How to free up space on the cell phone and upload photos to the cloud?

How to free up space on the cell phone and upload photos to the cloud? Save your cell phone photos in the cloud and free up memory space in simple steps.

Let’s be honest, today how many of us dedicate time to the selection and backup of the photographs on our cell phones? If you think about it, it is very likely that there are few times you have done it since you have a smartphone. Therefore, here we tell you how to make a backup of your photos through the Google service, Google Photos.

Google Photos is one place in the cloud for all your photo memories to be stored, organized, and easy to find. Best of all, if you’re a loyal Android user and have different gadgets with this operating system, you’ll be able to make backup copies of a large number of photos and view them from any of your devices.

With Google Photos you have the advantage that the changes you make are automatically reflected in all your other gadgets, so there is no additional synchronization necessary. In addition, the search for photos is also easy and fast —as in its search engine—, since you only have to write a word, a place or an object to be shown the related results.

If you want to start saving your memories, the first thing you have to do is go to the Google app store, Google Play, search for the Google Photos app and download it. Once downloaded, open the application and in the upper left corner, you will see the menu icon, click and select Settings, then Backup and sync and activate the parameter.

Something very important that you must take into account is that when you change the backup configuration, it will be changed for all the applications that use this parameter, as is the case with Google Drive.

On the other hand, we recommend that when making the backup you always do it from a Wi-Fi network, since the photos could end up with your data plan. To do this automatically, just go to Settings and in the Save copies of photos menu, select Only over Wi-Fi.

So if you are often suffering from a lack of space, download Google Photos and forget about deleting applications, videos, or your favorite photographic moments.

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