Assistive Technology Tools For School That Can Help You Learn Online

Here are the best Assistive Technology Tools For School That Can Help You Learn Online. We decided to make a separate selection of gadgets for high school students in addition to the general Selection for all students. In high school, it would be good to think about the institute already, so that gadgets should be powerful, with a margin for the future, such that they do not become outdated in a year or two.

Many of the presented devices are not directly involved in the learning process, but let they become an incentive for getting high results in school. A gaming laptop, an instant camera, and a cool mobile speaker can be a gift for achievement and success. And they are also an element of communication in the teenage community. Don’t miss this moment.

Assistive Technology Tools For School

Infinix NOTE 12 VIP and Infinix HOT 12 PLAY

High school students are not just picky about gadgets: they need everything to be the most powerful, the longest-lived or the fastest-charging, with a high-quality display and an excellent camera.

Infinix NOTE 12 VIP, although it can be attributed to affordable smartphones, there are practically no compromises in it. The first thing that greets us is a large 6.7-inch AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a sampling rate (screen response) of 360 Hz. The resolution is 1080 by 2400 pixels. Inside, the processor from MediaTek is Helio G96, which is not only powerful but also energy efficient. It also has 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.

The battery was not spared either – 4500 mAh with support for ultra-fast charging with a power of 120 W (charging, by the way, included): from 0 to 100% – in just 17 minutes.

Now about the camera block. The first violin is played by a wide-angle camera with a 108-megapixel sensor, and a 13-megapixel ultra-wide angle and a 2-megapixel portrait camera come to the rescue. The latter performs an auxiliary function: it does not shoot but helps to more accurately determine the contours of the model in the frame, which results in a more correct background blur.

Unisoc Tiger T610 chip

Infinix HOT 12 PLAY is more suitable for those who prefer mobile games. This is a much more affordable model, but it has its own undeniable winning features. And the main one is the reasonable price. Also worth noting is a 6.8-inch IPS screen with a refresh rate of 90 Hz and a resolution of 720 by 1640 pixels. Inside is a Unisoc Tiger T610 chip with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of expandable storage. The smartphone has only two cameras: the main one with a resolution of 13 megapixels and the front one with 8 megapixels. But how can you not notice a huge 6000 mAh battery: with such a battery, you can learn, listen to a podcast, and play CS: GO more than once.

Notebook MSI Stealth 15M-B12U

Let’s be honest to the end: a high school student needs a laptop not only for studying … but also for playing games. You can take this negatively, but games really are a powerful psychological release, one of the options for relaxing after school. Therefore, we chose the appropriate laptop: on it, you can solve educational problems and play – hardware allows. We are talking about MSI Stealth 15M.

All laptops in the series are built with the latest 12th generation Intel Core i7 processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 laptop graphics cards. The RAM is 16 GB, and the storage capacity starts from 512 GB. This means that the laptop will handle even very heavy applications without problems, and games will run in high quality. The screen is made using IPS technology with good viewing angles, Full HD resolution and a refresh rate of 144 Hz. There are fast USB 3.2 Type-C interfaces, an external monitor can be connected via HDMI.

MSI Stealth

At the same time, the MSI Stealth 15M is one of the thinnest in its class. The design by the standards of the gaming industry is strict and restrained, except that the coloured backlighting of the keyboard gives out gaming capabilities.

Cover Stealth 15M opens 180 degrees, and using the hotkey F12, you can flip the image on the screen and show the image to the other person opposite. A trifle, but convenient! In general, everything is very well thought out in MSI laptops, and the built-in software improves ease of use. For example, MSI Center allows you to build a laptop to fit your needs.

Portable speaker HUAWEI Sound Joy

A beautiful and inexpensive speaker from HUAWEI called Sound Joy can be an ideal addition to a smartphone or external sound for a laptop. The only pity is that there is no possibility of a wired connection. But this speaker can be taken with you to nature or a walk: it will not take up much space in your backpack.

The audio company Devialet helped to create the HUAWEI gadget, which shared its experience: the result was a compact speaker system with four speakers that can produce up to 79 dB of sound. The device can work up to 26 hours of playing music.

The column is available in black and green colours, and when played on the sides, light music also “plays”.

