Slow Internet? Top Reasons Why & How to Fix It

In practice, situations often arise when the speed of the Internet is much lower than declared by the provider. This may occur for a number of reasons. Let’s consider them in more detail in the material of this article.

Connection type

The method of connecting to the Internet is the main indicator on which the connection speed depends. The most common options are cable, dial-up, and DSL. The first cable or dedicated optical type is the fastest of all, followed by DSL, and the dial-up method is the slowest to cope with its task.

To optimize the process of connecting to the Internet, it is recommended to take the following actions:

  • Check the condition of the transmission line. If the wires in the room are already quite old and worn out, then various failures and interference may appear. All this reduces the transmission speed, as the same data will need to be constantly sent until it is delivered without interference. You should carefully inspect the transmission cables and make sure that they are not damaged, intertwined with each other and with other cords (power, telephony, etc.). If there are such moments, then you need to contact your service provider and replace the data cable with a new one.

When connecting to a wireless network to ensure the stable operation of the Internet, you must follow some rules:

  • Place the computer in the Wi-Fi coverage area, preferably next to the  router ;
  • Eliminate physical obstacles between  the router  and the PC;
  • Minimize the number of connected digital devices;
  • Remove equipment operating at similar network frequencies (microwave ovens, cordless phones, etc.).

Spies and viruses

Internet connection slowdown depends on the condition of the computer you are using. Often problems are caused by the presence of various spyware and virus software.

Malicious spyware is the most common cause of internet slowdowns. Penetrating into the system, they slow it down, interfere with the work of browsers and take away network connection resources. In addition, the spyware monitors Internet usage and controls keystrokes, which significantly reduces performance. And if there is several spyware on the device, then the problem is aggravated even more and even leads to a complete “shutdown” of the Internet. Therefore, you should constantly scan your computer and run an anti-spyware program to remove all possible malicious applications.

Virus programs also have a direct impact on network connection speed. The virus infects the PC and installs malicious components on it that spreads throughout the system. Some malware can multiply and occupy almost all computing resources, reducing the bandwidth of the Internet connection. Accordingly, a reliable antivirus program must be installed on the PC, which will destroy existing viruses and prevent their subsequent penetration of the device.

Browser add-on

The browser add-on is the settings for media, the search bar and the tools displayed on it. Some add-ons enhance your browsing experience by allowing you to view information on pages in a special way. But at the same time, certain add-ons can slow down your Internet connection.

To check this – launch the browser you are using while enabling the “Add-ons disabled” or “disable all extensions” function – this is usually set by default in private or incognito mode. Extensions will only be disabled for the current session. If the connection speed increases, then you can disable them completely using the add-on manager. To do this, go to the “Tools” section in the browser menu and select “Configure add-ons”. At this point, find and press the disable function.

PC configuration

Like other browser software, it requires a certain amount of processing power, RAM and disk space to function. Each viewed web page is initially loaded into the PC’s memory and then saved to disk in a folder of temporary files.

When you run any demanding application, the browser may experience a slowdown, as it will also use the available system resources. Therefore, it is desirable to close running resource-intensive programs, as a result of which the connection speed should noticeably increase. If you need to constantly work with several software, then you should increase the amount of memory on your computer. To increase disk space, you need to remove all temporary website files from it.

Note that sometimes browser settings change, which affects its operation. You can reset the installed parameters to the default settings. This procedure is irreversible and in the process, all accounts and accounts will be logged out. Therefore, it is recommended that you first take care of the safety of logins, passwords and all data necessary for work.


There are many factors that can slow down your internet connection. As part of the article, the main reasons for the slowdown were considered, as well as some tips for preventing and avoiding them.

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