How do you create the main menu in Microsoft Access?

How do you create the main menu in Microsoft Access? If you work in Access surely know how important to have the information stored and tidy, we show how to create a menu in Microsoft Access, and this tool will facilitate your work.

The databases are an important asset for companies and applications today, some experts in the field designed with the PHP programming language, from phpMyadmin or program also Microsoft Office Access. Why do you need to add social buttons to your website?

This program allows you to create a database with tables and fillable fields, which access stored information. But how to access this information organized & drop-down menus . Offer the advantage of helping us to access information so easy, quick and neat . That is why in this article you will find out how to create a menu in Microsoft Access.

How do you create the main menu in Microsoft Access?

To create a drop-down menu the first thing to do is take a database that we have already made and to which we want to give the menu. Once done click on create and then insert a blank form, we click the right button on the & mouse. on the form name and then mark the option Design View appears automatically from a kind of pictures, these pictures make us the area where we can create our menu. Click on the menu bar on the design option. How you can Convert your Data to Uppercase in Access?

There will insert a label, that this is for the place the title of the menu we’ll create, this is up to your staff. This label can be customized by changing the letters, size, color, and more.

So far we have basically seen the previous steps to create the menu, but now we go to the part where you add the buttons and the menu will perform its function. How To Connect Html Web Page To Ms. Access Database?

How to add buttons to the menu?

For a menu to meet its goal, the most important is to add buttons and configure them in order to make a link to the forms you have created previously & add the buttons.:

  • We have to design a click option located on the menu bar.
  • Then insert a button by clicking on the form.
  • Immediately display a menu command named assistant where we will configure the button.

In case you want to customize the button to change settings such as size, font, color, and more, do the following.

  • We close the Wizard menu command
  • We click on the property sheet. This option is located in the menu bar under the Layout option.
  • In the sheet properties, we can change the title of the button, size, and background color, finally, we can customize the button at will
  • To encode the button and make it work, we will click on the button and then on the sheet select the option properties event.
  • Then select the first option that tells the click and click the ellipsis.
  • is displayed a menu generator name, this will have 3 options and we’ll click generator macros. a large blank tab appears with options that might not understand but do not panic!

Follow these steps

  • Click the button and search the list to open the macro name form.
  • Place the name of the form you have created and which will make the action button.
  • Save the changes by clicking on the tab name, save and close

So easy to program a button to enter the form that we created. Thus we can begin to add buttons to improve and expand our menu.

Once you learn how to manage a database, need to know how to unite and manage multiple same times as you will need to be related. If you have co-workers or partners who may be interested in this content, share and secure the give greatly. How to Create an Awesome Photography Website

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