What is a face primer and how to use it?

Surely each of us at least once was amazed at how wonderful this or that celebrity look, captured on the red carpet or at a corporate party. At 20, 30, 40, or 50 years old, the faces of public people look just perfect – an even tone, velvety skin, and not a single wrinkle.

At the same time, their facial expressions do not suffer, and the face does not look like a motionless mask, which is not uncommon after frequent Botox injections. Maybe they all use some kind of miracle cosmetics, the secret of which is not customary to reveal to “mere mortals”? Fortunately, everything is much simpler.

In fact, all people are imperfect and, despite the best efforts of cosmetologists and plastic surgeons, age-related changes still make themselves felt. However, makeup artists eat their bread for a reason and transform the faces of their star clients with the help of a magical tool called a primer. Having bought the coveted tube, you will be able to shine every day and look no worse than the stars from fashion magazines!

What is a face primer and what is it for?

Surely every woman who cares about her appearance uses decorative cosmetics. And each of them knows how sometimes makeup behaves unpredictably: beautiful arrows are smeared, imprinted on the upper eyelids, lipstick spreads, showing purse-string wrinkles to everyone around, and foundation clogs into pores and emphasizes peeling.

This look is far from the sexy look we strive for when we put on an abundance of cosmetics on the face and can ruin both the date and the mood.

Fortunately, these problems are easily solved if you have a primer in your arsenal that can create the effect of smooth and beautiful skin without flaws.

The substance is applied as a base for makeup and has the following advantages:

  • Evens out skin texture. With the correct application of the primer, it will fill in all the bumps, small tubercles, and wrinkles, reliably hiding them from the eyes of others. Simply put, the cosmetic product creates a “photoshop effect” in real life.
  • Evens out skin tone. Under the primer, age spots, areas of redness, or small inflammations are not visible.
  • Extends the life of applied makeup. With a primer, cosmetics stay on the skin perfectly for many hours, do not spread, and do not clog into wrinkles.
  • Facilitates the process of applying make-up on the face. Applying makeup after a primer is a pleasure. Foundation, concealer, shadows, blush, and highlighter go on evenly and blend well. If you are a contouring lover, the primer is a must-have for you.
  • Protects the delicate skin of the face both from direct contact with decorative cosmetics and from sunlight.

Of the shortcomings, one can only single out that no, even the most expensive and effective, primer will save you from deep wrinkles and obvious defects: the visibility of scars, serious inflammation, and swelling.

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  • Svirid Nadezhda Yurievna
  • Physician, 5 years of experience

Do not confuse the primer with another beauty product that is a bit similar to it – a tonal foundation. The English-language (usually) inscriptions on the packages of both products say that this is “base” or “foundation”. The primer, unlike the foundation, is not able to give the face a certain tone, but only hides small defects and evens out the color of the skin without radically changing it.

And the tonal base, in turn, does not cope well with defects, wrinkles, and irregularities. If you came specifically for the primer, be guided by the inscription, which will definitely point you to the right tool – “primer”.

face primer

What are primers and how do they differ?

The beauty industry is developing, flooding the market with more and more new cosmetics. Today, every girl has the opportunity to choose a cosmetic that suits her.

If we talk about primers, then buying anyhow is clearly not an option. There is a big chance to become disillusioned with the beauty product, put it aside to gather dust on the shelf, and continue to “please” those around you with unstable blurry makeup.

To prevent this from happening, let’s figure out what primers generally exist:

  1. For the face, with a cream or gel structure (and some companies even produce them in the form of a spray). All these products are very different in composition and if you want to always look perfect, it is better to buy several tubes at once. For example, a primer with silicone, which perfectly hides wrinkles and visually narrows pores, will help you create the perfect look for a social event, while a lighter texture product is perfect for every day, masking minor imperfections and not harming the delicate skin of the face with such frequent use. . Also, if you have an important evening ahead, give preference to a primer with reflective particles. This little trick will help your skin literally glow from within, drawing admiring glances to your person. It is these beauty products that celebrities use, sparkling on the red carpet.
  2. For eyes. Needed to maximize the life of shadows applied to the upper movable eyelid. Agree, smeared spots above the eyes have not been painted by anyone yet. Unfortunately, the usual primer designed for the face area is not suitable for use on the delicate skin of the eyelids. The fact is that this zone is more sensitive, and primers for it should contain useful components (vegetable oils and herbal extracts), which not only create a cosmetic effect but also take care of the skin no worse than a good moisturizer.
  3. For eyelashes. This tool helps mascara last longer and is available in the same tubes as regular mascara. These primers come in different shades, from white to blue-black. They visually lengthen the eyelashes and make them more accurate, add volume and give the look of their owner a nice “wide open”. When buying a primer for eyelashes, pay attention to the composition of the product. It’s good if the list of “ingredients” includes substances that will have a beneficial effect on hair growth.
  4. For lips. Lipstick is the touch that makes you look complete and seductive, especially when it comes to make-up before going out. If lipstick is applied to unprepared lips, after 1-2 hours it will spread, which is especially noticeable with bright colors. So, you will either have to constantly run out to “powder your nose”, or get a lip primer, saving yourself from problems. Beauty products come in a light or dense texture, and visually they are very similar to ordinary hygienic lipstick. When applied, they all perform the following functions: moisturize the lips and even out the skin, allowing the lipstick to lie as evenly as possible and last all evening.
  5. For eyebrows. Eyebrows-threads have not been fashionable for a long time, giving way to wide and natural ones. And so that your eyebrows do not look like a brush, and there are special primers. Their goal is to fix the hairs in one position, becoming the basis for the make-up. Just apply the product on the eyebrow, wait a couple of minutes and feel free to apply your usual pencil or lipstick or powder on top. By the way, preference should still be given to powder, since there is a chance that the pencil will simply remove part of the primer with its edge, nullifying all efforts.

