How you can Convert your Data to Uppercase in Access?

Much has been said about the Microsoft Office office suite, which contains a large variety of tools so you can create your text, presentations, spreadsheets, etc. But one of these applications that are included in this package is not very well known and is called Access. In this tutorial, we will dedicate a line and we’ll show how to convert data easily and Access capital letters. How to Generate More Leads for Your Small Business?

Access us is more than a program that allows you to efficiently manage a database, where you can enter information such as expenses, costs, etc. of a company.

For connoisseurs of this amazing tool, know that it has hands endless in its possibilities for your project, and best of all is that it is very easy to use.

We wanted to dedicate this article to little-known tools but they have incredible potential. This time it was the turn to Microsoft Access, which allows you entry to a database of any kind. And thanks to the link between the different tools Office can export data from Access to Excel. 15 Nutrition tips for improving your health

How you can Convert your Data to Uppercase in Access?

The extent to which this type of program and only you can give a franchise like Windows has no limits. Because through it we can for example manage our bank account, expenses, income, and loans and keep them organized in this database and create queries. Always   We have access to it from our PC   and have a detailed report of our own. Best VPNs for Mac in 2022

We have explained a bit for those who were unaware of the existence of this tool in your Windows operating system, which is included in the package Microsoft Office.

Now it’s time for us to go directly to the grain, and explain what steps you have to perform to Convert your Data to Uppercase in Access. B2B Lead Generation: How to get the right leads

Steps to Convert your Data to Uppercase in Access

Before we tell you that this is a very simple procedure and consists of a few steps. To start let’s open Access, then we’re on it, let’s find the table containing the data let’s edit. Once you have it in the application, we will direct you to the main menu and go to click the Tables tab.

Selecting this option will display all tables that Access is scheduled, the next step is to place you with the cursor of the mouse over the table to edit.

Once this is done you do right click on it and menu options are going to choose design view. Then it will display a window that will show you the options to modify the format of the table.

Once this is done, we move on to the next step is to select the column that contains the data you want to be converted to uppercase. Analytical CRM Specialist: What Is It? and How to Become One?

To select it, let’s do it click, the properties box and it’ll be shown to choose the General tab. Now you will enter the next character on the Format property.

Once this is done we go to the Save button for the changes made to the table and then returned to the home page to apply.

This is to ensure that we effectively changed data from our table uppercase. to view it, we just have to double-click the table and the information it contains will be displayed.

As you start to use this tool Microsoft Office you will realize the tremendous potential it contains and how to create Access reports.

And of course, this course uses our tutorials, which will be the perfect guide in your learning. But for now, you have taught me how to convert data easily and Access capital letters. VPN for Business: Hardware VPN vs. Software VPN

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