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The number of people who want to go abroad or work abroad is quite high. Working on a ship is also among the choices. Especially those who want to work on cruise ships have come across advertisements on career sites. Working on a ship sounds really good. Holiday, excursion and high salary. But remember what you need to pay attention to. If you want to work on cruise ships, you need to learn the facts instead of flying high.

Yes, there are real ones about what is told, unrealistic dreams. This post was created for those who dream of working on a ship. How can you achieve this dream in a realistic way without being deceived or deceived? This article will guide you through research from both domestic and foreign sources. If you follow the instructions in the letter, it will be easy for you to find a job on the ship.

Working on Cruise Ships 

If you want to work on cruise ships, you need to know what you need. Everyone knows that the sailor man’s ID needs to be taken out. However, this is the biggest mistake. Seafarer ID is only a required requirement for the crew. To work on cruise ships, you must have a certificate related to the position you will start.

There are many job options on cruise ships. These include various areas such as croupier, waitress, masseur, bartender, lifeguard, and animator. People who do this profession do not need to learn how to tie a rope. There is such crew training in the training you see to get a sailor ID. The certificate you need is different. You do not need to see the training in such large numbers that are mentioned in it. There are two factors that are important for working on ships. The first is to know English, the second is to have a reference, that is, to have experience.

If you say you want to work on cargo or passenger ships, not on cruise ships, then the situation is a little different. At the end of our article, you will have information about this subject. But without being deceived, by learning the facts. Now let’s talk about job positions on cruise ships.

Job Positions on Cruise Ships

It is possible for those working on cruise ships to work in many job positions. These positions are listed as follows.

1. Ship Crew and Officers

This class consists entirely of sailors. It includes the captain and the ship’s main personnel. These professions must have qualifications such as education, certificate and experience in addition to their sailor’s cards. This class bears the entire load of the ship. It is the last working group to leave the ship. Their responsibilities are high.

2. Cruise Ship Maintenance Personnel

This personnel are only interested in ship maintenance. They take precautions regarding possible malfunctions on the ship. They keep reports constantly. It transmits the report they keep to the ship’s crew and enables them to take precautions. The reason why they are kept separate from ship officers is that they are often requested as an outside service.

3. Cruise Ship Hotel Staff

The working systems of cruise ships are different. Some ships charter the hotel service separately. In other words, he can agree with a hotel group and ask them to carry out this service. There are those who do. Hotel employees include staff such as cleaning staff, floor clerks, bellboys, and room service. The supply of staff here is completely done by the hotel company.

4. Cruise Ships Casino Staff

You can also choose casinos to work on cruise ships. Casinos are also generally included in hotel management. The place where you can apply for a job to work in cruise ships and casinos is different. Carnival Corporation is dealing with just these things. They provide the personnel of the ship casinos.

5. Cruise Ship Spa Staff

SPA treatment in hotels is leased to a separate company. In cruise ships, this job is transferred to another company in the same way. If you want to work as a spa staff, you must submit your application at a different address. Of course, you must have a certificate and experience for this job. You can send your CV to The On Board Spa website, which provides spa staff only on cruise ships.

6. Cruise Ships Store Staff

Cruise ships are a different world in themselves. You can find everything. Based on this, there are stores created for passengers. These stores have sales representatives, boutique personnel, etc., working in many departments. There is a special site created for these jobs as well. In other words, the store owners work directly with the company that sends the store personnel, instead of an agent that sends the seaman or crew. You can apply for a job at Harding Retail company.

7. Photography on Cruise Ships

Photography work on cruise ships is also given to a separate firm. A tender procedure is usually taken. This rule also applies to boats operating in the Bosphorus. If you want to be a photographer on cruise ships, you must have experience. They are very selective in this regard. There are special sites for photography jobs. However, at the end of the article, you can reach general sites where you can find job postings on board.

8. Animating on Cruise Ships

Cruise ships contract with teams or companies for animators. The choice is made in this regard. Animators are essential for both hotels and cruise ships. It is a major factor in customer satisfaction. That’s why cruise ships make deals with large groups and ready crews. If you want to be an animator on cruise ships, check out forum sites for this type of job. Such jobs are very rare in the ship job postings section.

9. Cruise Ship Medical Staff

Cruise ships have to employ health personnel due to legal procedures and needs. Since the number of health personnel will not be very large, they make this recruitment from career sites. You can find job postings for cruise ship medical personnel on Indeed.

