How to create a winning name for a company in the field of Finance and Insurance?

Are you ready to open a company in the field of Finance and Insurance, but you still don’t know what to call it? The name of a company is a detail, but it is essential to be remembered and to attract the attention of new customers.

Don’t have ideas for your new business? Here is the guide suitable for you, I will explain how to effectively use the Generator of Names and Ideas for Financial and Insurance Companies.

Together we will figure out the best methods for choosing a company name, I will give you 20 possible names created using a powerful tool like the Business Name Generator. In addition, we will find out which are the most famous companies and how their name has affected their fortune.

Do you have any doubts after reading the complete guide on how to name your new company? At the bottom of this page, I have collected the most common questions on this topic.

How to use the Business Name Generator tool

Using the Generator of Names and Ideas for Financial and Insurance Companies is simple, you don’t need to be a marketing expert or even an IT expert. If you want to create a name suitable for the Italian public, choose the language ‘Italian’, if instead, you want to target a worldwide clientele, it is more appropriate to set the English.

Now enter the field of your business, for example, Finance and Insurance, family insurance, investments etc. Business Name Generator will provide you with numerous options, to narrow your search using the ‘Industry’ tools, a filter on sectors of interest and ‘names’, here you can indicate whether you prefer a masculine, feminine, plural or singular name.

In the following paragraphs, we will provide you with advice on how to choose a name, among these an important factor is the availability of the domain to create a website. To make your life easier, Business Name Generator gives you the possibility to check if the domain you are interested in is available or not.

Now that you know how to use the Name and Idea Generator for Financial and Insurance Companies you just have to try, you will find this activity stimulating and also fun.

20 ideas on how to call financial and insurance companies

The Generator of Names and Ideas for Financial and Insurance Companies is really an immediate and easy-to-use tool. I have thought of creating 20 possible company names for you, I hope some of them will help you find the perfect name for your new adventure in the field of Finance and Insurance!

  • Active Finance
  • Mondial-family
  • Aphrodite Insurance
  • Alpina Investments
  • Yes Insurance
  • Human Insurance
  • Atmosphere Investments
  • Nature Finance
  • Finance objective
  • Puglia concept
  • Friends Investments
  • Investment Help Desk
  • Action Insurance
  • Ready-to-life
  • Ital-investment
  • Agro-Savings
  • Savings-one
  • Right Abroad
  • Palma Insurance
  • Checkin-Investment

The best financial and insurance companies

When choosing a new name for a business in your industry, a good strategy is to take ideas from the most established companies in your field. Here are the top 5 companies in the banking, insurance and financial services sector. You will surely have heard of them already since this is your field of action, but perhaps you have never stopped to reflect on the story behind their name:


The most famous bank among Italians. The name was conceived in 1893 when the need arose to bring together four different banking institutions under a single brand. The choice of the name is certainly winning as it creates a sense of belonging among people of the same nation. Another trump card of the name is its simplicity understandable by all.


Allianz is a name present in the finance and insurance sector since 1890, initially, the company dedicated itself to the German market and then is present, today, in numerous countries including Italy. Allianz means alliance, a name that builds an image of the union between the consumer and the service provider, moreover it is very easy to remember and is perfectly suited to markets around the world.


The name AXA is certainly an example to follow for those who want to create a successful brand. AXA’s trump cards: the name is short, international and easy to pronounce. The company was born in France in the early 1800s with a much less appealing name ‘Mutuelle de l’Assurance’, but in 1985, the company also driven by the desire to be known outside France decided to create a new name. For this task, the company decided to hire an external consultant, who, using rudimentary tools compared to the Generator of Names and Ideas for Financial and Insurance Companies, managed to create this name. The aim was to find a name that could be easily pronounced by everyone so as to communicate a sense of modernity and vitality.


FinecoBank is another example of how a company name needs to adapt to the times. The company was founded in 1982 but evolved over time and with it also its name which was created and used for the first time only in 1999.


In recent years, the most famous banking, financial and insurance institutions have felt the need to rebrand by creating not only new logos but also changing their name to have a more successful image outside the Italian borders. This is the case of UNICREDIT, which until 2008 was known as UniCredito Italiano, a name that linked it too much to our territory and did not represent the strength of this institution in other countries. Today the company has branches and offices in 18 countries around the world.

