A Healthy Alternative to Gel Manicures

When well cared for, the nails magnify the hands and become a powerful aesthetic asset. To beautify them, it is possible to use gel products. However, the gel manicure can weaken the nail and dry out the fingers.

When done incorrectly, it can promote the appearance of fungus and various infections. Fortunately, there is a nice alternative to gel for an even more breathtaking manicure: nail stickers. Here is everything you need to know about this fashion from Asia. How to Create Stickers for Printing and Messaging Apps

Stickers are much more practical than gel polish

We like to proudly display our nails with varnish, trying to forget the whims of this type of manicure. Indeed, applying liquid varnish can be tiring and frustrating. You have to be skillful to put it down without overflowing, avoid moving to avoid scratches, and wait hours for it to dry. You also have to be careful not to stain the clothes you wear.

In other words, freezing involves extreme alertness that becomes unpleasant over time. Plus, how many of us have ever had a nervous breakdown when we saw our nail polish peeling off after just two days? In reality, the varnish requires time and some experience to obtain a good result. However, not all women have the time or the budget to go to a salon regularly for nail beauty.

The nail sticker is ideal for women who are looking for a solution as aesthetic as the gel manicure. Presented in the form of a patch, this decoration is suitable for all ages. The sticker can be applied to all types of nails and offers you a magnificent nail art effect, effortlessly. Indeed, the patterns are already drawn and you do not have to surpass yourself to do it, as is the case with liquid products. No more differences between fingers after varnish. From now on, you will have the manicure of the fingers of the right hand as successful as that of the left hand.

You won’t have to put up with the smudging and other inconveniences of a classic manicure. The stickers also offer a long-lasting effect, up to 2 weeks. They withstand all activities and become essential allies for living everyday life in style. Thanks to the ease of installation, you will no longer have to seek professional services to enhance your manicure. You can take care of your nails at home in minutes. What are Instagram link stickers? Tips for Using Instagram Link Stickers

A trendy and economical fashion accessory

Nail stickers turn the manicure into a real pleasure. The models offered by specialists such as TheNailsAngels are available in an infinite number of variations. They are colorful, artistic, glamorous, animal print and geometric, & have several patterns to satisfy all desires. If some models completely cover the nail, others are openwork, spiral, or small aligned patterns.

With the stickers, it’s easy to dress up your nails for a theme party and embellish them with heart stickers for a romantic outing. You can let your imagination run wild and create all the styles of varnish you like. If you like the original mixes, it will be possible to mix several stickers of the same style to have a totally personalized look.

Apart from being trendy, the sticker is very accessible. You will be able to get the most beautiful nail stickers with a few euros, without emptying your pockets. It is, therefore, possible to buy several in order to change your manicure according to your desires and match them to your daily looks. No need to break your head to apply stickers on the nails. Just follow a few simple steps to perform. 30+ Top Products to Buy Cheap and Sell High

How to apply nail stickers?

Don’t have the time, but need a quick manicure? Know that the sticker is instantly operational. There is no drying time and yet the result is as flawless as a salon manicure. You just need to choose the style you like and paste them. It is this simplicity of application that is attracting more and more women. Botswana Agate Properties, Benefits, Colors

Prepare the nails and apply the stickers

The application of the sticker is not synonymous with negligence of the fingers. To really display beauty right down to your fingertips, consider:

  • Push back your cuticles,
  • File your nails,
  • Exfoliate the hands,
  • Buff nails to make them smooth and shiny.

To guarantee a natural result, we advise you to apply a base coat on previously cleaned nails. Then adapt the stickers according to the size of the nails. Take the sticker with pliers or a pointed stick then remove the protective film and stick it in the right place.

During application, make sure the rounded edge is as close to your cuticles as possible. In this way, you will avoid imperfect demarcations. The use of pliers makes it possible to preserve the shape of the object as well as the glue on the back. If your sticker is spiral, gently remove the design by pressing down on the backing. How to Write an Effective About Page

Achieve a clean finish

Pay attention to the accumulation of air which can make the finish unsightly. You must achieve a meticulous collage in one movement. Otherwise, you will have to remove the air bubbles gently by insisting on the nail with your finger. It should be noted that the adhesive of a sticker is designed to make the manicure last thanks to strong adhesion.

If you make a mistake, trying to remove the sticker right after application could damage it. So take your time to apply it perfectly in one go. To refine everything, you can gently trim the excesses with a pair of scissors and file them down. Finally, we add shine with a transparent top coat and you’re done. If you prefer to apply varnish on top, for example, if you use a spiral sticker, it is important to match the colors to have a harmonious visual.

How to remove nail stickers?

When you want to change patterns, all you have to do is remove the stickers with a few drops of solvent. The good method is to apply in a circular way on the nail, cotton generously soaked in nail polish remover. If the adhesion is too strong, it is necessary to soak the finger in nail polish remover for 3-5 minutes will help you remove the sticker easily. Then remember to wash your hands, dry them and nourish them with a moisturizer. After this operation, which strengthens the nails, you can again redo the manicure of your choice.

The stickers bring a bit of fantasy, an offbeat side that gives them all their originality. If every detail counts for you, make your life easier by displaying sophisticated nails with stickers.

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