How to Fix USB Device Not Recognized Error on Windows 10/11?

Here is How to Fix USB Device Not Recognized Error on Windows 10/11? Surely, many users have encountered such a situation when a flash drive or external drive inserted into the computer is not recognized by the system. This situation is common and not critical. All errors that appear can be corrected. How to do it? We will tell you more in today’s article.

Fix USB Device Not Recognized Error on Windows 10/11

USB devices are gadgets that connect to a computer through a USB port. These may be:

  • External storage media;
  • Keyboard  and computer mouse;
  • Acoustic system and microphone;
  • Optical drives;
  • Sound cards;
  • Modems and Wi-Fi adapters;
  • Webcams and other equipment.

If, when connecting peripherals and other external equipment, Windows shows the error “USB device not recognized”, then the reasons here may be as follows:

  • the USB connector itself is faulty;
  • damaged cable;
  • problems with the connected device;
  • drivers are not working properly.

Accordingly, there is no universal solution to the problem. For one situation, one option is suitable, for another, the second. Let us present the main scenarios of actions below.

Checking the connected device

If Windows signals an error, then you need to initially check the performance of the connected USB device. If possible, then connect the device to another computer and check how it functions. If everything is normal, then the reason is not in it. In this case, you need to make sure the connection is correct again.

If before the device worked stably and did not cause problems, you can do one more manipulation. This is especially true when there is no second PC or laptop to check. We do the following:

  • Remove the USB device;
  • Shut down the computer;
  • Unplug the power cable from the socket;
  • Hold the Power button for a few seconds to remove the remaining charges from  the motherboard  and other spare parts;
  • Turn on the computer again;
  • Insert a previously unidentified device.

Perhaps after rebooting the system everything will work out and the device will become available.

In cases where several USB devices are connected to the computer through a splitter or connectors on the front panel, we recommend that you disable some of them. Basically, those that are not currently required are removed and there is no interaction with them. And connect the desired device to the back of the PC, if possible. Such actions can also help in solving the problem.

We also recommend checking the power supply if the USB has an external power source. You should look at the operation of the PSU and the serviceability of the connection.

Update or reinstall the driver

When solving a software problem, the first step is to update the device driver. Usually, all updates are on the official website of the manufacturer.

Many devices also function with standard Windows drivers. Here you need to do the following:

  • Call the search bar with the key combination “Win ​​+ S”;
  • Enter the query “Device Manager”;
  • Run this program;
  • In the window that appears, open the “USB Controllers” section;
  • Select the desired USB device from the context menu;
  • Go to the “Properties” tab and click “Driver”;
  • In the window that opens, click on the “Update” button.

This will download the update packages, after which you will need to reinstall the system. Note that sometimes an active “Rollback” button may appear. Clicking on it will install the old version of the driver. This is necessary if the new version does not work correctly.

Note that you also need to uncheck the box “Allow shutdown ..” in the “Power Management” section. This action helps resolve the issue.

Update operating system

In particular cases, a regular update of the operating system helps to solve the problem of displaying a USB device. If Windows is used, then do the following:

  • Open the start menu and go to the “Parameters” section (or call the service with the key combination “Win + l”);
  • Go to the “Updates and Security” tab and open the update centre;
  • In the right part of the window that opens, click on the item “Check for updates” and start the scan.

Windows will find all available updates and automatically download them to your computer. After installing the system files, you should restart the OS and then try to connect the USB device again. In most cases, errors do not occur when opening the device.

How to Fix USB Device Not Recognized Error

The material discussed the main ways to solve the problem. In each situation, they work differently, it all depends on the properties of the hardware and software of the computer.

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