What is an Instagram timer? How To Use The Countdown Timer in Instagram Stories?

What is an Instagram timer? How To Use The Countdown Timer in Instagram Stories? Looking at Stories on Instagram You’ve noticed that some of your friends have added timers that show a countdown to a date they set.

In the following paragraphs, I will describe in detail how to set a timer on Instagram using a function offered by the famous photographic social network. Selling on Instagram: How to Sell On Instagram

How To Use The Countdown Timer in Instagram Stories?

What is an Instagram timer?

Before going into the guide and seeing in detail how to set a timer on Instagram , I think it is necessary to explain well what we are talking about.

The timer functionality is built into Instagram stories and is available via the countdown sticker. Its purpose is to display a dynamically updated countdown (that is, without having to update or change it over time) about a date selected by the user.

It is not possible to use it as a classic post in the content of the broadcasts, and it is not possible to use the mentioned function to set a timer for automatically taking photos on Instagram. For this, you need to take a photo with the function integrated into the camera app. Android or iOS. What are Instagram link stickers? Tips for Using Instagram Link Stickers

How do I set the timer on Instagram stories?

Let’s get straight to the point and see how to add a timer to Instagram stories using the custom tag I mentioned earlier.

I guess the operation is possible only from the official application of the social network for Android and iPhone. In normal broadcasts, this is not possible. Instagram app Paragraph, via Windows 10 or web version. TOP 15 Instagram Marketing Tips


To continue on Android all you have to do is open Instagram, create a new story, and add the sticker to the photo or video that allows you to start the timer.

The first thing you have to do is access Instagram from the official app and press an icon. cabin (bottom left) and camera.

After that, make sure you have the mod. The date is set and takes a photo or video using the shutter/record button placed under it.

Alternatively, you can import content from the Gallery. Cuadrado is in the bottom left and select the photo or video you are interested in.

When done, countdown with a smiley face on the top right and write the countdown name in the relevant text field (inside the label).

Then tap the item Set the end date and time and select an end date from the drop-down menu.

Put the OFF switch on All day (below), you can even set the exact time the countdown will end.

At this point, press the button end (top right) and a multi-colored ball (above), if desired, to change the color of the sticker.

Then you just place the sticker where you prefer (just drag it with your finger to the desired spot) and zoom in or out (extend or shrink two fingers on the second). Finally, tap on the item Your story (bottom left) to publish the generated content. Instagram Ad Sizes and Features


There is an iPhone And want to know how to count down in Instagram stories?

No problem: You have to more or less follow the Android-related instructions I gave you in the previous section.

First, access Instagram from its official app, cabin (bottom left), and press the icon camera.

Once the Instagram Stories editor opens, make sure the Story mode is set (if you don’t choose it yourself) and take or save the photo to share. located under the trigger/save button.

Alternatively, you can use a photo or video by pressing on Cuadrado already available in the iOS roll at the bottom left and selecting the content you are interested in.

At this point, select the sticker with a smiley emoticon (top right), countdown, & write the countdown name in the corresponding text field attached to the label.

Once complete, click Set end date and time located under the label and set an end date using the appropriate menu.

Don’t forget to disable the option if you want to set the exact time the countdown will end. Proper switch OFF going up all day.

Now tap on the phrase finalize located in the upper right corner and at the top to change the color of the multi-colored ball sticker if desired.

Next, place the sticker on the spot you want (for this you have to drag it with your finger to the place you prefer) and zoom in or out (for this you need to expand or shrink two fingers on it).

When you’re ready to make it, finally hit the item Your Story (bottom left), to post the content. 7 Rich Ways to Make Money From Instagram!


As I told you some lines above, write this guide, it is not possible to put the timer on Instagram stories from the computer. This is because none of the Instagram apps, the web version of the Windows 10 Social network, allow you to create stories (they just show them).

If something changes in the future, I won’t stop updating this section of the tutorial with all the relevant information. Risks of buying medicines online

How to set a timer on Instagram for photos

Do you want to set the timer on Instagram for photos, in the sense of starting a timer before taking a photo on a famous social network? Unfortunately, Instagram does not offer this possibility.

What you can do, however, is take advantage of the ‘standard’ built-in timer functionality on the device. The camera app is also on Android and iOS, timer takes your photo and posts the photo on Instagram. Here’s how to proceed in more detail. What is JNLP File and How To Open JNLP File On Windows 10/11 And macOS?

  • Android – after starting the app, tap the camera, and tap the stopwatch (If you can’t see it, three scenarios to open the menu, these three points or the icon cylinder, depending on the device used and the Android version installed on it) and select the delay to configure (eg 3 seconds, 5 seconds, etc.). ). When done, press the shutter button (down) and if all goes well, a countdown will start. When finished, the photo will be taken automatically.
  • iPhone – press the camera icon after opening the app. Stopwatch (top right) and from the open menu select item 3 s to set a three-second timer or 10 s to set one of 10 seconds. Then the shutter (bottom) and a timer will start, after which the photo will be taken.

To post the photo to Instagram after taking it, do the following:

  • Posts – log in to Instagram from the official application of the service for Android or iOS, press the button (+), and if the photo interests you, press the buttons to confirm (twice in a row) and share.
  • History – Access Instagram from the official application of the service for Android or iOS, press the house icon (bottom left) and press the camera icon (top left). And if necessary, after selecting the mode, click the icon in the history submenu Cuadrado (bottom left), select the photo that interests you, and publishes it in the story. Your story is in the lower left.

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