Troubleshoot If Your Laptop Touchpad Is Not Working

The touchpad is used to control a laptop or hybrid tablet. But many devices have problems with it. If Your Laptop Touchpad Is Not Working here is How to solve it we tell in today’s article. Also, Read – The best left-handed mouse for gaming

Why is my laptop mouse touchpad not working?

Before proceeding with troubleshooting, it is necessary to analyze the reasons for the failure of the touchpad. It has a rather fragile design and, if used incorrectly, may not perform its direct tasks correctly, or even cease to function.

The main factors that provoke a malfunction are as follows:

  • Pollution. Users often work with a laptop while eating and touch the touchpad with dirty fingers. Oil stains, crumbs and other food residues remain on the panel and dry out. If handled carelessly, sweet tea, coffee, and other liquids may spill onto the touchpad, which then seeps into the device. And electronics with water, as everyone knows, are not friends. Of course, all these actions will eventually lead to a malfunction of the touchpad.
  • Operating period. Any design is not eternal and the panel coating loses its technical properties over time. The protective layer is gradually erased and it becomes easy to feel with tactile interaction. As a result, the touchpad may stop reproducing operations performed on it.
  • Physical damage. Any external mechanical impact affects the state of the internal elements. They can crack, warp, and eventually break. This, in turn, will cause the touchpad to fail and become completely (or partially) inoperable. Physical damage occurs as a result of the impact, falling of the device itself or a heavy dimensional item on it.
  • Poor repair. Laptops and tablets need to be treated as carefully as possible, as their repair is quite labour-intensive. The process requires professional knowledge and actions that do not violate the internal configuration of the device. If the cable and connectors connecting the touchpad to the motherboard are damaged when the case is disassembled, then the panel may stop responding when the device is assembled.
  • Lack of drivers. This reason is rare, but it does happen. In particular cases, the stable operation of the touchpad requires the installation of up-to-date drivers. Sometimes there is a driver conflict. For example, if the software for a computer mouse was originally installed on the device.
  • Software settings. It happens that the touchpad is disabled in Windows. Here you need to check the operating system settings and activate the panel.
  • Mechanical inclusion. On some laptop models, the touchpad is optional. This is done using a special button or by pressing a specific key combination on the keyboard. You should carefully read the instructions for the device or find information on the official website of the manufacturer.

In rare cases, there may be other reasons, but we have listed the most common ones.

How to solve a problem

There are several ways to fix the touchpad failure issue. It is necessary to act depending on the circumstances of the breakdown. Also, Read – The Insurance Guide for Hybrid Cars

As a result of mechanical damage or flooding of the device, do not attempt to repair it yourself. It is necessary to invite a specialist or contact a service centre for accurate diagnosis and possible troubleshooting.

Poor repair

The poor repair can lead to problems when connecting to the motherboard. Since when disassembling the device case, interaction with the cable and connectors occurs. As a result of their incorrect connection or accidental damage, the touchpad will refuse to perform its functions. A competent master in this case will find a specific reason. Usually, the issue is resolved by replacing or partially restoring damaged components.

You can independently determine the cause of a non-working touchpad by simple manipulations:

  • Carefully inspect the case of the device in search of an on / off button. Usually, it is located on the touchpad itself or is activated by two clicks on the edge of the panel. On the Internet, you can drive in a request about what key combination is needed to turn on the touchpad on the laptop model you are using if the instructions for it are lost. Basically, this is a combination of Fn + F1 (F2).
  • Remove previously installed drivers for the computer mouse and reinstall the software for the touchpad. Here you need to go to the “Device Manager” (the service is called by the key combination “Win ​​+ R”) and in the field that appears, enter the command “devmgmt.msc”. Then find the downloaded drivers and remove them. After the performed operations, you should reboot the device. In the “Device Manager,” you can also “Update” the touchpad drivers. But if they do not work correctly, then you can return to the previous position using the “Rollback” button.

Necessary software

Many users use various driver packs that automatically select the necessary software for the touchpad. But you need to work with them very carefully and use only those that are on the official websites of manufacturers. Extra self-activity is not welcome here.

Note that sometimes you need to enable the touchpad in the mouse settings. That is, in the search bar on the bottom panel of the screen, enter “mouse” and go to the “Mouse Options” section. Then open the “Advanced Options” item and find the required settings.

Many hybrid tablet models and some laptops have a touchscreen input service. Turning it off helps activate the touchpad. Also, Read – Razer Viper 8KHz Review: Gaming mouse Good in quality, but high in price


If all the methods listed above have been tried, but the expected effect has not occurred, then most likely there is a malfunction in the device itself. Especially when the equipment is bought from the hands or in the secondary market. Alternatively, connect an external mouse. This solution is not entirely mobile and convenient, but in the absence of another way out, it will also work. Also, Read – Ranking: What is the best iPad of 2022?

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