How to Clean and Speed Up Your Laptop

Over time, the performance of your computer begins to decline and there are several objective reasons. Let’s take a closer look at the main ways to deal with them.

  1. Why does the performance of the laptop fall?
  2. Increased performance due to the use of an SSD disk
  3. Cleaning from dust
  4. By using Windows optimization
  5. Useful programs to increase power

Are some programs taking too long to launch? Have you noticed that MacBook Air spends much more time on solving a certain number of tasks, and its performance has significantly decreased? All this leads to the need to understand in more detail the features of how to speed up a laptop of a certain brand and model in order to continue working in comfortable conditions.

Moreover, the reasons for such “braking” can be very diverse: overheating, an outdated operating system (OS), and the presence of “garbage” in the system in the form of unnecessary files. Each of the above reasons could become a significant reason for the loss of the former working speed.

1) Why does the performance of the laptop decrease?

A significant decrease in Apple MacBook Pro performance can occur due to two types of reasons:

  1. Objective – those that do not depend on the user. They emphasize the regular development of modern technologies, which leads to an increase in the system requirements of programs, games, and applications. Most often, this refers to changing the conditions of the graphics and the characteristics of the hard disk.
  2. Subjective – those that the user can easily change. When dealing with the problem of how to speed up the laptop, you need to clean it from dust and viruses (install new antiviruses), defragment the disk, and more.

To determine the exact cause, it is necessary to diagnose the device, entrusting such work to qualified masters.

2) Increased performance due to the use of an SSD disk

This disk is a special flash drive, the volume of which can be from 120 GB or more. This is where the automatic saving and processing of information data takes place. For comparison: on a hard HDD disk, all operations are performed using a mechanical method.

Therefore, in order to speed up an old laptop, a complete replacement of the HDD with an SSD is often carried out, which leads to an increase in speed by 2-3 times. Experts also recommend storing the Windows OS on such a disk, which takes up too much free space. As a result, it is possible to achieve that even the old model starts much faster to understand “. There is an accelerated transfer of information data together with the processing of system information located inside the drive.

3) Cleaning from dust

Timely cleaning from dust will help to significantly increase the productivity of the laptop. After all, a large amount of dust becomes the main cause of overheating of the processor due to the lack of air flows for regular cooling. A well-functioning fan in the laptop design is responsible for the cooling procedure.

The lack of cleaning leads either to the deterioration of the supply of air masses or to their absolute absence. By taking proper care of the internal parts of the device, you can maintain its performance in normal mode. However, if you do not know all the design features of a specific model, you should not disassemble the laptop yourself, but it is better to entrust the entire process to professionals.

4) Using Windows optimization

Over time, the efficiency of the OS gradually decreases for several reasons. There are a few simple steps you can take to increase productivity quickly and efficiently. Let’s consider all the possibilities using the example of modern Windows 10:

  • Get rid of unnecessary startup programs.
  • Select the option called “high performance” for power.
  • When starting various games, it is necessary to select exclusively the game mode, in which the OS disables all other third-party processes.
  • To ease the load on the RAM, you need to turn off all kinds of animation effects.

In addition, you need to examine the Apple MacBook in order to analyze all boot processes, and the operation of the laptop, and also use deep cleaning with the help of software.

5) Useful programs to increase power

It is impossible to imagine a complete improvement in laptop performance without the use of popular utilities. The main task of specialized programs is aimed at the prompt release of unnecessary “garbage” in the system for the purpose of accelerated processing of all information data using the processor.

The list of the most common programs includes:

  • Telamon Cleaner;
  • Advanced SystemCare Free;
  • AusLogics BoostSpeed;
  • System Mechanic;
  • CCleaner and others.

If it is necessary to “resuscitate” a weak laptop, the use of such important “helpers” will help speed up the operation of the OS and clean the processor of unnecessary data that is not used at all. In addition, you can get rid of useless information that clutters the RAM.

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