10 scrumptious name ideas for your Mauritian restaurant

10 scrumptious name ideas for your Mauritian restaurant. Mauritian cuisine is a mixture of Creole, French, Chinese and Indian influences; dishes such as curry, vindaye, or daube are made with tomato, spices, chicken, and seafood. Consult a free list of names to find a unique restaurant name or use the free restaurant name generator Mauritian. 10 catchy name ideas for your restaurant bar

Mauritian Restaurant Name Ideas:

Rang Nom Description
1. The Vindaye Vindaye is a typical dish from Mauritius with an Indian influence. An elegant and original name.
2. Bistrot Briani “Briani” is a dish made from rice and meat. The repetition of the “B” makes this name memorable.
3. The Upside Down Bowl Referring to bowl reversed, a Mauritian dish of Chinese origin, this name is fun and offers good logo options.
4. Moris Delights “Moris” is the Creole spelling for Maurice. A name that promises authentic dishes from Mauritius.
5. Flavors of Port Louis An original name that can be adapted to the city or Mauritian geographical landmark of your choice.
6. Sega This name pays homage to a musical and dance style typical of the Mascarene archipelago. A short and catchy name.
7. Curry King Let your customers know that your restaurant serves the best curry they have ever tasted.
8. The Toffee Apple This is what tomatoes are called in Mauritius. A cute name that will arouse the curiosity of your customers.
9. Cumin & Tamarin A unique name in rhyme that evokes two essential condiments of Mauritian cuisine.
10. Pancakes in Moris A fun name idea that alludes to “dholl puri”: savory pancakes accompanied by curry. An ideal name for a Mauritian creperie.

How do I find a name for my Mauritian restaurant?

  • Think about your menu and make a list of keywords associated with Mauritian culture, geography, and gastronomy.
  • Use a Mauritian Creole dictionary to enrich your list.
  • Try putting together a few keywords using a business name generator.
  • Make a selection of your best name ideas.
  • Ask the opinion of your relatives and the Mauritian community.
  • Make sure your names are available and choose one.
  • Buy the corresponding domain name and register your trademark.

What should I name my Mauritian restaurant?

  • The Vindaye.
  • Brian’s Bistro.
  • The Upside Down Bowl.
  • Delights of Moris.

What is the original name of a Mauritian restaurant?

  • Flavors of Port Louis.
  • The Sega.
  • Curry King.
  • The Apple Of Love.

What is a unique name for a Mauritian restaurant?

  • Cumin & Tamarin.
  • Pancakes in Moris.
  • The Sega.
  • Curry King.

What is a catchy name for a Mauritian caterer?

  • The Upside Down Bowl.
  • Delights of Moris.
  • Curry King.
  • The Apple Of Love.

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