Bag with chain: how to adopt the seasonal it-bag?

Both practical and aesthetic, the handbag is the number one accessory. And this season, there is no shortage of choices to take all your personal belongings with you. From the essential “croissant” bag to the purse bag. Present in your dressing room for a few seasons now, the chain bag is far from having bowed out. Recognizable at first glance, hard to imagine going out without the it-bag of the moment. Close-up on the tricks that will spruce up your winter outfits with the key piece of the moment. Fashion: What are the trends in 2022?

Which bag with a chain to choose?

The bag with chain is on the front of the stage this season, a must-have of the season, the bag with chain is ideal to display a trendy, young, and current look. So for this chain, a bit rock, and chic, to combine with all your outfits, there’s nothing like fashionistas’ tips to highlight your outfits.

This season more than ever, the trend is for quilted leather bags. Another darling of the it-girls of the fashion sphere is the padded chain bag. Of course, if these textures are perfect this season, you can also bet on a more classic leather model. However, exit the bag with a mini chain. Moreover, all fashion addicts will tell you: that the chain bag must be comfortable without being imposing. How to optimize your summer activities

Exit shopping bags, and make way for bags with a bucket-type chain, a clutch for example. Of course, nothing prevents you from betting on an XXL chain bag to perfect your grunge look. On the color side, the variations of lilac, white, red, and black are among the trendy colors of this autumn and winter to highlight all your outfits. To add a wild touch, there’s nothing like the animal print, which is still very trendy in the fall-winter collections. With large or small links, available in silver, gold, or black acetate, with a cord or a scarf, the success of the bag with chain is undeniable. No wonder from the catwalks of Fashion Week to the posts of bloggers, these bags are so adored as the variations are numerous. Impeccable to satisfy your tastes and your desires. What is the supply chain and how to work in it?

How to wear a chain bag

Chic, rock, and feminine, the chain bag are without a doubt: the it-bag of the year to have in any self-respecting wardrobe. Worn on the shoulder or on the arm, the chain bag can also be worn over the shoulder this year. Perfect for making your life as a working girl easier at work and on a shopping spree. Always timeless, you will have no trouble matching it to one of your outfits.

Of course, to chain yourself with taste to fashion, think of the essentials. In the coat department, the oversized blazer is the jacket of the season, as is the red coat. On the dress side, bet on the long bohemian dress with gathered boots. If by chance you are afraid of being cold, the loose houndstooth trouser suit with a knit sweater and trendy sneakers will allow you to face the seasonal frosts. You can also fall for a total leather look or fall in love with smooth or corduroy. Defy time by going back the decades to the seventies with pat’deph pants, a patterned t-shirt, and a leather trench coat. Chicken on paprika: Cook an excellent and completely gluten-free version

Don’t forget the jumpsuit and the most psychedelic patterns possible. You can also wear your chain bag with fringes whether it’s your jacket, coat, overshirt, or cape, with pointed boots of course. More classy, ​​the chain bag will bring the final touch to your “sequins and glitter” outfit. The quilted chain bag will be the centerpiece of the total quilted look that you have chosen from head to toe, from bucket hats to the Bermudas or cropped trousers to mid-length jackets. Only mesh jewelry remains to perfect your style, bringing the final touch.

In fact this year, the bags are all chained. We see them everywhere: on the networks, on TV, in the street … and above all, they are the chameleon pieces par excellence. Available in seasonal tones, textures, and materials, without forgetting that little trendy detail that is the chain: these bags are driving the fashion world crazy and are widely invested in the collections. Must-have day and night, to try it is to adopt it… it’s up to you. Create a consistent brand image online and offline

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