Among the additional features: are IP67 dust and moisture protection, and the ability to automatically synchronize and combine two HUAWEI Sound Joy speakers into a stereo system.

Fitness bracelet Xiaomi Smart Band 7

The life of a modern teenager, like any person, is hard to imagine without a fitness bracelet on his arm. After all, this gadget performs several useful functions at once. You get a watch, a step tracker and the ability to measure your heart rate. The fitness bracelet can receive and show notifications, and it is very convenient, you do not need to reach for your phone. With such a bracelet, the child will definitely not miss your message or call, even if the phone is in the backpack. Sleep phase tracking and the ability to track your workouts in one of the dozens of sports are also useful features.

And there is no more popular solution than Xiaomi Smart Band 7. The seventh generation already supports 120 types of workouts. The bracelet can work up to 14 days without recharging, and it can be lowered to a depth of 50 meters. There is a touch AMOLED display and a huge number of different dials in a proprietary application, and many are free!

Apple iPad Air tablet

In addition to a laptop and a smartphone, a modern high school student may need one more device – a tablet computer. And here, perhaps, there is no more popular solution than Apple’s iPad. The iPad Air has been upgraded a lot in recent years, getting support for the Apple Pencil (which may be useful for studying) as well as all sorts of keyboards. This, as before, is mainly a media device, but you can also create on it: work with texts, and images, read books and study materials, play music and draw. The current one is the 5th generation Apple iPad Air, which was released in 2022, but the fourth generation is also powerful and only slightly different in performance. By the way, we had this model on the test .

Power bank Prestigio Graphene PD Watch Edition

We have already listed quite a few gadgets, it’s time to think about how to charge them. Or rather, keep it in working condition. Little whether that? There are many different power banks on the market, but our choice fell on the solution from Prestigio.

It is relatively small, and at the same time, its capacity is 10,000 mAh. But the main thing is that it can charge up to five devices at the same time: two wirelessly and three wired (there are two USB-Type A 3.0 ports and one USB Type-C for this). There is a small display that shows information about the remaining battery percentage.

E-book PocketBook 632

You can read on the screen of a smartphone, on a laptop, and on a tablet, besides, you can simply take the entire list of literature that you need to read over the summer in book format … But why not fit it all into one device with a screen built on based on E-Ink electronic ink technology? I’m talking, of course, about e-books.

We chose an average solution from what we saw in stores: PocketBook 632. The company has many years of experience in this area. Depending on the budget, you can choose more advanced solutions, up to colour ones. Interestingly, there are versions with a larger display-diagonal.

The PocketBook 632 has a 6-inch backlit display. Lighting is an important point. Such a book is more pleasant to read in moderate lighting (the page looks lighter) and in the dark. It uses one of the most relevant E-Ink technologies – the Carta. There is also built-in Wi-Fi, which will allow you to download books directly from the Internet.

Fujifilm INSTAX MINI 40

An instant camera can become a real centre of attention at any party or meeting with friends. Cool gadget to join a new company.

Oh, this exciting moment, when a just-taken frame begins to appear on a small photograph right in front of your eyes! Real magic! And such a picture always exists in a single copy, literally a stopped moment.

Fujifilm INSTAX MINI 40 is very easy to use, even a child can handle it. Read his test in our magazine. The case is light, the device is battery operated, and photo paper can be bought almost anywhere. This model looks like a solid five thanks to the retro design.

MFP Canon PIXMA G2420

This multifunctional device combines a printer, scanner and copier. The printing technology is inkjet. On such a printer, you can print a report with colour illustrations or even photos on high-quality photo paper. You don’t have to worry about ink. Instead of cartridges, the PIXMA G series uses large refillable containers. This is called a continuous ink supply system. The consumables included in the kit will last for a long time, we are talking about thousands of sheets.

We have previously tested devices from this family, you can read this detailed review. The Canon PIXMA G2420 is the next generation model, but it inherits the printing system from the devices we tested. The main differences are in the control interface, that is, in the buttons.

The Canon PIXMA G2420 has, perhaps, only one drawback: this device does not have Wi-Fi, that is, it works only by wire. If you need to connect to multiple computers or put the device away from your desktop, you will have to pay extra for the more expensive Canon PIXMA G4420 MFP.

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