20 Vintage Business Old fashioned Name Ideas

Vintage business names give your brand an air of wisdom and dependability. They are ideal for brands aimed at clients with refined tastes who expect quality and reliable service. When choosing a Vintage business name, consider your brand message and the sensibilities of your target audience. See the free list, or use the free Vintage business name generator. 200+ Cute Unique Clothing Boutique Names

Vintage Business Name Ideas:

Rank Business Name Description
1. The Lavish Age This name works well for a brand aimed at an older target audience with a taste for the finer things. After a life of hard work, raising kids, and spoiling grandkids, it’s finally time to spoil themselves. “Lavish Age” may hint at a luxury retirement village or a skincare line for Vintage skin.
2. The Phoenix Blossom Whoever said beauty fades with age has never used cosmetics or supplements from The Phoenix Blossom before. By paying homage to the immortal mythical bird, this name implies eternal beauty. “Blossom” suggests renewal and growth. Great for a brand that values seniors and their societal contributions.
3. Vintage Season Winter, summer, fall, spring — every season is a vintage season! A name that speaks of timeless elegance and statement pieces that are always in fashion. Think little black dresses, sweet summer prints, cashmere sweaters, and more. For clients who don’t enjoy constantly renewing their wardrobe.
4. A Love of Tea Does your cute little café or tearoom serve a variety of teas from around the world? Or perhaps your brand makes beautiful serve wear, stocking everything from glass and stainless steel, to porcelain and plastic teacups. “Love” will help attract those who take their tea drinking seriously.
5. The Heart of the Empress The word “Empress” conveys ideas of power, strength, and autonomy, making this a fitting choice for a clothing, jewelry, accessories, or cosmetics brand aimed at accomplished women. Undertones of warmth, love, and passion come through in “Heart,” which increases your business’s approachability.
6. Elegance Eternal Think pearls, diamonds, gold, platinum, silver, leather, silk, wool, and any other items that are made to last a lifetime. “EE” makes for a pleasing, proportional logo that would look lovely on a clothing label. The name may also work for furniture or cookware brands with lifetime guarantees.
7. A Life in Lines This would make a really clever name for an art class or a memoir course aimed at those who have a life that they can pour into their work. “Lines” may be a reference to strokes on a canvas, lines in a book, or the well-loved lines on a face that has truly lived. A memorable and respectful name.
8. LaVida Cellars “LaVida” translates to “life,” while “Cellars” conjures images of wooden barrels and dusty bottles. Put together, they convey the idea that a lifetime’s worth of hard work goes into winemaking and that the clients will taste that love and passion in every drop. Great for a wine farm or liquor brand.
9. Flowering Rose A rose is a symbol of refined beauty and elegance, and women who have reached maturity are now just in bloom — the best is yet to come. This hopeful name is a stunning option for any brand that embraces aging and does not force its clients to pursue eternal youth. Great for a women’s health brand.
10. Tea Leaf Kitchen Homey meets high-class in this descriptive restaurant business name. “Tea Leaf” speaks to tea brewed from leaves and enjoyed the traditional way, while “Kitchen” has connotations of fresh, hot meals made with love. The initials “TLK” would make a great logo against a neutral background.
11. Outside the Lines Skin Food “Outside the Lines” conveys creative or unconventional thinking, which works great for an innovative skincare brand that does things differently. “Skin Food” suggests going beyond the surface layer and providing the skin with proper nutrients. Great for a nourishing skincare line for Vintage skin.
12. The Soul of Oak With a lifespan of up to 400 years, few things are more dependable than the “Oak.” If you want to put down roots in your industry as deep as those of the oak tree, this is the name for you. Great for a strong brand that makes products with good longevity. A name to steal the hearts of old souls.
13. Scaeviolle The name sounds like the cross between a soft sheer fabric and a flower, making it ideal for a range of businesses selling pretty, floral, or fragrant products. It also sounds like an upmarket version of “Scoville,” meaning it would work if you’re a purveyor of premium spicy snacks and foods.
14. The One True A name that’s mysterious but also conveys ideas of excellence, honesty, and quality. “The One True” is as versatile as it is striking. This name can be applied to any business that wants to cement itself as a formidable brand in its respective industry. Just be sure you can live up to your promises.
15. Bottled Elegance Spirits, premium water, skincare products, fragrances, and almost anything else that can fit into a bottle could use this name that suggests there’s a shortcut to “Elegance.” “Just buy the bottle from us,” you seem to tell them. Your business is sure to appeal to an affluent market with this name.
16. Luxe Skin by Liz The repetition of the “L” gives makes this name more memorable and gives it a cheery feel. “Luxe Skin” implies luxury skin products or spa experiences, making this lovely for a skincare or beauty brand. “by Liz” adds a personal touch by suggesting products or treatments are offered directly by Liz.
17. Lone Star Cigar Bar A trendy name for a cigar bar that offers extra privacy. “Lone Star” conjures images of the night sky with but one shining star in it, hinting perhaps at a bar where the staff makes patrons feel extra special. The name carries strong connotations of excellence, so be sure you can deliver.
18. Crowned Pipes If you’re a smoke shop or tobacconist that sells traditional pipes and snuff boxes, this one is for you. “Crowned” denotes royalty and excellence, suggesting products and services the Queen herself would not find fault with. Add a mascot of a king smoking a pipe with his crown askew for a fun touch.
19. SoHo Lace Brilliant, elegant, and simple — all the qualities you’d want in a lace dress or a piece of classy lingerie. You don’t have to be located in SoHo to channel its beauty and love for all things art and design. Use a neutral or bold color palette for your branding, and stick with a minimal logo design.
20. Heart of Leather With “Born to Ride in Hardcore Hide” as your slogan, you’ll attract bikers from near and far. Think leather jackets, gloves, boots, pants, and other accessories. “Heart” hints at a passionate brand and it also appeals to an audience with a love of the open road and looking good in leather.

How do I name my Vintage business?

  1. Think about your audience and your offerings.
  2. Make a list of keywords that convey maturity without sounding “old” or offensive.
  3. Combine these keywords by using a name generator.
  4. Make a list of your top names and share them with friends and family.
  5. Choose the best name.

What should I name my Vintage business?

  • The Lavish Age.
  • The Phoenix Blossom.
  • Vintage Season.
  • A Love of Tea.
  • The Heart of the Empress.
  • Elegance Eternal.
  • A Life in Lines.
  • LaVida Cellars.

What are some catchy Vintage business names?

  • Outside the Lines Skin Food.
  • The Soul of the Oak.
  • Luxe Skin by Lix.
  • Lone Star Cigar Bar.
  • SoHo Lace.
  • Heart of Leather.
  • Elegance Eternal.
  • The Heart of the Empress.

What are some good names for vintage shops?

  • Elegance Eternal.
  • A Life in Lines.
  • LaVida Cellars.
  • Vintage Season.
  • The Soul of the Oak.
  • Heart of Leather.
  • Scaevoille.
  • Bottled Elegance.

What makes a business name Vintage?

A business name is considered Vintage if it appeals to ideas of timelessness and if it conveys maturity by using references to refinement, elegance, and beauty.

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