Deepcool PQ-M: Modular PSUs for Quiet and Powerful PCs

Deepcool’s PQ-M series modular power supplies provide high efficiency and stability for high-performance and quiet PCs. Through the use of Japanese components, including the famous brown Nippon capacitors, the manufacturer was able to achieve a system with a completely turned-off fan at low load.

The PQ-M series includes the PQ650M, PQ750M, PQ850M and  PQ1000M models.

Model Deepcool PQ650M Deepcool PQ750M Deepcool PQ850M Deepcool PQ1000M
Rated power 650 W 750 W 850 W 1000 W
Line current +12 V 54 A 62 A 70 A 83 A
Line current +3.3 V 20 A 20 A 20 A 25 A
Line current +5 V 20 A 20 A 20 A 25 A
Certification 80 Plus Gold
Modular design
efficiency >91%
Fan 120 mm
Full passive cooling support
Protection systems AFC (Automatic fan speed control)
OCP (Over current protection)
OPP (Overload protection by the total power of all channels)
OTP (Over temperature protection)
OVP (Over voltage protection)
SCP (Short circuit protection)
SIP ( Surge and Surge
Protection UVP (Under Voltage Protection)


The body of the PSU received a lacquered finish. Small turquoise accents were used on the logo and toggle switch, which stand out against the overall black background. The dimensions are the same in all cases – 150 x 140 x 86 mm (W x D x H).

The cable system is fully modular, so you can leave only those involved. The package includes a main cable 20 + 4 Pin (610 mm), two 4 + 4 for powering graphics accelerators (650 mm), three PCI-e (6 + 2) 675 mm long, two SATA with four connectors on each (450 mm), one SATA 2+4 Pin (450 mm) and one for connecting peripherals 4 Pin (450 mm).

For cooling, a 120 mm fan with hydrodynamic bearing is used. The fan runs according to a set curve, and a hybrid silent mode can be activated with a button, in which it completely stops at up to 30% load.

The manufacturer uses Japanese capacitors (105°C) and uses an optimized platform that reduces ripple and noise. All four models are 80 PLUS Gold certified.

Of course, all major protection systems are provided: OPP, OVP, SCP, OTP and OCP. The company also provides a generous 10-year warranty.

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