47 Most Original Blog and Website Names We’ve Ever Seen (And How to Create Your Own!)

Remember that blog you entered because it had a catchy name? Content is important, but having a catchy header can make all the difference in how many followers your site has.

Here we will show you some tips to title your blog successfully (as well as the best examples to inspire you and create yours today).

You will also know which are the best blog name generators that will give you good ideas according to the topic you have in mind.

Let’s start by looking at 47 very original examples that will inspire you:

47 examples of names for original blogs

  1. Travel for free
  2. Nomadic pencil
  3. 365 approaches
  4. Don’t touch my Helvetica
  5. Designaholic
  6. Lookiero
  7. Photon breakfast
  8. Financial samurai
  9. Five days
  10. Webosfritos
  11. Ants in the cloud
  12. Don’t invest in it
  13. Blank paper
  14. Quantum tales
  15. I walk against the current
  16. Fashion me now
  17. 40thFever
  18. I don’t want other pajamas
  19. Nothing is free
  20. Chocobuddha
  21. Poses in green
  22. The furniture
  23. SuperHRHeroes
  24. Spaghetti code
  25. Vilma Nunez
  26. focusing
  27. 1001 means
  28. Sisyphus stone
  29. My own boss
  30. Lola in the kitchen
  31. Rock and blog
  32. Roast brief
  33. Mom in distress
  34. The hacker
  35. The creative creature
  36. With love from Kat
  37. Architect stuff
  38. Mr Dog
  39. Tricks for girls
  40. Between brushes and palettes
  41. Baby blog
  42. Lost in my books
  43. I am a food blog
  44. Add a pinch
  45. Datafloq
  46. Pure marketing
  47. I want to write

Let’s look at each of these examples in more detail.

1. Travel for free

Three words are enough to inspire you, indicate movement and transmit values ​​associated with this blog since it speaks to you of adventure, freedom and pleasure at the same time.

It is an example of how to understand your audience and the things they prefer: this name is created for those who are looking for new experiences.

2. Nomad pencil

Now that digital nomadism makes travelling a way of living and working, Andrea Bergareche was right when choosing the title for her site. The words, although common, we have rarely seen together, attract attention and invite us to click.

3. 365 approaches

One year, diversity, experiences… 365 Approaches is a winning name for a photography site. It keeps it simple, but it also gives you the confidence that you will find specialized and current information there.

4. Don’t touch my Helvetica

This blog has a name that amazes and entertains designers (and surely everyone who passes by).

If the title already makes you smile, rest assured that you will want to enter. In addition, its contents have been awarded several times and are a benchmark in graphic and web design.

5. Designaholic

Forget shopaholics and workaholics: a passion for design rises on this site which is updated weekly.

It is so effective that any professional or amateur will click, as it is a fresh & contemporary word, while it tells you: “here we know everything about design”.

6. Lookiero

This blog has a perfect name because it refers to image and desire, which are two elements of the world of fashion. In addition, it is very easy to remember, which helps to position it among users and keep them coming back.

7. Breakfast with photons

Breakfast is a relaxing, revitalizing and enjoyable time… and that’s exactly the effect this site has on you, even if you’re looking for information on medical physics.

This title already promises ease and closeness, even when dealing with complex topics.

8. Financial Samurai

You are looking for advice on personal finances and you find Financial Samurai in the search engine. What makes you think? You are likely to think of effectiveness, knowledge, and overcoming obstacles.

It is certainly a catchy name that promises informative articles.

9. Five days

The blog specialized in entrepreneurship, the economy and markets of  El País alludes to the English week. With that name, it invites you to read it first thing in the morning during your days.

10. Fried webs

It is a very complete cooking blog that teaches you how to prepare more than just fried eggs. In its content offer, you can find easy-to-make recipes, make bread from home, even pizza (who doesn’t love pizza?), cooking tips, and gastronomic travel routes through Mexico, Spain and some other areas of Europe.

Not satisfied with all this variety, this blog provides online and face-to-face courses for those seeking baking or a hobby in the world of gastronomy.

11. Ants in the cloud

A site of online business experts who provide support for digital businesses. It proposes users scale sales in 30 days thanks to its free webinar.

Within its website, it offers a free content option, where the reader can learn how to create their site from scratch, recommendations for templates, tools and web design, as well as tutorials on resources for online businesses.

It mainly provides web design, support and maintenance consultancy and management services for those who are interested in creating an online school.

Without a doubt, the name of the site refers to the fact that they will provide you with original proposals.

12. That they do not invest in you

Although it is part of life, nobody likes to make mistakes, especially when it comes to investing money. This is an investment blog that from its name warns you that it will propose the best practices to get involved in the world of passive investment.