10. Cruise Ship IT Personnel

The software is considered exclusive to cruise ships from units such as the advertising and public relations department. For the supply of this personnel, they either work for the human resources company or directly for the career sites. This personnel do not need any documents other than simple survival certificates. So the ship wallet is useless for IT workers. The certificate they need is called “STCW”.

11. Other Business Units

Other business units vary according to the specific needs of the ships. Recruitment of personnel for this type of work is done through the following advertisement sites. You must submit your application with a CV in English. If you have experience with the position sought, you have the possibility of being accepted. However, some companies look for a visa requirement and a work permit requirement. You will see this in advertisements in America. So unless you’re a special person in a highly sought-after position, the ship won’t bother to issue a work permit for you. You will usually need a visa to work on long-distance ships.

Salaries on Cruise and Cruise Ships

This is the most misunderstood part. Salaries are said to be at least $3,000. You may even have come across the news on TV and in newspapers about it. Know that these ads are given by fraudulent companies. It even complains that many personnel are sought but not enough ship personnel are found. Do not believe this news.

There is a search for qualified and unskilled personnel on the ships. This is true. But the competition for these positions is incredibly high. You must be fluent in English for these jobs. Even if you are unskilled. Then having a friend is an advantage for you. It’s easy to find a job through referrals. This is especially true for companies in Turkey. What about salaries?

Salaries start at $800. You can even work on some ships for a tip only. While doing these things, you will definitely encounter Filipinos. The Philippines is a country with a cheap workforce and a high percentage of English-speaking people. Most cruise companies recruit staff from such countries.

Of course, this is different for larger companies. For example, companies like MSC work with skilled and presentable staff. Their salaries start at $1800. In some units, these salaries can be as high as $3,000. The salary part also depends on the staff employed. If you start working on a ship, you will receive low wages until your first contract is up. Later, when you learn how things go on such ships, the conditions will change for you. Of course, the environment you do there is important.

Do not expect to receive a salary of $3,000 as soon as you start directly. Especially if you’re going on board to work as a waitress. Working on cruise ships and living in a country other than Turkey is also an advantage. The reason for this is that there have been problems with Turkish personnel in the past. Of course, this includes the fraudulent activities of the Agencies. A large cruise ship company is making an agreement with the Turkish human resources agency for the supply of personnel. Later, the personnel sent by this agency filed a complaint against both the ship and the agency on the grounds that they were defrauded.

If you have a specific profession, you know how much your income will be. For example, if you are a photographer or software developer, you can expect to receive a salary of $3,000. If you are an unskilled staff, do not expect these salaries. Unskilled personnel can get the highest salary on cargo ships or passenger ships.

Cruise Ship Jobs

There are companies that only work for jobs on cruise ships. However, we do not recommend companies in our own country. Make sure that the number of qualified companies does not exceed 3. He provides employees with torpedoes in those companies. For this reason, you should apply directly through the overseas cruise ship posting sites. When you apply to these companies, you have a high probability of being accepted if you meet the necessary requirements. Have a ready CV in English. Create this for each job if possible. Browse the postings and send your CV which will take advantage of. The human resources sites written below are the most reliable companies you can find to work on cruise ships.

  • MSC Cruise
  • Cruise Line Jobs
  • All Cruise Jobs
  • Prince Career
  • Cruise Job Finder

Requirements for Working on a Ship

If you want to work on a ship, the conditions vary depending on the ship you will be working on. The two most important issues are language and experience. Other things you need are some documents and certificates. If you don’t have a problem with experience and language, make sure that the paperwork is the simplest part. The paperwork varies depending on the ships and positions you will be working on. Separate on cruise ships is different on cargo ships and cruise ships. So you don’t need to get that famous seaman ID for every job.

  • First of all, if you know English, you should definitely get a certificate in this subject. IELTS, TOEFL or another certification will make it easier for the employer to make a decision about you. With your IELTS score, the employer will not have to re-test you.
  • If you are going to work as a crew on cargo ships or cruise ships, you must have a seafarer ID. When you get a Seaman ID, you will have all the terms and experience of shipping. You need a minimum of 6 months of experience to get the Seaman ID. Some companies make it look like you did it on paperwork.
  • Standards of Training Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW ) certificate will be an advantage for you if you are going to apply for jobs outside of the crew to work on the ship. The STCW certificate shows that you have received training on issues such as fire, life saving, first aid, communication, and personnel safety. Those who want to work on cruise ships will need this certificate.
  • Depending on the position you are applying for, you will also need documents related to your profession. If you are a masseur, you will need a professional certificate of expertise in cruise ships as in the simplest job.

