The 100 Most Popular and Searched Google Keywords of 2022

The winner of the most popular and Searched keyword is Youtube, with over 1.4B searches per month. This is closely followed by Facebook, Whatsapp web, and translate.

Amazingly, many people favor searching for popular brands than typing them in direct. That’s how pervasive Google has become for us as a day to day tool.

With the help of the great data research tool Ahrefs, we were able to surface the 100 most searched global keywords as of Jul – Sep 2021. To keep things PG-13, we removed all porn-related keywords.

Top 100 Google Most Searched Terms Globally

Keyword Average Jul-Sep 2021
1 youtube 1.4B
2 Facebook 1.1B
3 Whatsapp web 618.0M
4 Google 543.3M
5 Gmail 414.0M
6 translate 414.0M
7 weather 388.7M
8 Amazon 338.0M
9 google translate 338.0M
10 Instagram 338.0M
11 traductor 317.7M
12 Hotmail 226.0M
13 cricbuzz 218.0M
14 tiempo 185.0M
15 FB 151.1M
16 clima 151.1M
17 google maps 151.1M
18 weather tomorrow 133.0M
19 restaurants 125.3M
20 yahoo mail 124.0M
21 Yahoo 124.0M
22 Satta king 124.0M
23 twitter 124.0M
24 maps 116.3M
25 WhatsApp 110.4M
26 Sarkari result 108.7M
27 погода 108.7M
28 xổ số miền bắc 101.0M
29 tradutor 101.0M
30 Roblox 101.0M
31 hotels 89.1M
32 traduto 83.6M
33 speed test 83.1M
34 outlook 83.1M
35 Walmart 83.1M
36 tiempo mañana 83.1M
37 Yandex 83.1M
38 переводчик 79.0M
39 McDonalds 78.1M
40 Cowin 78.1M
41 live score 73.9M
42 eBay 73.0M
43 Meteo 73.0M
44 wetter 68.9M
45 google dịch 68.9M
46 Flipkart 68.0M
47 Pinterest 68.0M
48 Facebook login 68.0M
49 home depot 68.0M
50 Omegle 63.9M
51 IKEA 63.9M
52 IND vs eng 60.4M
53 çeviri 59.7M
54 yt 59.7M
55 traduction 59.7M
56 google traduction 59.7M
57 ترجمة 59.7M
58 Satta 56.4M
59 BBC news 55.6M
60 вк 55.6M
61 news 55.6M
62 twitch 55.6M
63 traductor de ingles a español 55.6M
64 previsão do tempo 55.6M
65 google classroom 53.6M
66 instagram login 52.2M
67 starbucks 52.2M
68 traductor ingles español 48.9M
69 e devlet 48.9M
70 LinkedIn 48.9M
71 bet365 48.9M
72 target 48.9M
73 coronavirus 48.3M
74 mp3 juice 46.1M
75 canva 46.1M
76 Gmail login 46.1M
77 le bon coin 45.5M
78 ютуб 45.5M
79 amazon prime 45.5M
80 olx 45.5M
81 google tradutor 45.5M
82 satta matka 45.5M
83 discord 45.5M
84 shein 45.5M
85 แปล ภาษา 45.5M
86 天気 45.5M
87 youtube to mp3 45.5M
88 fox news 42.7M
89 video 42.7M
90 ヤフー 42.7M
91 ipl 42.6M
92 facebook log in 42.3M
93 psg 40.8M
94 pogoda 40.5M
95 booking 40.5M
96 zoom 40.0M
97 hava durumu 40.0M
98 calculator 40.0M
99 flamengo 40.0M
100 costco 40.0M

Although this is a great list of keywords, you could almost re-title the list of “the most popular brands in the world” instead. The brands are so well-known they end up searching more than many common terms — such as how we don’t even look up a “search engine” these days, we “Google” instead.

Thanks to Ahrefs for making this data easily available. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on how these trends change year over year, most likely as an index of the year’s most well-loved brands as we see above.

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