It is a good name for those who seek to clarify and show how the world of investments works for those who do not have absolute knowledge of the subject.

13. Blank paper

There is nothing more tempting and seductive for a writer than a blank piece of paper; it is an invitation to display his talent, express his ideas and unleash his creativity.

By itself, the name insinuates that it is a literary site without directly mentioning it; within it, you can find reviews, adaptations and comics, and all the adventure that the world of letters can offer you.

The blog covers topics that range from the prose of popular culture, such as The Justice League, to the classics of literature such as Franz Kafka or Bram Stoker.

14. Quantum Tales

It is a good name to soften or give a touch of simplicity to science and quantum physics, which is anything but a story. This is a site specialized in science, quantum physics, biology, chemistry, physics and mechanics, which proposes to enter a complex specialized universe for those who like the subject.

The portal provides everything from problem solving to mini-courses on the aforementioned topics.

15. Way against the current

For all those lost sheep out there, this is certainly a catchy name for a website. It is the proposal of a digital entrepreneur who decided to say goodbye to the working life he knew and decided to undertake.

Currently, he has his own business potential agency, and through his site he seeks to help his readers, guiding them through the entrepreneurship process. In addition, it provides them with a guide to reinventing themselves in the digital world.

16. Fashion Me Now

Writer and brand consultant Lucy Williams’ fashion blog started out as a space where she just shared her looks of the day. Currently, it includes more diverse content from personal outfits, travelogues, and beauty posts.

Although her content can become the favourite of any lover of beauty and fashion, what we love the most is the name of her blog. These types of sites put the name of the blogger as the protagonist, but Lucy decided to be more creative and include a name with which the theme of her blog could be evident, but also with which users could identify.

If you enter to explore the content of this blog it is because perhaps you are looking to improve your style, so the expression «Fashion me now» fits perfectly.

17. 40Fever

Although no one likes to have a fever, let alone 40 degrees, the name of the site, run by the CEO of SocialMood, comes from a passion for digital marketing. As the portal describes it, it is a space created for “sick” marketing.

The site has its own podcast, as well as contributes to the digital world with SEO and social media guides, a dictionary and a blog with a high dose of cures and remedies for online marketing discomforts.

18. I don’t want another pajamas

It is a blog that deals with minimalism, personal productivity and proposals to live a happier and simpler life, with less clutter. This is proposed by a marine researcher who gave up an enslaving life of work and dedicated herself to enjoying life and her passions.

It provides an inspirational and authentic blog, like its name, that proposes a new way of thinking: a sigh, a good vacation for the busy life of the average person in this world today.

19. Nothing is free

Although there are many good things that are good, from love to some digital marketing courses, this Spanish economics blog proposes the opposite in its name.

It has a point because in the financial world nothing is free. That is why the blog seeks to promote analysis, the vision of renowned economic researchers on the main problems facing today’s society, mainly Spain.

The blog already has more than 10 years of online.

20. Chocobuddha

What would life be if we didn’t take a little seriousness out of it; that’s what this Buddhist blog does. Although it honours an ancient philosophy, it also adds a light and close tone for those who read it.

A Buddhist monk and Zen master seek to transcend knowledge and show the sweet and happy side of the Buddhist universe. If yours is the spiritual world, it will not only inspire you, but it will also take you on a journey that you could enjoy.

21. Poses in green

Without a doubt, we associate the colour green with nature, health and sustainability. For a blog about sustainability, what better reference than the colour that everyone associates with such an important topic?

The blog proposes a more sustainable and healthy way of eating and relating to food, through collaborations, courses, a blog and even a book.

22. The piece of furniture

It is a blog about decoration and interior design, so the choice of the name is correct because it is totally linked to the essence of the topics that will be discussed on this site. Also, being a short name, it is very easy to remember.

The piece of furniture provides different sections and publishes constantly, which is why it has become a benchmark in the world of decoration.

23. Super HR Heroes

The name may be long, but the word superhero is easily remembered. Being a human resources (HR) blog, it creates a game with the construction of the name. In addition, it makes a statement to see people who are dedicated to any activity or process related to human resources as superheroes.

24. Spaghetti Code

This is a multi-themed blog focused on movies, video games, technology, anime, and innovations, so it has a lot to say. For many, the name may not have meaning, but it is catchy and attracts attention.

The audience that likes these themes could well understand the meaning of this name since in the world of web programming Spaghetti Code refers to a tangled architecture of a website.

