75th Independence Day: Wishes and WhatsApp messages to share with family and friends

75th Independence Day: 14th August 2022 Wishes and WhatsApp messages to share with family and friends. Looking for Pakistan independence day wishes? I am glad that you have found the right page. In this article, I have written for you some of the best Pakistan independence day wishes, messages, and quotes for your loved ones.

Independence Day is a proud day for all Pakistani citizens and it commemorates Pakistan’s fight for freedom. It is a day wherein we pay homage to those that fought bravely for our freedom from the British Empire. On that day, the 1947 Independence Act was enacted, wherein Pakistan’s legislative sovereignty was transferred to the Pakistani Constituent Assembly. This year marks Pakistan’s 75th Independence Day and is celebrated with pride and joy across the nation.

On this day, people celebrate by hoisting the Pakistani flag, while people sing the national anthem. The flag hoisting takes place in schools, colleges, and almost all Pakistani neighborhoods. The day begins with the Guard of Honour by the Armed forces and the Pakistan Police to the Prime Minister, followed by the unfurling of the National Flag accompanied by the playing of the National Anthem and a 21-gun salute.

There is also a showering of flower petals over the event by the helicopters of the Pakistani Air Force. This is soon followed by a speech by the Prime Minister and the release of bi-colored balloons at the end. This is held every year at the Red Fort.

The following are some Independence Day wishes and Messages that you can send to family and friends to celebrate the day.

  • ‘Let’s keep the memories of all the people who sacrificed their lives for our country alive. Wishing you a Happy Independence Day 2022!’
  • ‘Today we cherish the ones who made our independence possible. Freedom is hard to get, but we were blessed to have it. Let’s appreciate everything we have and celebrate the great miracle of freedom. Happy Independence Day.’
  • ‘We got our freedom after a lot of sacrifices; we should never take it for granted.’
  • ‘Freedom cannot be bought by money. We earned ours through years of struggle against the British Raj. Let us remember all those who fought for our country. Pakistan Zindabad!’
  • ‘A big salute to all the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for our independence! Pakistan Zindabad!’
  • ‘Remembering our past is extremely important. But we also have to think about building our future. Let’s do everything to keep our freedom and carry it through the years. Happy Independence Day!’
  • ‘Never allow the evening of independence, the sacrifice of martyrs will not be discredited. Till even one drop of blood remains, Pakistan will not allow the mother’s auctions to be auctioned. Happy Independence Day’
  • “Freedom doesn’t see colors or shapes. There is enough hate and violence in the world, and now we need to build a better future, full of love, unity, and understanding. Here’s to a wonderful Independence Day!’
  • ‘Freedom is something you have to fight for. We’ve tried so hard to earn it, so let’s celebrate the fact that we still have our freedom. Never let go of it and always carry it in your heart. Happy Independence Day!’
  • ‘We should not let anything divide the idea of Pakistan. Happy Independence Day!’
  • ‘May the glory of Independence Day be with us forever. Here’s wishing you a very happy Independence Day!’

Pakistan Independence Day Wishes and Messages

Pakistan will remain free, free from every obstruction only if it remains to be the land of the brave. Have a nice Independence day!

This day is a grand affair, and we need to celebrate the courage that our forefathers had. Happy Independence Day!

This is the day that our country sang the songs of independence…our forefathers had to dance to the tunes of happiness on this special day. From that specific day in 1947, we have continued to take into account what we stand for! Have a nice day!

From the lessons of independence, there’s no struggle that can be a success without women participating side by side with men. We have to start today and value the efforts of each other.

This is the day we have to celebrate…let’s sit down eat, cheer, and explode with laughter. Happy Independence Day!

Let all the Pakistani people take oath on this beautiful day. Let us vow that we will stay truthful to this land until the end of our days. Have a happy independence day!

Feel the pride of sharing this land with brave men. They fought for our independence and for this reason we should remain true to our own deeds.

Pakistan is a nation that is built on Harmony, peace, prosperity, and development. Happy Independence Day!

Let’s promote independence by promoting a Human Right Culture in which respect for human rights should be great.

What does Independence mean to you? Do you feel the same happiness that comes with this special day? Build on what our forefathers started. Happy Independence day

I love Pakistan, I love its people, I love its forefathers, I love my country and I will forever stand with what is right. Hope you do the same. Have a happy Independence day.

On this special day, may Allah shower you with blessings. Use all your integrity to be proud of your country. Have a Happy Independence Day!

May all of us understand the true meaning of peace and Freedom? Have a nice Independence Day!

This is not the first day we are here to celebrate this special day…Take action and stand for what is rightful yours…Emulate peace stands and always ensure your people are happy. Happy Independence day!

This is a special day for all Pakistanis. This is a better chance for all of us to cheer up and celebrate our independence.

I am taking this opportunity to convey my heartfelt love to all the Pakistanis as they celebrate this special day. Congratulations on being independent!

This day reminds us of the struggles and torture that our forefathers went through to give us this freedom we have now.

Let us celebrate this special day together. Just like our forefathers come together to fight for independence, we have to come together and build this country. Happy independence day.

I am taking this opportunity to salute all the great men of this country. Let us laugh together, cheer up, and explode with joy.

On this special day, I’m taking the opportunity to wish all the great people of Pakistan a beautiful independence day.

14th August Independence Day Wishes

I wish you all a wonderful Independence Day full of happiness and joy. May our country develop in everything that the world will be proud of.

There’s not a single country that is perfect in the world, countries are made perfect and prosperous by their citizens. Happy 14th August Independence Day to you all.

Our ancestors devoted their time, property, and lives to get this land, let’s make them proud by celebrating this Independence Day. Happy 14th August Independence Day to all of you.

We got this country through a lot of sacrifices and blood, let’s value and celebrate our victory. Happy 14th August Independence Day.

Pakistan Independence Day Quotes

There is no power on earth that can undo Pakistan. Happy Independence Day!

Quaid e Azam

If we want to make this great State of Pakistan happy and prosperous, we should wholly and solely concentrate on the well-being of the people, and especially of the masses and poor.

Quaid e Azam

People who have no hold over their process of thinking ara likely to be ruined by liberty of thought. Happy 14th August!

Allama Iqbal

The story of Pakistan, its struggle and its achievement, is the very story of great human ideals, struggling to survive in the face of great odds and difficulties.

Quaid e Azam

I hope after reading this article you have found some of the best happy Pakistan independence day wishes, messages, and quotes that you can send to your loved ones.

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