Jordan 1 Mid vs High: What’s The Difference?

Sneakers are a true fashion and social phenomenon. These pairs of shoes are very popular with fashion and street style lovers. Some models stand out and sneaker addicts collect them with frenzy.

If the Air Jordan 1 High is a mythical model and one of the favorites in the world of sneakers, the Air Jordan 1 Mid is more and more appreciated. This pair of shoes is currently one of the best-selling in the world. Discover its history and what are the differences between the Air Jordan 1 High and Mid. 4 tips for dressing streetwear

The origin of the Air Jordan 1 Mid

The pair of Air Jordan 1 Mid sneakers made their first appearance in the late 90s in Japan. Since their launch, these sneakers have been very popular and sales quickly took off. To ride the wave of success, Nike then decided to launch a collection adapted to Japanese consumers with smaller sizes than for the Western market. This is the Jordan 1 Mid “Japan Pack” series. The success of this series then allowed Nike to cement the Mid with a “Patent Pack” created in 2003.

Twenty years later, Nike decided to collaborate with Maison Château Rouge and created a new pair of Air Jordan 1 Mid, the Fearless: Maison Château Rouge. This collaboration with the famous brand brings a breath of fresh air to the Air Jordan 1 Mid series. The AJ1 Mid then becomes one of the best-selling pairs on the market. However, this new twist for this model also leaves room for controversy and divides all sneaker lovers. 4 tips for dressing streetwear

Differences between a High and a Mid

The Mid and the High Jordan Air even if they are similar have many aesthetic differences. At first, their templates are not the same. Indeed, the Mid is slightly less rising than the High.

In addition, it has one lace hole less than its big sister. The Air Jordan 1 Mid pairs have a “Jumpman” logo on the tongue, while the Jordan High pairs have a “Nike Air” logo.

These two pairs of sneakers are not made of the same materials. The AJ1 Mid is covered with entry-level leather, less comfortable and resistant than the Air Jordan 1 High. The pair of sneakers is also narrower. Our article on Nike shoe sizing. Fashion: What are the trends in 2022?

Finally, the biggest difference between these two pairs of shoes is the level of their price. In terms of price, the Jordan 1 mid is more accessible. It reaches a wider audience and this explains its high number of sales. The Air Jordan 1 High with these more luxurious coatings is aimed more at a niche audience and sneaker enthusiasts.

The Air Jordan 1 High and the Air Jordan 1 Mid are popular pairs of sneakers from the Nike brand. The models are similar, but the AJ1 Mid has aimed more at a wide audience thanks to its more accessible price. While the legendary Air Jordan 1 High pair is more reserved for sneaker purists. Apple MacBook Air M1 vs MacBook Air M2: which one should you choose?

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