Let’s get back to primers, which are the most popular and most often used by beautiful ladies – designed for facial skin.

In addition to its texture, it is very important to pay attention to the color of the product.

Each shade has its own unique function:

  • pink – helps tired, dull skin look radiant and healthy;
  • yellow – neutralizes blue color (great for the skin around the eyes or under shadows);
  • purple – masks the unhealthy yellowness of the skin;
  • green – hides redness (it is good to apply pointwise to pimples or areas of irritation or inflammation);
  • white – masks freckles and pigment spots, brightens the skin, and gives it a fresh look (not very suitable for people whose skin is naturally light, after applying a white primer, the face will turn white like an egg, making the girl look like a geisha);
  • golden – used as a means for a quickly visible tan (when using a golden primer, do not forget about the chin and décolleté, otherwise everyone will see the border between intact skin and “painted”).

How to choose a primer for the face depending on the type of skin

You probably know what type of skin you have. Based on this knowledge, it will be easy for you to choose the appropriate tool:

  1. For normal skin, free of enlarged pores and not suffering from increased sebum secretion, primers without a matting effect, but with a high degree of protection from UV radiation, are perfect. You can give preference to products containing reflective particles.
  2. For oily skin. Primers for oily skin with enlarged pores should have a pronounced mattifying effect, which will prevent the appearance of ugly highlights and makeup “bleeding”. Be careful with products that contain silicone. These primers remarkably “overwrite” large pores, but are not suitable for everyday use, as they tightly close the skin, preventing it from breathing.
  3. For dry skin, primers with a moisturizing effect are suitable. Don’t confuse moisturizing with shimmer. Beauty products with reflective particles will only emphasize existing peeling. Choose a primer with a light, creamy texture, after which it will be easy to apply foundation.
  4. For combination skin, choosing the right product is the most difficult. Most likely, you will have to use two primers at once, or choose a product with neutral properties.

As you can see, the modern world can offer just a huge variety of tools designed to make a woman’s appearance simply flawless. Everyone will be able to choose something for themselves.

Of course, it cannot be said that primers are distinguished by low prices. But, in fairness, you can see that their consumption is quite small, and one tube may well be enough for you for several months.

How to use face primer?

It is not enough to know about the truly magical properties of the primer and be able to select the product for the type of skin. You also need to apply it correctly, otherwise, all the wonderful spectacular ones will come to naught and only spoil the appearance.

Proper application of the primer includes a few simple points:

  • Skin cleansing. It is better not to use ordinary soap, but to give preference to light foams or gels.
  • Moisturizing the skin. Apply skin care creams on the face and under the eyes. Wait a couple of minutes for the products to absorb, or speed up the process by gently tapping them in with your fingertips.
  • Apply the primer to the face in small dots, distributing their amount evenly (before that, you can squeeze the substance from the tube onto a clean hand to warm it up a little and become more liquid). To make the layer of the applied product as uniform as possible, it is better to use a brush for blending, and not your fingers. Particular attention should be paid to areas with imperfections, and it is better to apply the primer from the center of the face to the periphery.

What can replace the primer for the face?

You don’t have a primer (you ran out, got lost, the dog ate it, too lazy to go to the store), you have an important event on your nose, but you don’t want to turn into a tearful raccoon by the end of the evening?

For such emergency cases, you can find a way out and replace the primer with another tool. But it is recommended to do this only in extreme cases, otherwise, you definitely cannot avoid numerous visits to the beautician.

