The Best Books On Marketing And Advertising Of All Time

Marketing is considered a fairly young science, especially in comparison with fundamental industries. However, new marketing books and publications often become outdated shortly after release. How to choose exactly the literature that will really help you understand marketing, advertising, sales, and SMM and not waste time on irrelevant materials? Let’s figure it out in this article, and at the same time, we will talk about the best marketing books that are really worth paying attention to for professional development. The Secret to Reading 100 Books a Year

How to choose books on marketing?

For many, the choice of books on marketing in bookstores, blogs, and online reading applications can be difficult – constant novelties and a huge number of publications, both Russian and foreign, do not make it easier for career growth and choosing literature for professional tasks. At the same time, there are expert blogs, YouTube, and Telegram channels, where various materials on the topic are also published – and it seems that it is necessary to follow all the news in order to be a sought-after specialist. However, this is more likely to lead to the development of impostor syndrome than to the pumping of professional skills. What are the principles to be guided by when choosing books on marketing, so as not to torment yourself with thoughts: “again, I haven’t read any of the new products”, but still remain a pro?

Best Books On Marketing And Advertising Of All Time

To make it easier for you, we have put together a small checklist that will help you decide on the choice of materials on the desired topic:

  • In what area of ​​marketing do you need new knowledge?
  • if these are strategic issues, such as company development, branding, building relationships with customers, and consumer behavior, it is better to turn to professional literature: it will help you understand the topic more structurally and deeper. 
  • if you need knowledge and skills to work with marketing tools, for example, you want to understand SMM, targeting, understand how TikTok or Instagram works, and at the same time you have marketing skills, you can stop at expert blogs and channels – there will be more information new, corresponding to the algorithms of various social networks and updates, and the possibilities of marketing tools. In addition, communities are formed around professional blogs where you can ask for advice and share experiences.

For situations where professional literature is needed, we have collected for you proven marketing books on the most common topics – from analytics to promotion. How to Become a Travel Blogger?

Books on analytics for marketers

They will help you understand the principles of research, figure out how to talk to consumers, and find verified data for your projects.

Robert Fitzpatrick
Ask Mom
A quick, easy and effective guide to communicating with consumers: how to build research and interviews, what questions to ask, and how to understand when you are answered out of politeness and a desire to fit in with the general opinion. It is a well-structured interview with consumers that helps to develop unique branding and communication solutions, form a separation from competitors, and the book helps to learn how to conduct such interviews in conditions of limited resources, for example, for start-ups or personal projects. Best Stock Market and Investment Books

Eddie Yoon
A book that talks about a special type of buyer of various goods – super consumers. It is they who, through emotional consumption and passion for the brand’s products, are the source of ideas based on their own experience to improve existing products and create new ones. The author considers the features of the search for such groups of consumers, the study of their needs and consumer experience, as well as co-creation with them in matters of working on the goods and services of the brand. 

Rahit Bhargava
The author shares the methodology for finding trends, analyzing them, and applying them to the company’s work. An important marketing skill that helps build a company’s development strategy is the ability to find trends, understand how they can be useful and have time to adapt to them. The book helps you understand this using the example of trends from different areas, learn about emerging trends and learn how to prepare yourself and the company for a change. How To Choose a Perfect Name For Your Business

Branding books

They will talk about building a brand, its identity, why we think in images, and how to win people’s hearts for many years.

Thomas Gad
4D Branding
The basic book about branding, brand identity, and its formation. It will help you understand how a brand is built, how to measure and evaluate its effectiveness, and also teach you how to use the author’s model, which decomposes an intangible brand into its components.

Marty Newmeyer
Zag. Other Marketing Manifesto
A book about working with product creation and innovation based on detailed market analysis. The author gives a clear model for the development of “good other” products and brands that will cover the unresolved needs of consumers. It is considered a classic of working with innovations.

Byron Sharp
How Brands Grow
A Structural Framework on Branding Patterns, Attracting Consumers and Forming a Base of Brand Loyal Buyers. The author also writes about strategic things for practice: how to increase the survival of brands, the market share occupied by the company, calculate the forecast for the development of the brand, and analyze the behavior of a particular consumer group, as well as other marketing laws and rules. 

