Manicure with dots: photos of flower drawings

Beautiful nails in the modern world are not something special but have already become an everyday task. Manicure is an important component of the image of a fashionista, from what it is, the opinion of others about the style and character of the person will develop. A manicure with dots, as in the photo below, is a proven option for beginners to learn the basics of design.

As assistants in creating a beautiful and high-quality design, many devices were created – these are:

  • Brushes of different sizes;
  • Scotch;
  • Stickers;
  • Stamps;
  • Dots, etc.

Dots nail design: photo

Dots in the manicure business is in a special place since this tool is easy to use and helps to create an image on the nails in the minimum time only with the help of dots. In shape, it resembles a crochet hook, only the tip is made in the form of a ball (steel), hence the name of the tool.

Drawings on nails with the help of dots are the basics of design, even a teenager can do them. However, rehearsal on tips or on plain paper will not be superfluous. To get started, it is enough to immerse the tool (ball) in varnish, then put “round prints”. After a little practice, the circles will come out neatly, it will become possible to control their parameters. Nail design using dots can be seen in the photo.

Spot manicure: simple drawings

For those who are fans of minimalism, simple patterns on the nails are suitable. You won’t have to be especially zealous, and the nails will acquire an irresistible style. Dots will help you create a nail design with the following elements:

  • Dots;
  • Curls;
  • Commas;
  • Circles of different diameters, etc.

The simplest and most beautiful option is drawing dots with dots: from small to increasing, and vice versa. It is easy to draw geometric patterns with circles of the same diameter.

The most affordable design variations using a manicure tool:

Manicure with dots

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors!

Manicure with dots: photos of flower drawings

An easy way to decorate nails with dots is to draw a flower from circles. This is done according to the following scheme:

  1. The preparation of the coating and the application of the base color.
  2. After drying, we put five dots-petals of the same tone and one dot of a different color in the middle. In this way, you can draw any number of flower patterns with different sizes of petals.
  3. We put it on the top.

To decorate the “flower” fantasy, you can add curls. Nail design with circles will turn out as in the photo.

You can use a more complex scheme:

  1. We apply the base, and dry.
  2. On the “smile” we put multi-colored circles-petals. These points need to be drawn so that they overlap each other.
  3. We put the center circle.
  4. Finish off the nail.

Drawings on short nails using dots: photo

For an “optical illusion” – an increase in the nail plate, it is necessary to apply circles along the nail. Diagonal images will also come in handy. Fat circles do not need to be done, they will make the already short nails heavier and visually do not give any effect.

Two factors influence the result of a manicure: the placement of dots and the choice of colors. Make sure of this by looking at the patterns of dots on the nails in the photo.

Drawings on short nails using dots

If you take three shades, you can perform a “transitional” design – from one color to another. To do this, we decorate the tips of the nail with the darkest (of the three colors) dots of large size. Next, reduce the size of the dots and apply a lighter color. Then at the hole, we apply two or three rows of the smallest dots of the remaining tone.

A list of tips for creating a unique dotted nail design:

  • If your goal is to create a discreet version, then simply depict peas (black) on a light (white) background.
  • If the goal is to stand out, then on a black base you can draw dots of bright colors.
  • You can draw small circles on large circles (coinciding with the color of the base), and as a result, you will get rings.
  • When connecting the dots with lines (straight lines), an excellent pattern will also come out.

Nails with dots: photo

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have dots in your nail design kit, you can use “homemade” tools with a similar ball. For these purposes, a hairpin with a ball on the tip is suitable. However, hairpins may not be at hand, but everyone definitely has a ballpoint pen. In this painstaking work, perseverance and patience are important, which will help in creating a marigold style with circles. Movements should be smooth and fast. If the dots are intended to make a comma, you need to put a dot and stretch it until the varnish spreads.

Nail design with dots 2017, as in the photo, is made using gel polish. Modern fashionistas rarely resort to manicures with simple varnishes, as they are short-lived, they have long been replaced by shellacs.

The space for imagination with the use of dots has no boundaries, there are many options, it all depends on the imagination.

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