Top 10 Cosmetic Companies That Provide Dealership

By opening a cosmetic dealership, you can establish your own business and make a quick entry into the business world. You can establish your business through a franchisor to reach a significant business volume in the cosmetics industry, which provides high profitability opportunities.

There are many domestic companies operating at a significant level in the rapidly rising cosmetics sector in Turkey and reaching a significant market share both in the country and abroad. In addition, important cosmetics – make-up and personal care brands abroad also have a dealership system in our country.

Top 10 Cosmetic Companies That Provide Dealership

If you want to open a dealership in the cosmetics industry, we searched for the companies with the highest potential.


It is among the most valuable brands in our country among the cosmetics companies that give dealerships. You can set up your own personal care store through Watsons and start serving under this important brand in a short time.


The brand, which is among the best Turkish cosmetics companies with the name Pinkar, started to take its place in the sector with the Pastel brand in 1989. The brand, which has made a name for itself with its extremely interesting products, has thousands of product ranges in tens of different categories today.


Arko nem, Evyap, Soap, Oil, Glycerin Industry and Trade Inc. It is the general name of the personal care products produced by Turkish soap and personal care products manufacturers. It is among the most established Turkish personal care and cosmetics brands. Arko, which has been among the most famous brands in the industry since 1957, is now available in stores in more than 50 countries.


The main brand name of Erkul Kozmetik, which was used as a Turkish cosmetics company in 1983, is Golden Rose. The company continues its activities as a 100% Turkish capital company operating in the production of coloured cosmetic products such as nail polish, lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow, blush, foundation and lipgloss with the brands Golden Rose, Classics, Miss Selene and Emily.

Erkul Kozmetik, one of the 5 largest manufacturers of nail polish in the world, has carried its success beyond the borders by exporting to more than 90 countries in 5 continents, including Europe, CIS countries, the Balkans, the Middle East, North Africa and America.

Erkul Kozmetik manufactures cosmetics, plastic packaging and perfumes in its integrated production facilities covering a total area of ​​70,000 m2.


Neva Kozmetik, which has made a name for itself in the sector by producing the first domestic hair dye in our country, was established in 1991 with quality and customer-oriented slogan. The company, which is a 100 per cent Turkish company, has a very important share of the Turkish market. The company has succeeded in carrying its success in the cosmetics industry to 42 countries on 5 continents. It is among the world-renowned Turkish cosmetic-personal care-make-up companies.


Established as a Turkish cosmetics company in 1980, Özsoy Kozmetik is today one of the most well-known cosmetic brands in our country with the Cecile brand. Özsoy Kozmetik, which is the leading company in the sector with 40 years of experience; With the brands of Cecile, VEGAN CECILE, CECILE ROSE BEAUTY, CECILE GOATS MILK makeup AND BEAUTY, Miss Cecile, Tiaras for Man, Design, coloured cosmetics such as nail polish, lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow, blush, foundation and lipgloss, and hair care and hair care products. continues its activities as a 100% Turkish capital company operating in the production of care products.


It provides a cosmetics dealership to strong investors with industry experience in New Well, a domestic cosmetics company. One of the most important issues for the company is located.

You can make a quick entrance to the sector with this dealership, which is provided for those who have a minimum 200 square meter shop in one of the most popular points of your city or district. The company has recently targeted the shops on the ground floor of the shopping mall. If you have this level of potential; You can apply to New Well’s dealership system.


It is a cosmetics company that provides different levels of dealerships for different stores with 50/100 and 250 m2 sizes. The company is also among the companies that give regional dealerships. You can submit both your regional and main dealership requests by applying to the company.

The company’s main franchise package includes:

  1. Special production racking system
  2. Special production reception desk
  3. Special production stand
  4. barcode reader system
  5. Footprinter
  6. camera security system
  7. LCD TV and advertising broadcast
  8. 2 i5 PCs and 2 barcode printers
  9. exterior composite cladding
  10. Composite illuminated led sign
  11. Advertising wraps
  12. 10 thousand brochures
  13. 3 months of regional advertising support
  14. 12 months of field promotion and marketing support


Agarta Herbal Cosmetics firm has been evaluating franchise requests recently and continues to open new dealers in many regions of our country. The company provides dealerships with low investment capital.

You will need a shop in the right area and sufficient investment capital to get a dealership from a company that has been in the sector since 2013.

The company also provides its dealers with training support that will contribute to you at a significant level.


It is one of the most important cosmetic companies providing services in hair and skin care products. The company has started the dealership process to accelerate its growth steps. In this context, the company provides dealerships for those who can rent a shop with significant investment capital and significant potential.

The profit margin of the company’s products is at the level of 60 per cent. The return on investment takes an average of 24 months.

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