Is Facial Recognition Better and Safer Than Fingerprint Biometrics?

Is Facial Recognition Better and Safer Than Fingerprint Biometrics? We will tell you more about each of them in today’s article.

Fingerprint Biometrics scanner

The Fingerprint Reader (FPR) is designed to enhance the security of your device. In laptops, it is usually located slightly away from the keyboard, but in some models, it may be located differently.

In fact, the fingerprint scanner solved the problem of cracking passwords. This feature further protects your computer, as you can only access it using your personal enrolled biometric data. FPR in laptops works similarly to smartphones and it is very convenient for many users to unlock the device simply by placing a finger. But we note that in laptops this function works longer than in phones. Also, Read – 20 Cool and Catchy Local Business Name Ideas

The very first scanners in computers acted like a camera. The finger was brought close to the camera, the photograph was taken and the resulting image was compared with what is in memory. But here difficulties arose because it was required to hold the finger exactly as it was during the initial scanning procedure. And if it is shifted a little lower or higher, the reading will not happen.

Another disadvantage of visual scanning is that it can be fooled. Moreover, it is not so difficult to do this, it is enough to attach a photo of the print. The scanner considers it, checks it with the image in memory and provides access to the computer. Also, Read – What Is the Average Ring Size for Women?

Modern laptops

Modern laptops are equipped with a fingerprint scanner that operates on the basis of minutiae. These are places in the finger patterns where the lines change. They can change like this:

  • Split into two;
  • End;
  • Break off and continue again;
  • Turn sharply;
  • Twist into loops.

The minutiae are responsible for the uniqueness of the prints and with their help of them, the pads of the fingers are distinguished from each other. The task of the scanner is to recognize them as accurately as possible. That is, here it is:

  • The attached finger is scanned;
  • All minutiae on it are read;
  • Information about the location of minutiae is encoded in a digital matrix format;
  • The resulting matrix is ​​compared with those available in the database.

If the percentage of data intersection is greater than the set value, then the print is suitable and you can open access to the laptop.

Facial Recognition

Face recognition works on Windows 10 or 11 laptops and is called Windows Hello. This is a faster system that works in just a couple of seconds.

Windows Hello works on devices equipped with an infrared (IR) camera. They are usually found in modern models from Dell, Lenovo and Asus.

You can check the function on your computer as follows:

  • In the search bar enter “Login Options”;
  • Go to the section menu and see the available Windows Hello options.

If the camera on the device you are using supports this feature, you will be able to configure it. You should click the “Setup” button. A screen that says “Welcome to Windows Hello” will appear. Note that at this stage, you can abandon the settings, or continue the operation further.

When you continue, you need to click “Get Started”, the IR camera will turn on and perform a face scan. At this time, you must look directly at the camera and not move until the blue status bar under the received photo ends. This procedure takes 2-3 seconds. Also, Read – Scientists create living human skin for humanoid robots

Windows Hello settings

In the Windows Hello settings, in the Sign-in Options tab, there is an option to automatically turn off the lock screen if the system recognizes the user’s face. That is, as soon as the laptop boots up, it will immediately scan its face, unlock the device and put it into working mode. If you disable this option, the system will prompt you to remove the lock screen manually.

Many users set up Windows Hello as a convenience so that they don’t have to enter the system password every time. Facial recognition is a guarantee that no one except the registered user will use the laptop.

Windows Hello face recognition is one of the most promising methods of biometric contactless user identification and a fairly reliable way to protect your laptop. Here, biometrics uses the physical resources of a person in the form of an iris, a map of the “heights” of a face, and a coordinate network of reference points. Also, Read – Asus laptops and their serial models


Of course, there is no 100% security guarantee, and hackers are finding more and more sophisticated ways to hack computers. But today, facial recognition and fingerprint scanning are considered the most secure and equivalent security technologies.

The password is much easier to crack. For specialists, it is not so difficult to choose the appropriate symbols, and in this case, there is much more time. Scanning the face and fingers is very fast, and it is simply impossible to forget your biometric data.

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