How to Choose the Best Ecommerce Packages?

Anyone who wants to open an e-commerce site for their new venture has to choose the e-commerce package requirement and which choice to make for the infrastructure setup. The infrastructure to be started in e-commerce, which is a huge growing market, directly affects success. While developing ready-made e-commerce packages that cover many details from product integration to cargo, from payment to warehouse solutions, making a choice was equally difficult. In our guide article prepared for entrepreneurs who aim to sell on the internet for entrepreneurship and who are considering starting this business by starting their own e-commerce site, we have included the features that should be in a good e-commerce package, as well as what to consider when choosing and the best solution. We will answer all questions about e-commerce payment solutions .

What is E-Commerce Package?

The e-commerce package is a kind of digital service package that has been prepared considering the sectoral needs and facilitates the access of entrepreneurs who are considering starting a site to their target audience. In addition to server service, E-Commerce packages include different services such as corporate e-mail accounts, product/customer analysis at different periods, product and cargo management, customer support, and payment infrastructure. It is necessary to work with service providers for some of the package contents, some of which can be handled through special software. It is recommended by successful entrepreneurs to start selling with a ready-made e-commerce infrastructure, especially for entrepreneurs who are new to e-commerce and do not have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a private software developer.

What are the Advantages of Choosing a Ready E-Commerce Package?

Working with a ready-made e-commerce package strengthens the hand of entrepreneurs who want to start an e-commerce site at many points. Working with ready-made solutions, especially in the online shopping sector, where a new step will be taken, opens the way to benefit from tried and successful experiences. According to some e-commerce actors, the 5 advantages of the e-commerce package, which also reveal why you should use a ready-made e-commerce package, can be listed as follows:

  • You can set up an e-commerce site without design and coding knowledge! Not knowing to code does not prevent you from taking part in the online shopping sector, and you can get your site up and running faster by avoiding wasting time on coding.
  • With the selection of ready-made packages, you can get rid of the hassle of dealing with technical infrastructure works! You don’t have to deal with technical problems related to site maintenance, SSL, hosting, and other infrastructure, you can watch the solution with the support notification you open.
  • Your work becomes easier with SEO and marketplace compatibility! Instead of coding software that is compatible with SEO and online marketplaces, you will not waste time with any details other than entering products and content in SEO-compatible ways by choosing among the currently compatible e-commerce package alternatives.
  • You can leave security concerns to the service provider! E-commerce packages prefer safe environments for the services they provide and employ expert staff in terms of site and data security.
  • You can reduce your costs with special cargo agreements! E-commerce service providers help you save on transportation operations with existing cargo discount agreements.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing an E-Commerce Package?

Some critical details when choosing an e-commerce package are effective in supporting success in the sector. The online shopping industry is enormous and continues to grow day by day. Even though its market share is this big, it is now your natural competitor with its sector share and many large e-commerce sites. Among these natural competitors, you can evaluate the available options in the most accurate way by paying attention to 6 details when choosing an e-commerce package in terms of reaching your target audience and reaching your targeted brand power :


The cost of opening an e-commerce site is approximate, but the choice of infrastructure you will make has the power to affect these costs. When choosing, you should first focus on making the best choices in terms of price performance, taking into account your budget. The most common mistake made by entrepreneurs in this process is to choose free e-commerce packages or the cheapest e-commerce packages, which are far from giving the expected performance. Keeping in mind that e-commerce infrastructure is the most important detail that will carry you to success, turn to a price-performance service that fits your budget.

SEO Compatibility

The fact that search engines direct users during surfing on the Internet and the increasing use of mobile internet have highlighted two critical details that are indispensable in e-commerce sites. Mobile and SEO compatible designs came to the fore as the two most important answers to the question of how the e-commerce site will be successful in this process.

The term SEO, which is created using the initials of the phrase Search Engine Optimization ( search engine optimization ), is considered a whole of top ranking strategies in search engines. The most important component of this whole is, of course, the design.

It is important to pay attention to SEO compatibility in the design to be selected. Designs that load fast, focus on user experience, and are responsive, should be focused on considering mobile internet usage reaching 90%. In addition, e-commerce package prices and other details should be evaluated, focusing on options including blog management that will strengthen your hand in keyword strategies.

Product and Cargo Management

Thousands of products can be sold at the same time on e-commerce sites, and shopping processes are still ongoing by hundreds of customers at the same time. In order to maintain these processes smoothly, it is important to include useful solutions for product and cargo management in ready-made e-commerce packages.

These solutions, also known as E-Commerce integration packages, are necessary for the smooth functioning of the system. Make sure that the e-commerce packages for the automatic start of the product sourcing process for the sale made and the cargo APIs and the initiation of the transportation operations offer smart solutions!

Data Backup

As the field of activity expands, you begin to produce larger data about the product, customer, and other details. It is important that the e-commerce package offers you a solution for backing up this data. Otherwise, technical malfunctions that may occur will cause data loss and negatively affect both your reliability and your sales.

Customer Communication Support

Assuming that you have no coding knowledge, you should always be able to reach the ready e-commerce site in case of technical problems. It is bad in terms of prestige and profitability if your business, which is open 24/7, loses sales due to a problem that is delayed in solving. For this reason, it is essential to choose among the options that offer immediate solutions to technical problems while receiving service.

Data Reporting

You need data on customer behavior and sales statistics to understand whether things are going well on the e-commerce site you have implemented. In order for you to be able to access relevant statistics in different periods such as daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly, it is necessary to offer a useful solution in the e-commerce package you choose.

What are E-Commerce Payment Solutions?

Perhaps at the top of the list of requirements for making an e-commerce site is the choice of the payment service provider. In order to be able to collect distance sales, you need a payment system integration on your website that offers a reliable, alternative payment method, attaches importance to customer support, and has become a brand. By capturing a variety of payment methods on your website, you can appeal to a wider customer base with options such as credit/debit cards.

In your e-commerce site where you need virtual POS solutions, you should work with infrastructure providers that can give you the guarantees you expect on critical issues such as customer and payment security, low commission fees, 24/7 technical support, and fighting Fraud. Since its establishment in 2009, PayTR has become one of the best virtual POS service providers by giving importance to innovation and sectoral needs.

PayTR, which can fully meet the expectations of secure virtual POS services with its 13 years of experience, guarantees that businesses will not experience liquidity problems due to delayed sales prices with the advantage of next day payment. You do not have to pay a high commission fee for this innovative solution that does not require you to wait for collection. PayTR does not have hidden expenses such as monthly or annual usage fees or subscriptions. You can use PayTR virtual POS solutions on your website with low commission rates determined according to the sector and business volume.

PayTR attaches great importance to security. SSL-certified payment pages, PCI-DSS compliance, and D Secure support eliminate all risks of using credit cards in-store shopping. Business processes managed by the expert security team, such as sectoral filters developed for fraudulent transactions and detailed transaction tracking, make PayTR the most reliable virtual POS service provider.

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