How to care for and maintain your dreadlocks style

Today, the dreadlocks style is worn not only by informal people and Bob Marley fans but also by many celebrities. We asked the weaving masters how to care for dreadlocks style and how to braid them so as not to harm the hair.

Natural dreadlocks style

How natural dreadlocks style are made

Natural dreadlocks style are made from your own hair. The strands are combed and then tangled with a special hook, forming sausages. To braid the entire head, you need from seven to ten hours.

What kind of hair can be braided with natural dreadlocks style

The natural dreadlocks style can only be braided by adults with fully formed hair. To weave natural dreadlocks style, the hair must be longer than 13-15 centimeters. In the process of shaping the hairstyle, the curls become shorter. If desired, the natural dreadlocks style can be extended with the help of synthetic fiber – kanekalon. 15 Nutrition tips for improving your health

Who is not recommended to weave natural dreadlocks style?

You should not do such a hairstyle if you have problems with the scalp. For example, dandruff, seborrhea, or psoriasis. It will not work to make natural dreadlocks style if the hair is thin, brittle, and falls out a lot. Such a hairstyle can exacerbate problems. Also, do not weave dreadlocks style for people with a low pain threshold, because the process of forming curls is rather unpleasant.

How long can you wear the natural dreadlocks style?

You can wear natural dreadlocks style for years. As the strands grow at the roots, they are twisted so that the hairstyle remains well-groomed.

Contrary to popular myth, the natural dreadlocks style can be untwisted. But this is a long and rather painful procedure. Due to twisting and combing, the hair is damaged and becomes brittle. After combing, you can lose up to 50% of the volume. Therefore, the natural dreadlocks style is often called “dangerous”.

Safe dreadlocks style

How safe dreadlocks style are made

The safe dreadlocks style is made from a special fiber. The most commonly used kanekalon. Sometimes there are felt dreadlocks style made from the wool of sheep or goats. It happens that dreadlocks style are made from natural hair, which is used for extensions. But it costs more and is rare.

The master makes blanks in advance and then weaves them to the head with the help of special braids. It is safe for hair because it is not tangled, heated, or chemically treated. It takes about four hours to braid the entire head.

What hair can be braided with safe dreadlocks style

Safe dreadlocks style are easy to unravel and do not damage the hair. Therefore, the hairstyle is suitable even for children and adolescents. The master does not look at the age of the model but at the quality and condition of the hair. If the hair is soft and fluffy, then they work with it carefully: they select lightweight sets of dreadlocks style, make fewer braids, and adjust the length. Healthy thick hair can be woven into denser, heavier dreadlocks style.

To attach dreadlocks style, hair 8-10 centimeters long is enough. You can weave blanks into shorter hair, but then the tension at the roots will be so strong that it will be uncomfortable to wear dreadlocks style.

Who is not recommended to braid safe dreadlocks style?

dreadlocks style should not be braided if there are problems with hair loss and fungal diseases of the scalp. Weaving is better to postpone if the skin is injured. For example, there are fresh scars, tattoos, a recent facelift, or other scalp surgery.

Allergies are not to be feared. Kanekalon is a synthetic hypoallergenic material. An undesirable reaction can be caused by cheap powder dyes, which are sometimes used for dyeing. In order not to run into this problem, you should not save on material for dreadlocks style.

How long can you wear a safe dreadlocks style?

You can wear safe dreadlocks style for one and a half to two months. If you do not unravel longer, regrown strands at the roots can fall off and form natural dreadlocks style. Unraveling them will be more difficult. Hair can be damaged.

If there is no discomfort and individual problems with the hair and scalp, you can unwind and braid again in one day. So safe dreadlocks style can be worn for years without harm to the hair.

How did the dreadlocks style appear

dreadlocks style are tangled hair. It was worn by the ancient Aztecs, Christian hermits, & Islamic dervishes. Their hairstyles were formed naturally. If you stop combing your hair, it will fall off in about two years. In Russia, such tangled curls were called cosmos.

Today, dreadlocks style are no longer randomly matted tangles. They are made especially for a certain technology. You can braid the entire head or a few accent strands. Many celebrities have worn dreadlocks style. For Example, Shakira, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga.

They say that walking with such a hairstyle is quite comfortable. dreadlocks style are easy to care for. No need to waste time on frequent washing and styling and the hair looks bright and original. There are several ways to braid dreadlocks style.

How to care for dreadlocks style

Is it possible to wet dreadlocks style?

dreadlocks style are not afraid of water. You can go to the sea, swim in the pool, or run in the rain. But you need to remember that water drains quickly from kanekalon, and natural hair braided or rolled into curls dries for quite a long time.

How to wash your hair

It is enough to wash your hair once a week with regular shampoo. If necessary, it can be replaced with a dry one. Conditioners, foams, and any other styling and care products should not be used. They cannot be completely washed out of the hair and scalp.

How to dry dreadlocks style

It is best to let your hair dry naturally. But if there is no time, you can dry the dreadlocks style with a non-hot hair dryer. Some masters forbid this because air currents can knock out the fluff at the roots. But in winter, for example, it is better to dry your hair and walk with fluff than to go into the cold with a wet head.

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