • Match Math.
  • Pair of Hearts.

What are some cool dating app name ideas?

  • Dice Love.
  • Matchbox.
  • Swipe Nite.
  • Swipe-n-Type.
  • Click Match.

What are some great speed dating name ideas?

  • Speed Freaks Dating.
  • Sixty Seconds.
  • 20 Dates.
  • Date a Dozen.
  • Lightning Dates.

How do I name a dating business?

  1. List keywords that best describe your dating business’s services or your industry focus.
  2. Try combining your keywords or feeding them into a business name generator to create name ideas.
  3. Jot down your favorite name options and ask for feedback from friends.
  4. Choose the most popular name and check its availability.
  5. Register your new business name.

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