Curved vs. Flat Monitors: What Are the Benefits?

Curved vs. Flat Monitors: What Are the Benefits? Consider the main features of curved monitors in the material of this article.

Curved vs. Flat Monitors: What Are the Benefits?

There came a moment when numerous experiments of manufacturers with the type of liquid crystal matrices came to a standstill and there was simply nowhere to move on. A clear detailed picture ceased to cause delight and surprise, and the development of digital technologies required innovation.

Since the diagonals of the monitors were constantly increasing, the landmark headed towards the cinemas, which used huge curved screens for screenings. The most impressive was the IMAX cinema, which creates the effect of presence. This prompted monitor manufacturers to create similar equipment for home and office computers.

The first curved LCD monitor for PC was introduced in 2014 – Samsung SD590C. After the release of this FHD monitor, models from other manufacturers of the corresponding specification gradually began to enter the market.

The first attempt to create a curved display was made back in 2006 by DELL. In 2008, the public was presented with a “glueing” of 4 DLP monitors (projection imaging technology, the same as now in the most massive segment of projectors), giving a 16:5 picture with a screen diagonal of 49 “and having a resolution of 2880 x 900. Similar solutions were also in development at NEC, but the estimated price of $ 8,000-10,000 was too high for the home segment and the products never reached commercial sale.

A distinctive feature of a curved monitor is the ability to immerse the user in what is happening on the screen. This is because monitors of this type provide the same distance from the human eye to any space on the display. After all, if the user looks at a flat screen, then the distance from the eyes to its central and extreme points is different. In this regard, the picture is perceived with some distortion. On a curved monitor, the view is complete, as its sides are slightly concave inward. Models of such monitors are also presented with different bending radii, which is convenient when perceiving the image at different distances.

Note that the curved display somewhat follows the field of view of the human eye, since the arc of the bend is directed forward. This allows you to see the picture on the sides with the help of a peripheral view, which creates the most comfortable conditions when watching movies or playing online games.

These facts are not unfounded and are confirmed by official medical research conducted by the Harvard Medical School. As a result, it was found that curved monitors cause much fewer problems with defocusing of vision compared to flat screens.

Curved vs. Flat Monitors

Modern curved monitors are more expensive than regular flat ones. But this does not reduce their relevance in the market, as they are quite in demand for home and office use. In addition to their main “chip” in the form of a full view and an immersive effect, the displays have some more advantageous features:

  • The possibility of optimal organization of the working space when performing work tasks;
  • No need for two flat-panel monitors with appropriate employment;
  • Increase in mindfulness in the course of their activities.

The curved monitor is a real godsend for cinephiles and gamers. It allows you to go as far as possible into the world of cinema or games and fully concentrate on what is happening. In this case, even virtual reality glasses are not required, the picture captures even without them.

Note that on curved screens, UHD content reveals itself especially well, since clarity at the edges is not lost. The bend gives users new experiences and emotions on the principle of IMAX cinema.

To achieve the implementation of the above points, the monitor must have a sufficient curvature parameter. This indicator is denoted by the symbol R. Accordingly, the smaller it is, the more the matrix is ​​curved. If we take a bend of 3000R and continue to draw a line until a closed circle is obtained, then its radius will be three meters.

The most optimal bending value is 1800R. HP monitors from the EliteDisplay series or the Omen X gaming line have such parameters. According to laboratory measurements by specialists and based on general impressions from practical tests, this flex indicator is most suitable for the human eye and does not cause eye muscle fatigue during the long-term use of a computer.

Curved vs. Flat Monitors variations

Curved monitors on the modern market are presented in different variations and differ in bending radius, equipment, and set of functions. Therefore, choosing a monitor is a serious matter. First of all, it is necessary to determine its purpose and, focusing on the subsequent scope, buy equipment. Let’s take a closer look:

  1. Video games.  The bending radius in this case is suitable for the standard value – 1800R. But the most important criterion for choosing a gaming monitor is support for high resolution – from QHD to 4K. Also, a screen of this kind should have a large diagonal, fast response, eye protection technology and NVIDIA G-SYNC to synchronize the operation of the video card and monitor.
  2. Multimedia.  To perform multimedia tasks such as processing photos or videos, working with design software, as well as watching movies and listening to music, you should choose a high-quality and reliable device. Monitors with WQHD resolution and a 21:9 aspect ratio are perfect here. It is advisable to choose equipment with built-in speakers in order to get rid of the need to buy an additional speaker system.
  3. Office use.  The curved screen allows you to maximize your focus on work through a convenient multi-monitor system. When choosing a device to perform office tasks, pay attention to the required number of built-in connectors that connect to external storage media.

Thus, a curved monitor is able to provide many solutions that are not available with standard flat screens. In practice, the use of monitors of this type is quite common, especially among those users who need comfortable conditions in the course of their activities. As a rule, in this case, it is not worth saving and purchasing a desirable high-quality and functional device.

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