The best left-handed mouse for gaming

A gaming mouse belongs to the standard control elements of every computer, but it will also help with the operation of laptops or tablets. Most users hold the mouse in their right hand. However, this may not suit lefties who want to control it with their stronger hand. The seller, therefore, offers a special mouse for left-handed people. What do they look like and which models can’t you go wrong with?

The best mouse for left-handed people

Better quality mice are ergonomically shaped so that they fit perfectly in the hands of the user. The problem is that they are overwhelmingly adapted for use in the right hand. You can also find additional buttons in places where they can be easily pressed by the fingers of the right hand. But for roughly 10% of the population, this ergonomics is unsatisfactory. Yes, we are talking about lefties. You have two basic options to solve the situation. Either they put up with it and control the mouse with their weaker right hand, or they get a left-handed mouse.

The first option often results naturally in younger generations who have already grown up with computers. A number of young left-handers mastered mouse control with their right hand in childhood to such an extent that it seems completely natural to them. On the contrary, they benefit from the fact that they have a stronger hand free and can simultaneously use it for writing, for example. In the final sum, they thus gain an advantage over right-handed players.

The second group of left-handed people simply does not like a mouse in their right hand. It doesn’t necessarily have to be older generations. A mouse in the left hand is also preferred by left-handed people who are looking for the most comfortable or fast control. These users then have to choose between left-handed models.

The differences lie only in ergonomics

Left-handed mouse are ergonomically adapted to the left palm and fingers. These are essentially mirror copies of right-handed models. In other respects, these devices are no different. When choosing a mouse for left-handed users, you will focus on the standard aspects. You will decide whether it is wired or wireless, how motion is detected, the DPI value (from English “dots per inch”, a standard expressing mouse sensitivity), or the number of buttons.

Non-ergonomic mouse, which is symmetrically shaped, is also a suitable alternative for left-handed people. Their design enables smooth operation with both left and right hands. Non-ergonomic mouse are also appreciated by users for the reason that they can be placed on the left or right side of the keyboard as needed and thus compensate for the uneven load on the body.

The best mouse for left-handed people

Which left-handed mouse from the current offer is worth paying attention to? We have prepared for you tips on 10 interesting models.

Logitech Lift Vertical Left Graphite

The ergonomically shaped vertical mouse supports correct posture. It was created from recycled plastics – so you can feel good about saving the environment while using it. The Logitech Lift Vertical Left Graphite is especially suitable for smaller and medium-sized hands. The device communicates with the computer using Bluetooth technology or the Logi Bolt USB receiver. The mouse allows you to adjust the sensitivity from 400 to 4000 DPI.

3Dconnexion 3DX-700079: Best left-handed mouse

A wireless ergonomic mouse for left-handed people, with which you can perfectly handle more complex office work and computer games. 3Dconnexion 3DX-700079 relies on optical motion sensing, surprising with a high sensitivity of 7200 DPI. You will find a total of 7 buttons for different functions on the mouse. The radio frequency connection is in charge of the wireless connection, the signal range is 10 meters. Power is provided by a rechargeable battery, you do not need to replace any batteries here. The battery lasts up to 2 months.

Trust GXT 105: Best left-handed mouse

Looking for a cheap gaming mouse? The Trust GXT 105 will delight you with its price/performance ratio. The quick reaction of the player is ensured by the optical sensor with 2400 DPI in combination with 6 buttons. The mouse is connected to the computer using a 1.8m braided cable. The well-thought-out design fits both right-handed and left-handed users. As is customary with a gaming mouse, the gaming experience is enhanced by the distinctive colorful RGB backlight. The Trust GXT 105 mouse also earned an excellent mark in customer reviews .

Lenovo Professional Wireless Laser Mouse

The Lenovo Professional Wireless Laser Mouse is ideal for demanding office work. It has a high-quality laser sensor with a sensitivity of 1600 DPI, 4 buttons, and a mechanical scroll wheel. You connect the mouse to the computer via a mini USB receiver. Universal ergonomics fit perfectly in both hands. The design is also suitable for users with larger hands.

Cherry MW 4500 (JW-4550): Best left-handed mouse

Vertical model custom designed for lefties. The Cherry MW 4500 (JW-4550) relies on an optical sensor and three sensitivity levels – 600, 900, and 1200 DPI. The mouse is equipped with 6 buttons and a mechanical scroll wheel. The surface is resistant to abrasion, but still pleasant to the touch. Power is provided by 2 AAA batteries, the status of which is indicated by an LED. Thanks to Radio Frequency technology, the mouse boasts a range of up to 10 meters. In our reviews, users praise the ergonomics, which hold the wrist at an ideal 45-degree angle.

Microsoft Wireless Mouse 3600: Best left-handed mouse

Looking for a compact mouse for travel? Try the Wireless Mouse 3600 from Microsoft. The wireless mouse can be used on different surfaces, it can handle the carpet in the living room and the uneven park bench. Due to its compact dimensions, the model has gained popularity, especially among notebook owners. Symmetrical design allows comfortable operation with both hands. Bluetooth 4.0 will take care of the connection with a laptop or desktop computer. Power is provided by AA batteries.

HP 3FV67AA: Best left-handed mouse

The HP 3FV67AA is offered as another travel-friendly alternative. Compact dimensions (97 x 57 x 39 mm) and low weight (80 g) predetermine the wireless mouse for this. You can set the sensitivity of the mouse to 1000, 1200, or 1600 DPI. The symmetrical shape suits left-handed, and right-handed people, as well as people who alternate mouse positions. The device has three buttons and a scroll wheel. Requires only one AA battery to operate.

Logitech Pop Mouse: Best left-handed mouse

If the design of the mouse is important to you, you might be interested in the Pop Mouse from Logitech. The mouse comes in three unusual colors – pink, bright yellow, and pastel purple. An interesting gadget is the Flow technology, which allows you to connect the mouse to up to three devices at once and easily switch between them. The programmable top button will also please you. You can easily assign a frequently used function to press it, such as sending a favorite emoticon.

DELL MS5120W: Best left-handed mouse

The wireless mouse DELL MS5120W comes in a symmetrical design suitable for both hands. It is suitable for all office work, but also for playing simpler games thanks to the 7 buttons. The manufacturer equipped the mouse with an optical sensor with a sensitivity of 1600 DPI. Connection to a computer or laptop is provided by a 2.4GHz wireless interface or Bluetooth. A single AA battery is used for operation, which is enough for up to 36 months.

Hama uRage Reaper 900 Morph: Best left-handed mouse

The symmetrical gaming mouse Hama uRage Reaper 900 Morph has 8 buttons and will satisfy even demanding gamers. The sensitivity of the mouse reaches 16,000 DPI. The connection to the computer is provided by a 1.7 m cable with a classic USB connector. The mouse allows you to set various user profiles, which comes in handy in situations where several people use it. You can also adjust the weight of the mouse using two magnetic weights.

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