How to Identify Tourmaline Stone? Features And Benefits

“Tourmaline, known as natural stones, is the stone with the most colorful options. Although it is also known as the rainbow stone among the people, the number of people who do not know much about the stone is quite high. We have compiled information about what tourmaline stone means, how to understand it, and its properties.”

Compared to other stone types, it is very strong and durable. Tourmaline stone is generally green and pink in color. However, apart from these colors, they can be found in every color in nature.

What is Tourmaline Stone?

Tourmaline stones, known as quite expensive and semi-precious, are one of the boron crystal mines. Tourmaline stone, which has survived from ancient times and is still used for various purposes, is especially popular with its aesthetic appearance.

Where and How to Find Tourmaline Stone?

Tourmaline stone, which is one of the precious stones believed to be healing today, is found in many different regions abroad. It is widely available mainly in countries such as Brazil, the USA, Italy, Russia, and Madagascar. It is possible to find tourmalines stones in our country as well as abroad. Tourmaline stones can also be found in the Black Sea regions of Turkey, Çanakkale, Yozgat, and the Çine district of Aydın.

What is Tourmaline Stone

How to Identify Tourmalines Stones?

Today, besides being used in terms of health, it is necessary to pay attention to whether tourmaline stones, which can be processed and used in jewelry and necklaces for the show, are real or not. As with every product and material, fake tourmaline stones are also sold under the real name. Fake stones sold as tourmaline stones are generally painted with special paints to resemble the product. To understand whether the tourmaline’s stone is real, it is sufficient to first break a small part of the stone or a stone from the B. After you break the bracelet or rosary stones, you should look inside and the paint inside should be the same as the outer paint of the product. Also, Read – 10 Most Common Types of Crystals | And What They’re Used For

Since the inside of the fake stones has its own paint colors, different paint on the outside indicates that the product is fake. Another method to understand the reality of the product is to heat the stone with the help of a lighter. If the product is fake, you can see that the paint will flow with the healing process and the color of the product will remain. It is pointed out that in order for the tourmaline stone to be used for therapeutic purposes, the person must first be a believer. Along with these beliefs, it is also believed that the tourmaline stone will find healing and peace in the folk language.

Tourmaline Stone Features and Benefits

Tourmaline stone, which has the feature of having a very aesthetic appearance, is therefore used for jewelry and accessory purposes. Another feature of the stone, which is known to be very beneficial for human health, is the belief in Ancient Egypt. It is believed that the tourmaline stone passes under the rainbow. Due to this belief, it is believed that the tourmaline’s stones are very colorful and aesthetic. It is highly believed that the tourmaline stone removes the evil eye among people. There are great beliefs that it helps the person to be protected from all evil, to bring luck, and to find a person to marry by ensuring that his luck is clear.

Tourmaline stone, which is beneficial for eliminating various problems such as bodily health and mental health, is especially beneficial for insomnia. Tourmaline stones, which are beneficial for people who do not sleep well at night and who have sleep problems, also contribute to a more balanced functioning of hormones. It helps people with focus and balance disorders to improve their rhythm and concentrate more. Tourmaline stones, which are recommended for people who experience emotional lability, make it possible to have stronger premonitions. Tourmaline stone, which makes people feel happy spiritually and lead a peaceful life, keeps the nervous system in balance.

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