How to speed up Windows 11: Top Tips and Tricks

The best performance slider we used in Windows 10 has moved to a new location in Windows 11. Here’s where to find it and when to turn it on.

If at this point you are wondering how you can increase the performance of your Windows 11 PC or laptop, you may already know a way; of using the Windows 10  power performance slider.

However, it turns out that in Windows 11, Microsoft has moved it to a new location, so it’s not that easy to locate. Next, we show you how to find it and be able to activate it.

Microsoft offers an easy way to boost your PC’s performance in Windows 10. On the Windows taskbar, click the battery icon to open what we know as the power slider and swap performance for longer battery life. How to connect AirPods or AirPods Pro with Windows

This feature is common to all laptops except in the case that you use a desktop computer. But with the advent of Windows 11, Microsoft reduces the slider to a minimum setting, preserving battery life at the cost of lower performance.

On Surface devices like the Surface Laptop 4 or Surface Pro 7, simply slide the performance bar to “best performance” to get an additional 6 or 7% boost depending on the benchmark.

With the advent of Windows 11, Microsoft moved the power performance slider located on the traditional Windows taskbar, to a new location within the Windows ‘Settings’ menu.

quick settings of Windows 11

In this way, when you click on the existing battery icon on the Windows 11 taskbar, the usage modes slider is not displayed. What the quick settings of Windows 11 do offer is the adjustment of volume levels, brightness, the concentration assistant, and much more. How do you create the main menu in Microsoft Access?

How to set ‘maximum performance’ mode in Windows 11

In Windows 11, the Windows Power Performance slider isn’t exactly a slider. In fact, it has a formal name and it is called Windows 11 Power Options.

To access it, you’ll need to visit the Windows 11 ‘Settings’ menu, either by navigating to the Start menu or by clicking the Win+X button and navigating to the appropriate location.

Within ‘Settings’ you will need to go to ‘System > Power and battery’ and then scroll down to the ‘Power mode’ button. Here you will see that you can choose between 3 different options: Balanced, Best energy efficiency, and Maximum performance.

maximum performance mode in Windows 11

Note that these menu options depend on the manufacturer of your PC’s hardware. If you bought a desktop or built it yourself, you may not see an option here under ‘Power Mode’.

But if you’ve bought a laptop, you should have several options to choose from. Why not start your PC at maximum power? It’s true that asking your laptop to run at “Maximum Performance” levels can drain its battery faster if it’s not plugged in. How to Install Windows 11 on an Unsupported PC

However, that will only happen while using it unplugged, and not while connected to the network. If your laptop has become your desktop computer with which you work daily, the extra performance will be very useful.

If you happen to have installed Windows 11 and want to know how you can go back to the previous version of Windows 10. How to remove a virus from your computer or laptop

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