Public Wi-Fi Security Risks: Is It Safe To Use?

Today, there are many public places that offer free or paid Wi-Fi connections, whether in cafes, airports, trains, or places of interest. We explain the dangers to which you expose yourself and how you should protect yourself.

Is it safe to use public Wi-Fi connections?

The Wi-Fi connections that you usually find in public places such as cafeterias, shopping centers, or airports, can offer you that connectivity that you were looking for to be able to work, update your social networks or check an email.

However, you must be clear about the type of danger you face if you use these access points, which often display a free connection. Not only because of the danger of exposing your data to third parties, but also because of the lack of knowledge of who is connected to the same network and for what purposes. What are the advantages of Wi-Fi 7 technology?

And it is that these public Wi-Fi connections are not at all secure. That is why in most cases it is preferable to use your smartphone in access point mode to provide your laptop or tablet with a connection free of these dangers.

If it turns out that you have no choice but to connect your device to this network, here’s how to proceed to make everything more secure and not expose your device and data to hackers.

Many coffee shops seem to have become the open offices of the 21st century. Before the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis, it was easy to walk into any Starbucks store and be met by a sea of ​​users with laptops or tablets. How can I make my Linkedin profile attractive to stand out?

Now, although many try to seek some privacy in the work they are carrying out, the truth is that the Wi-Fi connection in a public place like the one they are using is not at all secure and exposes the device and data to all kinds of dangers that occur in the network.

Why is public Wi-Fi not secure?

Free Wi-Fi has a hidden cost and is called security. While we like the idea of ​​being able to roam around a city by connecting to various public Wi-Fi hotspots for free, this is certainly dangerous, since most of these networks are not encrypted.

In order to facilitate connections and avoid administration or supervision, these access points generally do not require a password to connect. Upon connecting, a web page appears asking you to enter an email address.

The problem with this is that the connection between your device and the hotspot is not encrypted. Therefore, some data will be sent in the form of plain text, which means that anyone could spy on your actions.

Worse, they could set up their own hotspot and call it something like “Starbucks wifi.” People will then connect to it without hesitation, giving the criminal easy access to all unencrypted data or information that is relevant. How to make a bank transaction.

What are the dangers of using free Wi-Fi?

These fake networks look real and allow you to access the Internet as you normally would, but all they do is spy on you. Sooner or later, you will be prompted to download something innocent-looking that will contain malware to take control.

Another danger is that the provider of the Wi-Fi you connect to does not securely store the data that you used when registering. Sometimes these servers store the information on an Amazon server without a password, exposing everything to anyone. Best VPNs for Mac in 2022

Keep in mind that when you sign in to any network, your device will store those details so you can automatically sign in again when you’re in range of the network or come back another day.

For trusted networks like your home or office, this is fine. But when you do it from anywhere, this can work against you. The fake network can impersonate another network to get the relevant information from your phone or device.

How can I make the public Wi-Fi connection secure?

The answer seems obvious: using a VPN connection. A virtual private network (VPN) creates an encrypted connection between your device and a secure network server. If this sounds complicated, it really isn’t. Simply install the VPN app and then enter your login details.

Almost all VPN apps have a quick connect button that selects the closest or fastest server and it only takes a few seconds to connect. What are the negative effects of technology on mental health?

The best apps have an option in settings to connect automatically every time your phone connects to public (unsecured) Wi-Fi, so you’re protected even if you forget to enable the VPN.

There are many providers and a wide variety of options, but you will find a complete buying guide of the best VPNs this year with our recommendations.

Two of the services are NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

Of course, the ideal solution would be for hotspot providers to enable encryption on their service, but this is not as simple as it sounds. As always, the biggest threat to security lies in the need for convenience.

Most of these places are casual spaces for customers, meaning they want to log in and out quickly and seamlessly. Having to enter a password (or worse, a username and password) may not be that easy for some. VPN for Business: Hardware VPN vs. Software VPN

Although some hotels, restaurants, and other establishments already use encrypted Wi-Fi, in many cases, the responsibility for protecting personal data falls squarely in your own hands.

One option is to simply avoid using any website or app where sensitive data is used while using public Wi-Fi. But since this is inconvenient, using mobile data on your phone instead of Wi-Fi will be more viable.

This is an encrypted connection, and you can usually enable a personal hotspot so you can share that internet connection with a laptop, tablet, or any other device worth its salt.

Finally, it should be noted that some applications will use encryption even if the Wi-Fi connection is not encrypted. Banking apps are a good example, plus there are also messaging apps and email services that use their particular encryption. Can a VPN be installed on Apple TV?

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