From 3D Modeling to Mining: 5 Great Reasons to Build Your Own Computer

On an old laptop or low-power PC, this activity will not work. In this case, you can not do without buying a new productive computer. Choosing a ready-made assembly so that it fully meets all the requirements is quite difficult. Therefore, users decide to assemble the system themselves.

Consider five reasons why it is better to build a computer yourself.

Opportunity to save

Of course, the most attractive reason for self-assembly is the possibility of saving your money. Indeed, in any case, no matter how budgeted a computer is, it will still be more expensive than the sum of the prices of its individual components.

With self-assembly, you do not have to pay extra for similar work performed by a specialist at the factory. Usually, this figure is several thousand rubles.

Moreover, what components will be supplied to the finished assembly, these will have to be used. When searching for spare parts on the market, you can find the same options (or an analogue), but cheaper. Moreover, the limited assortment of one store is excluded, you can at least buy every item in different places.

Choice and control

As a rule, inexpensive components are installed in budget PCs, and branded gaming models are equipped with top-end spare parts. When self-assembly is performed, you can choose exactly the components that you need.

For example, someone does not need a powerful graphics card but requires the latest Intel i7. In turn, another user needs a top-end graphics chip, and the characteristics of the processor are secondary for him. In practice, finding the optimal combination of components in a finished assembly is very difficult. Therefore, it is much easier to choose the necessary components yourself.

When assembling a computer manually, it is easier to decide in advance on the manufacturer whose products will be in the device. Thus, in top-end PCs, less important parts can be replaced with analogues. Sometimes this is required due to supply issues or when better deals are available.

Acquisition of knowledge

It will not be difficult for specialists in this field to find the necessary parts for a future PC. Before that, ordinary users will need to read relevant articles, watch videos and study the system: what connects where, how it works with each other, how specific components are installed, etc. Thus, the veil of magic will open and the computer will cease to be an “iron miracle”. The principle of operation will gradually become clearer.

This knowledge is very helpful. If in the future the device starts to act up, then thanks to the previously acquired skill, it will be possible to deal with the causes and determine the malfunction of one or another part. Even if you don’t succeed in doing something specific, it will be much easier to explain the problem to the master. This will allow you to more accurately determine the defect and eliminate it faster.

If you need to upgrade the “machine”, then if you have a lot of knowledge, this will not be so difficult to do. What components to purchase specifically, what they are for and how to install them – will no longer be a huge problem.

No extra programs

Modern PCs are usually equipped with some programs that companies install by default. This is done in accordance with previously established agreements with business partners, as well as in order to promote our own services.

Typically, such pre-installed applications are useless when operating the equipment. And they have weight and take up additional space on your hard drive. In addition, some programs are set to start automatically when you turn on your computer. Accordingly, it clogs the RAM of the device. In this regard, there are unnecessary efforts to find and remove unnecessary software, and then reset the system to its original state.

If the assembly of the PC is done independently, then there are no problems with the presence of extra applications. In this case, users install the OS and select the number of programs necessary for work, which will later be used on the computer.

Long warranty

The finished assembly is covered by a warranty period, which is usually a couple of years. And in some cases, only a year. Accordingly, when this time passes and some part of the PC breaks down, you will have to make repairs or purchase a new one at your own expense.

By choosing components separately, you can find options that are much more profitable. For example, buying a motherboard or video card separately, their warranty period can be up to 5 years. And RAM sticks almost always have a lifetime warranty period, which some manufacturers designate as 10 years.

A few words at the end of the article

As you can see, building a PC yourself is much more convenient for a number of reasons. Of course, you will have to spend time searching and choosing components. But after all, a computer is also purchased not for a couple of years, but for longer service life.

Therefore, it is better to immediately approach the process as responsibly as possible and carefully study all issues. In order not to waste time on repairs in the future and save your budget. However, it will be possible to save money already at the assembly stage.

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