Useful tips for choosing the right name for financial and insurance companies

The time has come for you to identify the right name for your company.

You have used the Name and Idea Generator for Financial & Insurance Companies and you already have several interesting options to choose from. In this section, you will find some tips that will finally allow you to enter the market in a winning way.


Italians are not very good at pronouncing strange or very English-speaking names. If you want to be recognized and remembered, this is the first rule: even your friend who has never left his hometown must be able to say your name, clearly and without errors.

In case you think you can expand your business to other countries, and when it comes to financing and insurance, sooner or later you will feel the need, to give priority to Italian names, but not too much, a little internationality never hurts.


What is the trump card in the financial and insurance sector? Sure to allow customers to increase their earnings or feel protected while doing business, but first and foremost, people need to trust a company. Customers need to trust your business with their savings and for this, you need to choose a name that is simple and gives a sense of security.

Think of something that makes them feel part of your company and that creates a bond between brother and your clientele. Enter your keyword in the Name and Idea Generator for Financial and Insurance Companies, so that you get some ideas to work on.


Your company is about to enter the market and only you know how it differs from the others, what efforts you have had to make to get to this point and what your goals are for the future. The chosen name can answer, at least in part, these questions, making your brand stand out from the others and capturing the attention of those who have the same ideas as you or of those who had never thought of something so innovative. Don’t be afraid to put a little bit of yourself into the name you choose – behind a great company there are always great people.


I am sure that you have already done a market survey to understand if your business can please the public, to understand what the customers’ needs are or to find the best solutions to offer on the market, you can also use the same technique in choosing the first name.

After you have created several proposals through the Name and Idea Generator for Financial and Insurance Companies, you can take a survey to find out what your preferred name is. Remember to carefully choose the sample of people to interview. If your business is aimed at a highly trained clientele, for example, it will be useless to ask your neighbour for advice.


The sector in which you operate is certainly strongly linked to the internet and the technological world. Before choosing a name, try entering it in the Google search field and draw your own conclusions. If there are several realities with a similar name it is appropriate to change it. If in another language it remembers something ridiculous or vulgar, don’t waste time and choose another option.

Also consider that you will have to enter the name in the link that leads to your site, so check that the domain is available. Use the google guide to choose the right suffix for you.

5 tips for creating unique names in the financial and insurance industry

Have you already started thinking about the name for your business? The ideas and tools I have provided you so far have certainly helped you along this path. There is only one last step to select the perfect name: make it unique. Don’t worry, with these 5 tips you will surely be able to reach your goal.


Remember that your name must stand out from the others, do a short internet search to see if there are any experts in your field who have chosen a name similar to yours. Your customers need to be able to recognize you easily from other companies.


Each person is unique, as is their story. Use some details of your life to make your business name original: the initials of your family members, your place of the heart, an important date for you, etc.


Acronyms allow us to enclose multiple things within a name. Just remember that it must be easy to read and remember, the Generator of Ideas and Names for Financial and Insurance Companies will be very useful to have the right intuition.

Don’t know what an acronym is? A name formed by the initials of several words such as UBI Banca, where UBI derives from Unione Banche Italiane.


In the field of Finance and Insurance, the most important emotion to arouse in customers is, as already mentioned, safety. Think about the things in your life that make you feel this and use them when thinking about the perfect name. An example is the insurance company, which wants to make its proximity to the customer felt with its name.


All companies, in order to work legally, must register their company with the chamber of commerce. Once you have chosen the name, check that no one else has had the same idea as you. Remember, however, that cases of homonymy will be indicated to you only if the company operates in the same sector or in the same area.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the best names for financial and insurance companies?

The best names are those that are simple to remember and easy to pronounce. The perfect name for financial and insurance companies must communicate a sense of security and inclusion. Whatever your plans for the future of the company, always remember that they could change, so don’t focus the name on a single detail.

What are the Italian financial and insurance companies with the best name?

The most famous companies are also those that have a winning name; we have already talked about AXA, which has hired an external consultant precisely with the aim of creating a unique name. Other famous names are Assicurazioni Generali, Allianz, Agos, Banco BPM.

What are the most particular names of financial and insurance companies?

Some companies have thought of creating a particular name, to make it unforgettable. In Italy, the financial and insurance companies that have chosen this strategy are for example Assur’O’Poil, Chubb or CheBanca!

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