25. Vilma Nunez

You could use your own name on your blog if you have managed your personal brand and your image is important because of the experience and knowledge you have acquired in a certain sector. Such is the case of Vilma Núñez, a specialist in digital marketing, who publishes on communication, marketing, public relations, social media, etc.

You can venture to put your name on your blog, but keep in mind that your image is exposed and you must have adequate and effective management of your personal brand.

26. Focusing

As soon as you read the name you immediately think of images, and that’s right: it is a blog about photography. In a single word, it is clearly and concretely understood what the objective of this website is.

27. 1001 means

Be very careful when using numbers in your blog, because they must be significant or serve to attract attention, which is exactly what happens with this example. It does not indicate 1000, but 1001, and that already gives it a touch that attracts attention.

The word «Media» refers to what this blog is dedicated to since they upload journalism and communication articles.

28. The stone of Sisyphus

The name is striking, it makes you think and, if you are passionate about the literary or philosophical world, it may connect you more. It is a blog that manages various categories: cinema, art, poetry, books, etc.

In addition, if you look at its slogan or complementary phrase to the name of the blog ( Cabinet of curiosities ), the panorama will be broadened and you will know that it is a multi-themed site.

29. My own boss

This name is a promise, an aspirational figure that anyone who has carried out a venture will understand since they seek to be their own bosses so as not to depend on another company or organization.

The name is well constructed because it implies an understanding of the audience you want to speak to.

30. Lola in the kitchen

This name fulfils what it shows: they are going to talk to you about cooking and recipes. It is a blog whose articles revolve around stews, suggestions, food news, etc.

The name is somewhat humorous and has a very good rhythm when it is mentioned, so it is easy to remember.

31. Rock and blog

Here is an example of a direct name. The play on words, which seems simple, is perfect for combining two universes: rock music and the digital publishing platform.

Also, reading it is very similar to saying Rock & Roll, so this name is a perfect combination. As soon as you enter you will see its specialization: it focuses on a specific or niche audience, that is, it does not speak to all those who like music or deal with various genres.

32. Roast Brief

In this example you can see another play on words in the name of the blog: when you read or listen to it, it evokes a cut of roast beef, but in this case, the word beef is changed to brief. This term refers to a document that provides information about a project that must be interpreted; It is very familiar to those who work in creative areas, such as marketing or design.

Can you guess the topics this blog is about? Of course, they could not be other than articles on creativity, geek culture, design, and advertising, among others.

33. Mom in Distress

Here is an example of a very direct name that connects very well with the target audience. This blog focuses on advice and information for new moms, who are often in trouble because there are things they don’t understand about their children.

This blog seeks to be a guide or support for those new moms and for those who care about getting informed to implement a better education in their family.

34. The Hacker

Although the design of this blog is not the best, it fulfils its objective: it gathers articles on code, programming, software and technology. The name is provocative, striking and easy to remember.

35. The Creative Creature

This is a blog about events, advertising, design and communication that speaks to professionals whose areas have to do with creativity. The name is very attractive; by using the word “Creative” you position yourself well for the goals you seek.

36. With love from Kat

When you do things from the heart, why not sign it that way? This unique blog name of fashion blogger Kat Jamieson is proof that her content is a personal letter, which she lovingly shares with her followers.

37. Architect stuff

If you want to position your blog as the one everyone in a niche or industry should check out, then apply a blog name that makes reference. This architecture blog doesn’t leave much to the imagination of what kind of content you’ll find, but that’s the point!

38. Mr. Dog

Exploring this blog will undoubtedly make your heart tremble, as you will be able to see endless stories, videos and experiences of dogs in different situations. Also, if you need to find information on laws for the protection of animals, competitions for dogs or any current situation in which you can help these little animals, you will find it in Sr. Perro. The blog name is very creative and easy to remember.

39. Tricks for the girls

This beauty, cosmetic and makeup blog contains many homemade tricks that a large number of women can take advantage of and learn. The name of the blog is very peculiar since it is specific and denotes tenderness and affection, something with which users can feel welcomed.

40. Between brushes and palettes

Beauty blogs have a lot of opportunities to be named in a creative and original way. This one in particular manages to create a perfect space for those looking for content on makeup and personal care. By including brushes and palettes, many can know what they mean and even feel like a familiar and fun environment.

41. Baby Blog

Including the word “Blog” in your blog name might seem like an obvious or unnecessary thing to do, but when your goal is to position your content as the one that everyone should see, it makes it absolute, direct and very useful. This happens with this site, where you can find everything a mom and dad need to know during the different stages: from pregnancy to when the baby is already at home.

42. Lost in my books

If you have a hobby for something and think other people might be interested in your recommendations, then blogging about it is a great idea. This blog name has a very personal and even nostalgic touch, but with which any other person who also has a similar taste can identify.

