How Can a Wide Format Printer Help Your Business?

Large format is a popular service in the production of posters, banners and other printed products. Many enterprises today actively use this technology, as it has great functionality and is distinguished by an acceptable price.

What other qualities does the technology of large-format printing have and in what areas is it used – we will consider this in the material of today’s article.

Features of large format printing

The main advantage of this type of printing is flexibility. That is, a modern widescreen is performed on almost any material and can be:

  • film and fabric;
  • regular and laminated;
  • monochrome and full colour;
  • one- and two-sided.

In addition, large format printing has a number of advantages:

  • Affordable cost, which allows the use of technology in mass production;
  • High colour rendering and image quality, as special high-quality inks are used in the process;
  • A large selection of materials on which you can display the necessary information (paper, plastic, canvas, fabric, etc.);
  • Resistance to deformations and external influences in the form of aggressive natural precipitation (heavy rain, snow, hail, etc.);
  • Durability due to good performance properties;
  • Unlimited possibilities, since the wide format, allows you to apply text information and drawings of any size and level of complexity;
  • Fast execution time – about three days (in some cases, orders are completed in one day).

The advantage of widescreen is that it is possible to create large-sized products. You can set the width and height as you need and get the result that fully meets the requirements.

Large Format Printing Classification

This type of printing is classified according to two parameters:

  • Appointment;
  • Production technology.

In turn, the first category distinguishes between outdoor and interior widescreen. Outdoor, or as it is also called advertising, is a variety of streamers, banners, images on perforated film or mesh, etc. In the manufacture of this type of product, special equipment is used that can print on a canvas up to three meters wide. Ink in this case is selected with the appropriate performance properties. Since bright colours are used in promotional materials, the paints are extremely resistant to weathering, and fading and are durable.

Interior wide format is printed using a  printer that works with a canvas up to 1.6 meters long. In this case, the resistance of the ink to the effects of the external environment is no longer so categorical, since the printed product is located in a closed room. The most important thing with this type of widescreen is the maximum accuracy in the reproduction of colours and shades. This is where photographic image quality and detailed clarity are needed. The perception of indoor decor occurs from a shorter distance (than street banners and advertising banners), so the quality of images should be much higher than outdoor printed products.

According to the technological features of the manufacture of products, large-format printing is divided into:

  • Straight;
  • Thermal transfer;
  • Jet and laser;
  • Plotter and printer;
  • Solvent and eco-solvent;
  • Ultraviolet, etc.

Note that solvent, eco-solvent, and ultraviolet printing differ from other types of consumables. UV ink does not penetrate the material and polymerizes under the influence of ultraviolet radiation on its surface. Thus, the image is bright and resistant to fading. The service life of such a product is approximately 10 years. You can apply UV ink on solid and roll materials: plastic, paper, self-adhesive film, etc.

The solvent-wide format allows you to make the image part of the material since the paint in this case penetrates into its upper layer. This technology is universal, suitable for many materials and has an operational warranty period of printed products for up to three years.

The eco-solvent option is mainly used in the manufacture of interior widescreen. Eco-inks are distinguished by the fact that they do not contain caustic solvents in their composition. The service life of such products is also about three years.

Printing on printers and plotters in pine is required for the manufacture of large format products, such as banner advertising and large posters.

As part of photo printing on fabric, sublimation technology is used, which is highly resistant to abrasion. This property is achieved due to the penetration of ink into the structure of the material.

Widescreen use

Large format printing is in demand in many areas. In addition to the above areas, it is actively used in the design of shop windows, stands, exhibitions, home interiors and outdoor advertising.

A high-quality printed product of large size serves as a decoration for the space of an apartment, house, office or cafe. The most important thing is to choose the appropriate material and technological design for the product.

To date, printing on canvas is very popular, since this material can be used to create the most beautiful creative solutions: drawings, photographs, portraits, etc. Using this technique, reproductions of world artists are made, resulting in a high-quality and inexpensive copy of famous works.

Thus, large-format printing is a very popular service today. It has a small price and is the most effective method of producing various types of advertising. And no business is complete without advertising.

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