Buying a new PC or upgrading an old one What to do

But progress does not stand still and any technology becomes obsolete over time. The question arises: buy a new device or upgrade an old PC. We will give the answer in today’s article.

Pros of buying a new computer

Purchasing a new device certainly has its benefits. First, it is a guarantee for all iron. In the event of a breakdown, you do not need to search for a problem, but you should simply contact the service centre of the seller’s or manufacturer’s company. Employees will diagnose and fix problems. If the assembly is carried out independently, then the warranty also applies to the components. Only in this case, as a rule, you will have to look for the cause yourself, get the parts and send them to the purchase store.

Secondly, often a finished PC already has an operating system. But here you need to be more careful, as many manufacturers install the OS for an additional fee. But at the same time, the licensed version is loaded, and not the pirated Windows.

Thirdly, when purchasing a ready-made computer, compatibility problems are excluded. Inexperienced users cannot always choose components that would ideally interact with each other. There is a risk of making a mistake and buying something completely inappropriate.

In addition, buying a ready-made PC saves a lot of time and effort. Thinking through the assembly configuration, finding the best-priced components, carefully unpacking them and assembling them correctly is a labour-intensive process. For some users, this takes several days.

Cons of buying a ready-made PC

There are enough cons in this case:

  • The quality of the components. Parts of not the best quality may be supplied to the system unit of an average budget, which will generally affect its work.
  • Price. The price of finished systems is usually 15-20% lower.
  • The lack of the possibility of completing with your own BU parts. This feature significantly reduces the cost of the computer.
  • Choice. In ready-made system units, it is very often impossible to select assembly components and you will have to be content with what is.
  • Self-repair. When buying a finished PC, the warranty period applies to it. Therefore, in case of any malfunction, it is necessary to carry it all to the service centre of the store and wait for repairs. In this case, it is strongly not recommended to solve the problem on your own and touch the details of the device, as the warranty will “fly off”.
  • Upgrade. The warranty period applies not only to the system as a whole but also to its individual components. Therefore, increasing the power of the video card or replacing the hard drive will be a risk, as the warranty will automatically end.

In this case, it is more profitable to upgrade an outdated computer that is in use. There will be fewer risks, but more opportunities.

Benefits of upgrading an old PC

You can improve your PC when it becomes possible to buy new components. You can do this at least once a week, at least once a month. In addition, you can leave some parts from the old computer if they are not far behind the new ones in terms of compatibility. After all, it is inappropriate to install a powerful video card with a weak processor. There will be no positive effect in this scenario.

If you build the system yourself, it will be much cheaper. The main thing is to understand the spare parts. Otherwise, you can seek the advice of a specialist.

It is recommended to optimize the system for the following signs:

  • Performance degradation;
  • Irrelevant ergonomics (many outdated connectors);
  • Too much noise at work;
  • Lack of wireless connection (support for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi);
  • The intensity of failures and system freezes;
  • Outdated and outdated appearance.

Note that for an old PC, you can leave components such as a keyboard, mouse, speakers, web camera and other peripheral equipment. As well as a power supply, but taking into account that the parts will not require more power than old spare parts and drives.

What should be replaced

Upgrading a legacy computer depends on the device’s current configuration. In addition, you should take into account the effect achieved with the upgrade and how much it will cost in monetary terms.

The following parts can be replaced:

  • The motherboard is one of the key components of the system. Installing a new board can give you an integrated Wi-Fi or Bluetooth card, modern and fast USB ports, more connectors, and a modern sound card.
  • The processor, the replacement of which significantly improves performance. The main thing to consider is the compatibility of the device with the motherboard, and the presence of an effective cooling system and power supply.
  • Video card – is of particular importance for gamers. Replacing the accelerator is the easiest and most economical way to increase performance and get rid of freezing during online games.
  • RAM – adding RAM will help you comfortably work with several applications at the same time. Here you need to take into account the memory standard supported by the motherboard and the availability of free connectors.
  • HDD. Replacing the HDD with an SSD significantly improves system performance. This solution does not require large investments, but before upgrading, you need to check the standard of drives supported by the motherboard.
  • Power supply – installation of a new PSU is required when upgrading other components (video card and processor). The device must be selected taking into account the rated power, type and number of available plugs for connection.

Reinstalling the operating system also helps optimize your computer. Especially if the OS being used is heavily cluttered. The new version usually includes support for current technologies that will allow you to take advantage of new features or improve performance.

A few words in conclusion

As a result of the article, we note that upgrading an old computer is much more profitable than buying new equipment. But if there is no time and opportunity to do this, it is worth buying a new PC.

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