43. I am a food blog

In case someone has not been clear, this is a food blog. Okay, we love the name of this blog because not only is it fun and specific, but it also perfectly complements the style of content that the creators handle. This is clear proof that there are no limits to finding the name of your blog.

44. Add a pinch

This translated blog name means “Add a Pinch,” which refers to one of the directions in almost any food recipe. This is an original and direct name that makes use of a jargon known among those who love cooking.

45. Datafloq

Many people may have doubts about scientific topics since many are so complex that when reading or knowing them they can be left with a face of “What the hell does this mean?”. This original play on words with which this blog was named is a perfect example of how you can integrate your content in a fun and innovative way.

46. ​​Pure Marketing

Do you do more than talk about a single topic on your blog? Tell users on your behalf! Marketing blogs have many opportunities to have a creative name; sometimes going for something more basic, but specific, can be a great idea.

47. I want to write

This school of writing has a very original and clear name, and users searching for a similar term will find it easily. By having a name in the first person, people can make it personal and affirm their desire to learn.

This type of content lends itself to slightly more cutesy and romantic names. In this case, it immediately connects with users to make them see that the curation of images and information is done with great detail and attention.

Now that you’ve seen these examples, let’s see how to choose the perfect name for your blog:

How to choose names for your blog

  1. Establish what you will talk about.
  2. Define your target audience.
  3. Create a nice name.
  4. Include your name.
  5. Use an attractive element.
  6. Customize to the max.
  7. Check that it is available.

Do you have too many ideas and do not know which one to choose? Know these 7 keys to creating a memorable blog name:

1. Establish what you will talk about

Do you already have a defined blog topic? If you want to share the activities of your company or professional service, you will have to create something very different from what you would do for a personal or travel site.

Think about what type of content you will create and what your reasons are, so several keywords will come up.

2. Define your target audience

Use a youthful name if that is the attitude of your audience or use something more descriptive if your purpose is to offer information in a more formal way.

Either way, think about what the people you want to reach are like. Are you an entrepreneur and traveller at heart? Do they love to be at home and decorate? Are they under 20 or over 40?

If you create your blog to attract customers to your business, it is essential that you know your buyer personas. Understanding your audience will guide you in choosing a name that catches their attention.

3. Create a nice name

Words that look and sound good will attract people. If, in addition, the name is special or representative of a characteristic of yours or your company, it will be even better.

Think that Internet users can access thousands of sites every day. The difference will be that you give it a more characteristic touch.

4. Include your name

In the event that you want to make a business blog, play with the name of the company or the sector to which it is dedicated.

If you’re going to do a personal blog, think about whether your first name goes well with the title; look for an option that sounds authentic and warm.

5. Use an attractive element

Use a call to action, that is, an element that causes users to act based on some interest they have. For example: “Simplify your life” is more effective than “Have a simpler life”. Involve the reader so that they feel identified and decide to enter quickly.

6. Customize to the fullest

You might think about coming up with a fully descriptive name like “The Marketing Blog.” However, there are already many similar options, and such a frequent title is not a guarantee of success on the networks, especially with that level of competition.

If you want to do SEO  (that is, optimize your site so that it appears sooner in search engines) you will achieve it with the content, its simplicity and clarity. The blog name, on the other hand, should be as distinctive as possible.

7. Check that it is available

Since most blog owners want the name to match the domain (.com, .info, or whatever), you need to make sure it’s available. Go to the page of a  hosting provider, where you will check the availability in the search engine.

3 generators of names for blogs

If you’re looking for inspiration for your blog name, it might be a good idea to try a name generator. These are some of the ones you can find:

  1. Business Name Generator: in its section of names for blogs you will find thousands of ideas by giving some keywords. In addition, it allows you to check availability and is in Spanish.
  2. Masterpiece Generator: enter adjectives and verbs with which you will build your personal or business brand, as it will give you several valuable suggestions.
  3. Domain Wheel: with a few words, you will build a name with different extensions. It also includes the availability of each.

In addition to thinking of the name for your blog, it is also important to know where you will do it. To do this, you can opt for a  free Blog Builder like the one from Free Website. With it you can:

  • Create your blog quickly and without the need for advanced technical configurations
  • Publish content optimized for search engines, thanks to their suggestions and proper settings
  • Analyze the traffic and performance of your blog in order to enhance your brand
  • Use attractive and customizable templates

There’s an art and a science to learning how to name a blog that tells readers who you are, what you write about, and more. Now you have ideas to name your blog. Create a few options, test and see how your metrics change.

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