Working Hours on Cruise Ships

Working hours are not the standard 8 hours. You can have such an opportunity on Cruise ships, which are very luxurious and professional. The average working hours are 11 hours. Generally, these hours are up to 14 hours. If you say you both travel and work, this part of the job is not what you imagined. In general, your working hours will coincide with the hours when the ship docked at the port. Or you may not have the energy to travel because of fatigue.

However, Turkish people are used to this issue. In other words, these are the normal working conditions in our country. Even those who work in white-collar jobs work up to 11 hours. Our people are immune to this. If you say that your energy will not decrease, you can only travel this way. You will probably have 2-3 hours of time. If your salary is good, it’s worth it.

How is Working Life on Cruise Ships

If you want to work on cruise ships, you must know your rights. However, most cruise ships take care to keep their staff happy. Especially the companies in the above advertisements.

You stay at the bottom of the ship. Usually, there are 4 beds in a room. You get a shower and a TV. Your roommates will be people you work with within the same unit. If your friends are good, you are lucky. You cannot have fun or spend time with the customer. The contract is also included as a reason for dismissal. Of course, it is not without its advantages.

Advantages of Working on Cruise Ships

  • You do not pay any fees for meals. Usually it’s a buffet and it’s completely free.
  • Cruise ships follow the weather. It usually follows the route of the sun and avoids the rain. For this reason, you will usually be working in sunny weather.
  • There will be people from different countries of the world around you. You will definitely gain experience in your worldview. You will have friends from different countries.
  • In your spare time, you can have fun with your friends at an affordable price in the crew bar, which was created for the entertainment of the staff.
  • You can participate in the pool and sports events created for the crew.
  • On some ships, parties are organized for the staff. You can have fun and relieve stress at these parties.
  • The places you visit and see will be an extra advantage for you.
  • Your knowledge of English will improve with practice.

Advice for Those Who Want to Work on a Ship

  • If you have piercings and tattoos on a visible part, you will have trouble working on cruise ships.
  • Ships do not accept anyone under the age of 21. If you want to work on cruise ships, the ideal age is between the ages of 21-30. You are more likely to be accepted for the job.
  • Those who want to work on the ship are preferred to be single. Single people are preferred in that there is no waiting.
  • If you have a criminal record, you cannot work on ships. You need to get your criminal record from the district governor’s office as apostilled.
  • If you don’t have a passport, apply and hibernate.
  • This is difficult if you want to work as a husband and wife. It is next to impossible to be chosen.

Cruise Ships Scam Activities – Seaman Scam

This is not something unique to our country. There is this fraud case in many countries. You may have come across advertisements on career websites saying that they are looking for a skilled unskilled worker for 3 thousand dollars. For some reason, all applications are accepted. Then you are asked to take a course for the seafarer card and deposit money in return for this course.

This is what these companies do. They carry out their business with the truth they put into the lie within legal grounds. Yes, a seafarer’s wallet is required to work on passenger and cargo ships. However, this wallet should be taken from MEB approved courses. Such companies offer these courses at high fees with the promise of a job guarantee. sells. You attend the course and at the end of the course, you get the seafarer’s paper. This part is correct. However, the real fraud activity starts after this step.

Money is constantly requested from you for work. The list goes on, such as meeting money, flight money, visa money, employment money, etc. In order not to waste the money you gave at the beginning, you pay every requested money for the last time. Of course, you are on the ship for 6 months until all the transactions are completed. You will lose the money you will earn by working for these companies. Of course, there is also the lie that you will earn 3000 dollars per month.

There are also those who have a contract with the personnel managers of cruise ships. They take your money as much as they can until they place you in a job. Then you start working on a ship for 1 month.1. At the end of the month, you will be fired for a simple reason. You will only have your sailor card.

If You Say You Want a Job On Board, Simple To Do

Get your individual English certificate to work on cruise ships. If you also trust your experience, apply to all the companies listed above. This is how the system works in all countries of the world. Nobody makes sense to the staff coming from Turkey. If you have the qualifications to do the work of men, you will be accepted. Otherwise, do not lose money to such fraudulent agencies.

If you have any questions about working on cruise ships, contact us in the comments section. If you like our article, you can support it by sharing it.

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