Books on SMM

They will talk about cleanliness and order in the text, context, and care for the reader and provide the necessary tools for building an SMM strategy.

Maxim Ilyakhov, Lyudmila Sarycheva
Write, cut
A structural and detailed guide to infostyle and understandable, humane texts. The book will teach you how to remove excess water, and bureaucratism from texts, back them up with facts and take care of readers. It will be useful when creating content for brands, internal work in companies, and building editing processes. Many examples and working situations will help you try on the moments described in the book from your own experience. Digital Marketing Fundamentals for Beginners

Maxim Ilyakhov
Clear, understandable
The book is about the importance of context, presentation of the text, and interest for the reader, which continues the theme of caring for the reader. It will help to create content that will carry value. It will be useful to everyone who works with texts and ideas. 

Evgenia Kryukova, Denis Savelyev
100+ hacks for Internet marketers
A wide selection of tools not only for SMM but also for digital marketing in general & the promotion of products and services in the digital economy. There are many step-by-step instructions & detailed practical cases that will help you build a communication strategy and increase the effectiveness of promotion in social networks. 

Digital Marketing Books

They will help build strategic decisions and business processes in digital projects and inspire original ideas. 

Philip Kotler
Marketing 4.0 Turning from traditional to digital
A book from the father of marketing, Philip Kotler, about the transition to digital forms of marketing and how it works. Much attention in the book is paid to the human-centricity of marketing activities, which can be applied not only to digital but also to offline processes. The author talks about content marketing, engagement and ways to evaluate the effectiveness of digital marketing.

Scott Brinker
Agile Marketing. Hack practices for effective business
In the context of constant external changes taking place in the economy, culture, and society, managing marketing processes is becoming increasingly difficult. The author talks about agile methods applied to marketing, building experiments, testing hypotheses, and project management, which is especially important for digital marketing, in which calculation and regular testing become the basis of successful advertising communications. 

Austin Kleon
Steal as an Artist

It is useful not only for those who classically classify themselves as creative professionals but also for everyone involved in marketing and advertising development. The author shares his experience, talks about how to establish a creative process, build work and generate ideas, and is motivated to start and try.

Books on advertising and sales

They will teach you how to be creative, design products and consumer behavior, and create strong relationships with them.

Michael Mikalko
Rice Storm
A detailed collection of creative techniques and exercises that will allow you to understand the process of creating ideas for various tasks and pump creativity as a professional skill. “Rice Storm” will help you not to be alone with the fear of a new project and task, but to act. Creative techniques are suitable for various tasks of creating new and finding non-standard solutions, especially useful for those who develop advertising campaigns and materials.

Phil Barden 
Hacking Marketing
A book that provides a structural understanding of human thinking: the author analyzes the systems that govern decision making, the principles that allow us to study human behavior, and develop and promote products and services that will really be in demand. It will help in the creation and promotion of products in any field, as it tells about the system-forming mechanisms of our perception of the world around us and the principles of marketing.

Carl Sewell, Paul Brown
Clients for Life
An essential book on how to build relationships with clients, find an approach for them, and create exactly the conditions and standards that they need. The authors consider the importance of retaining consumers and forming a permanent loyal customer base, accumulating data, and using it for marketing purposes. Suitable for a systematic understanding of the sales process and its organization in the company.

How to read marketing books more effectively

In order for reading professional literature to bring you tangible benefits in your daily work, it is important to follow simple rules: they turn reading for the soul into a tool for training and pumping you as a specialist. Below is a checklist that will help you deal with this in 5 steps.

  1. Look for a book for the task.
  2. Read a book with a pencil or marker.
  3. Come up with a convenient system for storing notes and quotes.
  4. Choose 3-5 points that you will apply in your work after reading the book.
  5. Take action!

In each of the paragraphs of the article devoted to a particular area of ​​marketing, we tried to collect for you not only books that will help you understand the basic systems or concepts, but also those that will pump your creativity and push you to create interesting and non-standard ideas, teach you to believe into themselves and pump your “creative muscle”. And this, perhaps, is one of the main skills for a sought-after specialist in today’s market. 

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