20 Funky + Eccentric Business Names Ideas and Suggestions

To be eccentric is to break with conformity and embrace the absurd, strange, and creative parts of ourselves. Consumers see an eccentric business as one that is fearless, authentic, unique, and disruptive, which galvanizes them around your name and your brand. See our list below for some name ideas, or use Shopify’s eccentric business name generator. 10 Best Arcade Business & Arcade Gaming Names Ideas

Eccentric Business Name Ideas:

Rank Business Name Description
1. Strange & Counters This business name is a play on the phrase “Strange Encounters,” and is a perfect fit for a furniture store with a reputation for its eccentric pieces. Shoppers come to your furniture store to find something they’re unlikely to get anywhere else.
2. Kooky Kutters This is a clever play on the term “Cookie Cutter,” and suits a hairdresser with an eccentric design taste. In this case, “Kooky” can mean “Crazy,” but in a playful and loveable way. You create hairstyles that are artistic and daring.
3. Avant Gardeners This business name is loaded with humorous appeal. It is a playful twist on “Avant-Garde” that is perfect for a landscaping or horticultural service. Your company designs gardens that are stylish and artistic, and belong to the pages of a luxury lifestyle magazine.
4. Wired Weird This tongue-twister of a business name is ideally suited to an electronics store that sells unusual gadgets. The twisting pronunciation of the business name mirrors the tangle of wires, making this an intelligent name. “Wired Weird” can also be a motto for adorkable tech nerds.
5. The Wizard’s Uncle This bar or pub name is so vague and eccentric that it begs the question, “Who, exactly, is the wizard’s uncle, and what is so significant about him?.” The Wizard’s Uncle must be important, mysterious, and wonderfully strange. It arouses enough fascination to compel people to wander inside.
6. Abnormal Abs This business name brings to mind an image of a bodybuilder so freakishly ripped that he is a work of art. One could even call it abstract art. The repeated “Ab” sound in this name features great alliteration that creates positive and playful associations in the minds of consumers.
7. French Fried Freaks The triple “Fr” sound provides gorgeous alliteration that has musical resonance. It brands your french fry establishment as one that is quirky and creative, and possibly one that serves artisanal french fries that are Instagram-worthy.
8. Dotty Blobs “Dotty” has a double meaning in this business name. It can mean “eccentric” and it can also refer to dots of ink on paper. “Dotty Blobs” is a fun and catchy name for an arts and crafts business or a retailer selling art-related products.
9. Capricious Cappuccino “Capricious” can suggest spontaneity and unexpectedness that evokes feelings of serendipity. Perhaps your coffee shop is where meet-cutes and other romantic events transpire. This name lends the romance of happenstance to your coffee shop.
10. Zeus’s Therapist This business name conjures a humorous image of the Greek God of Thunder bearing his soul on a therapist’s couch. It poses the question “If the mighty Zeus needs therapy, maybe you do too?” This is a bold and whacky approach to psychology that can create enough intrigue to warrant further inquiry.
11. Abstract Absurdities “Abstract” and “Absurd” are words that belong to the art world. When paired together, they make the perfect name for an art gallery or museum with an identity of showcasing eccentric new artists and their bold, groundbreaking work.
12. The Nutty Nut Shop You don’t just sell cashews, you sell caramel-syrup cashews. You don’t just sell almonds, you sell coconut-flake almonds. Your shop is no ordinary nut shop, so you need a name that tells people, in no uncertain terms, what you’re all about.
13. The Whacky Wardrobe This is a great name for a clothing brand or clothing retailer that sells clothes with a unique and avant-garde identity. “The” gives stature and authority to your brand, and the repeated “W” sound mirrors the wackiness of the name itself.
14. Outlandish Outdoors If you run a safari company or take travelers on wild offroad adventures, this might be the business name for you. “Outlandish” suggests an experience out of the ordinary, and the repeated “Out” sound provides rhythm and balance.
15. Empire Under Ground This no-frills business name tells people exactly what you’re about: you are the opposite of mainstream and sell to a cult following who worship you. “Empire” suggests popularity and grand ambitions, while “Under Ground” hints at your non-conformist culture.
16. Bold and Bizarre This name celebrates the unusual and unconventional, instead of shunning them and hiding them away. It acts as a mantra for creative expression and works for a fashion or clothing brand, or even a magazine or online community.
17. Odd Odyssey An odyssey implies a long and transformative journey or experience, while “Odd” implies strangeness and curiosity. This makes it a perfect business name for a brand that centers on transformation and new experiences.
18. Queer ‘n Quirky The double “Q” sound has a musical effect that is memorable and fun to say, while the “‘n” has a folksy charm that is affable and endearing. It suits a brand that is unashamedly authentic and self-expressive or one with creativity and strangeness at its core.
19. Jester Little Bit This funny business name is a riff on the phrase “just a little bit.” “Jester” conveys humor and playfulness, while “Little Bit” implies discipline and teases the reader. This is a great name for a business with a sultry, sensual, and edgy identity.
20. Odd One Out The triple threat “O” sound in this business name makes it catchy and fun to say. It rolls off the tongue. It is a versatile business name that can suit a range of business types and is ideal for a brand that wants to be painted as rebellious and non-conformist.

What are some catchy eccentric business names?

  • Kooky Kutters.
  • French Fried Freaks.
  • Odd One Out.
  • Capricious Cappuccino.
  • Queer ‘n Quirky.

What are some unique eccentric business names?

  • Strange & Counters.
  • Avant Gardeners.
  • Wired Weird.
  • Empire Under Ground.
  • The Nutty Nut Shop.

What are some fun eccentric business names?

  • The Wizard’s Uncle.
  • Zeus’s Therapist.
  • Dotty Blobs.
  • Jester Little Bit.
  • The Whacky Wardrobe.

How do I name an eccentric business?

  1. Review your business plan for keywords associated with eccentricity.
  2. Research your competitors for inspiration.
  3. Make a list of synonyms for “eccentric.”
  4. Run all of your keywords through a business name generator.
  5. Shortlist your favorite names and ask friends and family for feedback.
  6. Check the availability of your favorite business name and secure it.

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