How does a car know when to deploy the air bag?

The airbags are deployed on impact when the vehicle speed exceeds 20 km/h. In a collision, the airbag inflates in a fraction of a second, while the instantaneous deployment speed is provided by the pyrotechnic elements that the airbag is equipped with.

When does the airbag deploy?

How the system recognizes that the airbag should deploy, First of all, this is determined by the force of the impact. In this case, the speed must be more than 10 km per hour, and the collision angle must be higher than 30 degrees. Most often ” shoot ” front airbags.

When do airbags fail to deploy?

If the sensors detect that the vehicle is moving at a low speed (less than 22 km/h) and there is no particular risk of collision, the control unit will only activate the seat belt pre-tensioner, and the airbags will not deploy .

How does the seat airbag work?

The side airbag inflates between the passenger and the door panel and thereby absorbs the impact force directed at the passenger at the time of the collision. When the pillow is compressed at the moment of impact, it deflates. Normally, the side airbag will only deploy on the side of the impact.

When do the curtain airbags deploy?

The curtain airbags deploy in the event of a side impact or vehicle rollover to provide head protection. Curtain airbags deploy not only as a result of a side collision or rollover of the vehicle. The curtain airbags may sometimes deploy in a frontal impact.

How do side airbags work?

The side airbags and curtain airbags will deploy if the force of a side impact (left or right) exceeds a predetermined level. However, the front airbags usually do not deploy. The conditions under which the side airbags and curtain airbags may not deploy are listed below.

What is the name of the airbag?

Car airbags (the common international name is airbag) are designed to mitigate the impact of the driver and passengers on the steering wheel, body elements, and windows in a car accident. They are used in conjunction with seat belts .

How does Airbag work?

The signal for triggering the airbag squib is an electrical impulse from shock sensors (acceleration or pressure) coming directly or through an electronic unit. Sensors are installed in the cabin, in the front of the car, or in the doors, while their number can vary from three to ten.

Why are airbags dangerous?

The first and most important danger of an airbag is the speed of the airbag deployment. Since at the moment of collision every thousandth of a second count, it should “shoot” instantly. And she does it, oddly enough. At speeds up to 300 km/h!

How does an airbag help?

According to experts, airbags protect the driver and passenger in a frontal impact only when they are wearing a seat belt. If you do not buckle up, then the pillow can kill a person, or cause serious injury, since its opening speed is over 300 kilometers per hour.

Can the airbag be disabled?

The passenger airbag can be disabled if the vehicle has a Passenger Airbag Cut Off Switch (PACOS).

How do pillows shoot?

In order for the pillow to open, the squib must fire. And for this, in turn, you need an electrical impulse emanating from shock sensors installed in the cabin, in front of the car, or in the doors. Their number can vary from three to ten.

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