How To Start Making Money Online With Google AdSense

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Perhaps AdSense is the best-known and most effective way to make money online. So, can anyone make money with AdSense? Can you make a living with AdSense? I will try to give you honest answers based on my own experience as an AdSense user.

What is Google AdSense?

First of all, for those of you who don’t know, let’s talk about what AdSense is and what it does. Most internet users are already familiar with Google AdSense, but to keep beginners’ knowledge up to date, let’s review the program in general terms and talk about the main advantages it will provide.

  • AdSense is an advertising service owned by Google. It allows you to earn money through Google ads related to your site content, which you will publish on your website.
  • It is the most important source of income for Google (in 2018, most of its 137 billion dollars in revenue is from advertising, namely Adsense revenues).
  • It is free for publishers.
  • Advertisers use the AdWords program to promote their products or services on AdSense websites. They only pay when someone clicks on their ads (PBI – Pay Per Click).
  • Publishers get 68% of the revenue, and Google 32%. For example, if an advertiser pays 1 TL for a click, 68 cents is given to the publisher and 32 cents to Google.
  • Cost per click calculation is done with an auction type system.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It is the most trusted advertising platform on the internet today and provides the most revenue for publishers.
  • AdSense is available for content sites as well as gaming, video, mobile and search products.

To learn more about Google AdSense, you can visit the Google AdSense Help Center.

How to Make Money with AdSense?

As I mentioned before, AdSense is a free service for websites that will display ads, it’s easy to use and promises to get 68% of your revenue.

Common points of websites that make money using AdSense:

  • All are content-rich, high-quality content websites.
  • They all have a lot of traffic (100,000 monthly visits is enough to make money with AdSense).
  • All are fully compliant with AdSense policies.
  • All are fully compliant with webmaster guidelines.
  • They all offer useful services and products, and making money from AdSense is not their only reason for existence.

1) Have a content-rich website

AdSense loves content-rich sites. Content can be any type (text, image, video) as long as it does not violate AdSense content policies.

However, it is especially important to have text content so that the AdSense crawler can understand what your web page is about.

Websites that publish articles, case studies, how-to guides, and blog posts can use AdSense much more effectively.

For example, a blog where you post content to help people learn something or accomplish a certain task can be one of the best ways to make money with AdSense. If you do not have a blog yet, we recommend that you start it as soon as possible. How would you like to review the content on the blog on our website?

2) Deliver quality content

In order to earn money through AdSense, it is not enough to only publish content that complies with the content policies, the published content must also be of high quality.

Google keeps this business afloat thanks to the payments it receives from advertisers, and since no advertiser would want their ads to appear on a website with mediocre content, you are expected to be very careful and selective about the quality of your content.

They used to not scrutinize this subject so often, but over the past few years, they have adopted a much stricter policy regarding the type of websites that can use AdSense.

3) Increase your visitor traffic

I said that AdSense is the best or even the most effortless way to make money online. However, in order to achieve this, you also need to have a website with the heavy visitor traffic.

It’s hard to talk with exact numbers about how your traffic should be because the amount of money you can make with AdSense depends on your revenue per click and the number of clicks. However, I generally do not recommend that all my clients add AdSense to their websites unless they have at least 300-400 unique visitors per day.

However, if your website has much higher traffic of visitors, you can generate a much larger amount of revenue through AdSense.

4) Target the right keywords

If you target the right keywords in your content, you can make more money with AdSense or any other advertising platform.

So what are the right keywords?

We can examine correctly selected keywords under the following 2 headings:

(1) used by advertisers for product promotion – they are used by advertisers to promote their products and so competition is greater which will significantly increase your revenue per click (EPC).

(2) keywords with calls to action – users are much more likely to see and “take action” on keywords – suggesting that conversion rates will be just as high.

Let’s examine the following example:

Let’s say you have 2 websites about weight loss using AdSense. Both websites get the same amount of organic traffic and run ads in the same locations. The first attracts visitors with searches such as: “weight loss tips”, “how to lose weight”, and “melt the belly area” and the other attracts visitors with keywords such as: “why is it important to drink water”, “what to eat after dinner”, “How many meals should you eat every day”.

The first website will earn more with AdSense because advertisers are more interested in these keywords, so the number of relevant ads will be higher. Users who seek solutions to their own problems or clues about their problems also tend to click more on advertisements than users who seek general information.

This is also one reason why organic traffic is more valuable than other forms of traffic because it targets higher and converts better.

5) Strictly comply with AdSense policies

As I said above, AdSense accounts for a third of Google’s revenue sources, so they take the whole program very seriously. While it’s relatively easy for anyone to get an AdSense account, you run the risk of losing your account 100% if you don’t follow the rules.

Even if you are an existing or new AdSense publisher, be sure to read their policies well before applying AdSense to your website. Discard ideas that might mislead the system, and remember that Google works with experts to make sure no one is violating these strict rules or policies.

6) Make sure your website serves a specific purpose

While AdSense is a good way to monetize a website, sites whose sole purpose is to place AdSense ads are disliked by Google and refuse to work with them. We touched on this in our previous thread, what you need to know and understand is that your website or blog should have a clear purpose beyond making money through AdSense. In other words, you should have a website that is exactly compatible with your field of expertise and be able to give people the information they are looking for in the most accurate and detailed way. Otherwise, you will not be able to generate income from your website.

Yes, you can use AdSense to monetize an established blog with the high natural visitor traffic.

You can also use AdSense to earn extra income from the website that you have opened to sell your own products or services.

However, it’s not a good idea to try to use AdSense on a blog page that does nothing more than publish mediocre content and attract visitors. As I said before, the system operates in such a controlled manner that it does not allow abuse.

This model worked in the past when the rules weren’t that strict yet, but now it’s too late for anything.

Can I make a living with AdSense?

I explained above what you need to do to make money with AdSense, but do you think you can make a living with AdSense? In other words, can you depend 100% on AdSense to cover all your expenses?

The answer is NO. It’s not because you can’t earn tens of thousands of dollars a month and have a good life with AdSense, it’s because you can’t rely on a single source of income.

The online world is much more dynamic than the offline world. In other words, there is no guarantee that your website will always be visited by millions of people or clicked on by advertisements. So does AdSense will exist forever?

Maybe it will, but even this fact is not a sufficient basis for AdSense to be your only income stream. It is best practice to diversify your risks and spread your revenues across various industries, both online and offline.


AdSense might be the easiest, most reliable and best way to make money online. As long as your website meets the criteria mentioned above, you can earn a nice amount per month by making the most of your content or the time you spend online.

On the other hand, if you want to avoid the 9am-5pm shift, you cannot rely on AdSense alone. See an example of your choice running online. Everyone agrees that AdSense is great, but you also need other sources of income.

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