10 Creative + Cool Virtual Restaurant Names Ideas to Inspire

Also known as a ghost kitchen or a cloud kitchen, a virtual restaurant has a menu that exists solely online and only offers delivery through sites like Grubhub and Uber Eats. For some great name ideas for a virtual restaurant, see our list below or use our virtual restaurant name generator. 20 Best Brave and valiant Business Names Ideas

Virtual Restaurant Name Ideas:

Rank Business Name Description
1. The Yum Pop-Up This name idea uses short and punchy words to create a memorable business name. “Pop-Up” references the non-static nature of your restaurant, while the word “Yum,” tells potential customers that your food is delicious.
2. The Ghost’s Kitchen “Ghost’s Kitchen” is a synonym for “virtual restaurant” and makes for a great business name. By using the possessive in this name, you create a personification that will entice thrill-seekers and ghost enthusiasts to your restaurant.
3. Cloudy Cafe and Bar A fun name that draws inspiration from the term “cloud kitchen.” This business name also gives the impression that your food is so good, that your customers will feel like they’re in heaven while eating it.
4. Dreaming Delicious The alliteration of the “D” makes this name catchy and easy to remember. Potential customers will also be intrigued by food so delicious, it’s the stuff of dreams. This name idea is loosely linked to cloud kitchens through the use of “Dreaming.”
5. Ethereal Cuisine A creative business name that uses synonyms of “ghost” and “kitchen” creatively. This elegant name idea could also be used to reference the high quality and sophistication of your menu. A great name idea for a business that caters to a high-end clientele.
6. Pop-A-Gastrohouse The inclusion of “Pop” renders this name fitting for a pop-up virtual restaurant, while “Gastrohouse” alludes to an establishment that specializes in pub food. A fun, inviting name that is sure to attract clients.
7. Favorites on the Go! The use of “on the Go” conveys the idea of the fast-food delivery business and is a nod to the delivery-only element of a virtual restaurant. Using “Favorites” in your business name brings to mind images of popular dishes beloved by everyone.
8. Ghostly Cuisine This spooky name idea sounds like you specialize in food for ghosts! However, it is inspired by the idea of a ghost kitchen and shows your restaurant’s online nature. With “Cuisine” in the name, you give your business a more formal atmosphere.
9. Burger Mobile A fun name idea for a virtual restaurant that focuses on creating delicious and unique hamburgers. This name creates a trendy, laid-back atmosphere that will appeal to customers looking for simple or gourmet burgers.
10. Virtual Dumplings Inspired by the term “virtual restaurant,” this name idea makes it clear that your restaurant only has an online presence. The use of “Dumplings” in the name makes this an excellent choice for a Chinese or Asian fusion restaurant.

What should I name my virtual restaurant?

  • The Yum Pop-Up.
  • Favorites on the Go!
  • Virtual Dumplings.
  • The Ghost’s Kitchen.

What are some creative names for a ghost kitchen?

  • Burger Mobile.
  • Pop-A-Gastrohouse.
  • Ethereal Cuisine.
  • Ghostly Cuisine.

What are some catchy virtual restaurant name ideas?

  • Cloudy Cafe and Bar.
  • Dreaming Delicious.
  • Ethereal Cuisine.
  • Virtual Dumplings.

How do I come up with a great virtual restaurant name?

  1. Review your business plan for useful keywords.
  2. Research your top competitors for inspiration.
  3. Think about your brand message and what your virtual restaurant means to you and add related keywords.
  4. Combine your keywords using a business name generator.
  5. Create a shortlist of ideas and ask friends and family for feedback.
  6. Check the availability of your favorite name and secure it.

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