So, the list is not at all useful, but capable of helping out in difficult times:

  1. Roll-on deodorant. Most of all, this remedy is suitable for oily skin. Just smear your face with deodorant and wait for it to absorb. If you are already forced to resort to such an extreme measure, it will be much better if the hygiene product is odorless and as natural as possible.
  2. After shave balm. If you have a boyfriend or husband, borrow this remedy from him. Just carefully read the composition of the substance, it is very important that it contains glycerin.
  3. BB cream. The cream will not even out the relief like a primer, but it will still improve the appearance of the skin and prolong the life of the makeup. Only if after BB you plan to apply foundation as well, do not overdo it and squeeze out just a few small drops from the tube.
  4. Irritation cream. These creams, which you can easily find on the counter of any pharmacy, are used as a preventive measure for skin irritations in various areas. For example, healthy people love them very much and apply them so that sweat does not dry out and irritate their delicate skin. However, we will not tell them that sometimes this cream is also used for another purpose – as a replacement for the primer.

Deciding to take a desperate step and looking for a replacement primer – carefully read the labels on the packages! Some substances can cause allergies. You do not want to be sprinkled or bloated, do you?

Rating of the best primers for the face

It is, of course, impossible to say unequivocally which primer is the best. If for one girl this or that option is just perfect, then the other will quickly be disappointed in her choice.

  1. Our list opens with a very inexpensive primer that quickly conquered the market and became a must-have tool for many of the fair sex. The primer is a gentle and light base that can be safely used at least every day.
  2. Tony Moly Egg Pore Yolk Primer. A popular brand of Korean cosmetics has managed to create an inexpensive and effective beauty product (however, Koreans are always great in this regard), which combines effectiveness and durability. The primer is sold in a cute tube with a picture of a golden egg, has a light creamy texture, is easy to apply, and is very economical. Like the primer from MAYBELLINE, it is also designed for everyday use.
  3. Yves Rocher PERFEKT PRIMER Fix and illuminate. The French company Yves Rocher has long conquered the market, supplying goods and at the same time budgetary funds. The primer is enriched with four rose extracts, has pronounced nutritional properties, and slightly tightens the contours of the skin. Designed for everyday use and is more suitable for dry skin than oily or combination. Its price is about 5-6 dollars.
  4. Belita-Vitex Amore. The price of this super budget tool is only 2 euros. A transparent gel-like substance hides pores and minor imperfections but is not able to cope with obvious defects. The primer is very economical, and just 1 drop will be enough to distribute it all over the face. Since the product is transparent after it is necessary to apply foundation or powder on the skin.
  5. DIVAGEFaceprimer. The primer is not suitable for problematic or mature skin, but girls up to 35 will like it. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin, copes with minor imperfections with a bang, and costs only $ 6.
  6. codecolor. Primer containing silicone. As mentioned earlier, silicone is not for everyday use, but only for attending special events. CodeColor is considered one of the most budgetary (costs about 10 USD) and at the same time effective tools. It does not tighten the skin, it is not felt at all on the face and lasts all evening, keeping the make-up perfect.
  7. NYXAngelVeilSkinPerfectingPrimer (AVP) starts the list of more expensive bases. It has a good matting effect and will appeal to girls suffering from oily skin. It contains stearic and palmitic acids, which prevent the formation of comedones. The price of the product is about 30 USD. e.
  8. ALL-IN-ONE InstaBlur by The Body Shop. This primer contains neither parabens nor silicones, which many girls are so afraid of. It can be used as a foundation, applying selectively to problem areas, and as a full-fledged make-up base.
  9. Jafra Makeup Primer. This primer has a very light but oily consistency, and therefore it is ideal for owners of dry skin, but it is better to wear it on oily skin. Can be used daily.
  10. SmashboxPhotoFinish. An excellent primer that many girls use before going out. It contains many useful components, such as grape seed and grape tree extracts, vitamins A and E. It does not contain silicones, parabens, and other substances harmful to the skin. The product does not smell and is easy to apply to the skin. The only drawback is the primer – it only lasts for 3-4 hours, and after that, the skin may begin to shine.
  11. L’oreal Lumi Magique Base Concentre De Lumiere Pure Light Primer (Loreal). Contains reflective particles. It is very reminiscent of a light pink highlighter, and therefore it is recommended to use it only for important occasions. It will look great on a young face, but will not help aging skin, since its structure is very light and weightless.
  12. Catrice Prime and Fine Smoothing Refiner. Hypoallergenic pore grout has a rather dense structure and is not intended for everyday use. The primer will perfectly hide all the imperfections, transforming your face in a matter of minutes.
  13. Librederm (Librederm). So far, the only primer for problem skin with hyaluronic acid in the composition. The tool is easy to apply and softly lays down hiding imperfections. And as an added bonus, Librederm primer is great at fighting inflammation and irritation while soothing the skin.

The best primers are the ones that are right for you. We figured out what it is and what it is intended for. Next – the choice is yours.

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