How to set up public Wi-Fi in a cafe and restaurant

“I’ll go sit in a cafe, I’ll work.” Have you ever heard this phrase from your friends? Or maybe they did it themselves?

Wi-Fi in the HoReCa industry is a determining factor. Catering establishments are no exception: when you drop by for a coffee and a bun, you will certainly use the establishment’s WI-Fi network to read the latest news, find out how your friends are doing, and so on. Public spaces and premises are places where people primarily communicate. And in the 21st century, free and fast access to the Internet is the key to such communication.

The owners of numerous hostels, cafes, shops, gas stations, and car washes, is not experienced in the field of IT technologies, often buy a home router, screw it to the ceiling, “throw” a twisted pair of cable from the provider on it and think that the problem is solved. However, it is not. To handle many customers and provide them with high speed, you need special equipment designed for high loads and work around the clock.

At the same time, the cost of the equipment should be adequate, and network configuration and management are accessible even to a non-specialist.

Introducing Zyxel’s cost-effective, cost-effective solution for the HoReCa industry and public spaces.

Access points of the Wi-Fi 6 standard plus a system for their configuration and management of a ready-made wireless network:

  • Zyxel NWA50AX  – hybrid access point with speeds up to 1200 Mbps, with protection against interference of cellular networks 4G / 5G, powered by twisted pair or via the power supply that comes with the kit;
  • Zyxel NWA90AX  – hybrid access point with speeds up to 1200 Mbps, with protection against interference of cellular networks 4G / 5G, support for Captive Portal (registration and authorization of clients on the network through web resources owned by the enterprise or third-party), power over twisted pair or through the power supply included in the kit;
  • Nebula software centralized network management system that allows you to set up and launch the network with a few clicks of the mouse without tedious configuration and costly subsequent maintenance.

The Wi-Fi 6 standard is designed to meet the increased requirements for network bandwidth and the number of connected clients. Even by installing one such access point, an enterprise can be sure that dozens of visitors can work comfortably at the same time without interfering with each other.

Nebula system management console. You can choose between dark or light themes.

How to start a Wi-Fi network?

Nebula’s centralized network management system allows you to launch a Wi-Fi network in minutes and does not require special knowledge for this. To do this, we perform several steps:

  1. unpack the access point and mount it in the right place;
  2. install the Zyxel Nebula application on a smartphone or tablet;
  3. register in the system – create your account. Registration can also be done;
  4. in the application or web interface, we create our own Wi-Fi network, give it a name, and set a password for user access.

It remains only to report our device to the Nebula system. This can be done either by connecting the point to the Internet and power or without connecting it, just taking it out of the box. Below we will consider the process with the preliminary connection of the access point to the Internet and power:

  1. connect the access point with a twisted pair cable to the Internet. Here you can use a regular router or switch that is already installed at the enterprise. If the switch supports PoE power transmission, the access point does not need to be connected to 220V power;
  2. after turning on the light indicator on the body of the point, launch the Nebula application and, using the smartphone’s camera and the barcode scanner built into the application, scan the QR code on the box of the access point (the same QR code is applied to the body of the device itself);
  3. the access point will start registering with your network, download the latest firmware and set up for work. This takes several minutes.

All! Your Wi-Fi network is ready to go!

Subsequently, you can manage the network, and view statistics on clients not only from a mobile device but also from a PC using the Nebula management console The management console allows you to make deep network settings – security, Captive Portal and much more.

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